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Bir Ask Iki Hayat

Great romance drama
Based on "What If... (2012)" of Christopher Papakaliatis, it is a very good choice of a romance-drama story with the problems and the complexibility that have the relacionships knowadays. Maybe a little more dark and melancholic than the original "What If... (2012)", but with great interpretive approaches from the main couple characters. Love both of films equally and i strongly recommend to all...

Dyo xenoi

Is this the best Greek TV series ever???
The question is simple, Dyo Xenoi is the best Greek TV series & i say it exactly 21 whole years after the final episode...The titles in each episode have the soundtrack "I Could Have Danced All Night" for the "My Fair Lady", that introduce us easily in the theme of the story. Is a combination of "Educating Rita" & "Pygmalion", two persons absolutely different that attract each other strongly.Apart from the total romance between Konstantinos Markoras & Marina Kountouratou, the cross talks of the personas in the channel, the theatrical school, between all actors but mainly between Deni & Flora are memorables & even today many Greeks use them in their everyday chats...The humor of the writers Rigas-Apostolou is remaining 20 years after very clever, vivid & intertemporal. So, of course is the Best, Daily Greek TV series in the category Comedy-Romance ever!!!

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