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Ben 10: Race Against Time

Made for TV movie
Mediocre acting , cgi , costumes , action scenes...just reminds me of a 1990s power rangers episode. The villain is absolutely hilarious also. Oh and it's funny when someone dies and the Tennysons just shrug it off 🤣

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Cannot be bothered to explain why this failed ugh , just so bad it really is you know


Surprisingly fun thriller!
Was scrolling through film section on sky and was looking for a fun 2hr thriller and wow this was the perfect thriller!


Masterpiece and original film making...
JOKER is a masterpiece and that's all I have to say...

The Last of Us: Part II

Hmm 🤔🤔

I had very mixed feelings when Joel died because i wanted to see more of Ellie and Joel's relationship now that they're a few years older and Ellie is an adult now , don't get me wrong i don't mind if Joel dies but he died way too early in the game for my liking > this is probably my main flaw in the game.

The rest of the game however was gorgeous , i love the soundtrack, the settings , the emotion ...it's all beautiful. Special thanks to Naughty dog for making a fairly good sequel , hope to see more in the future , maybe a game that takes place between 1 and 2 just so we can see more of Joel and Ellies chemistry as Ellie was growing up. Joel dying so early really disappointed me but i enjoyed the rest of the game honestly :)

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Villain is probably the weakest one of the series but everything else is good

Mission: Impossible III

Phillip seymour hoffman is the best villain in this series too.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout


James Bond 007: Blood Stone

Good game
Only thing i found annoying is that one guy you think is the main villain then another then another and it was really repetitive. However the gameplay , controls and everything else was pretty good.

The Mandalorian

Surprisingly good
A couple of bad episodes with some bad acting but most of the episodes are pretty good and interesting , unique story...

Layer Cake

Had this film for years and never watched it until last night , very clever film I very much enjoyed it

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Shattered
Episode 11, Season 7

Omg this episode i can't even describe with words , it was breathtaking , literally...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Phantom Apprentice
Episode 10, Season 7

Just perfect , that's all I have to say....................................

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Terrible effects , same shot of superman flying in every scene , lex uses a normal every day tool to cut supermans hair.... can't be bothered listing all the other problems

A View to a Kill

Horrible bond film
Don't really know what they were thinking with this one , don't really know what to say


I surprisingly kinda like this one , it's not amazing but it's an ok bond film .

Licence to Kill

Criminally underrated
Insane how underrated this bond film is , it's amazing

The Living Daylights

Underrated bond film and i really really like Dalton's portrayal of bond.

Die Another Day

Hmm haha yh
Didn't know what to give it out of 10 because it's so bad that it's good and really entertaining but my god it's an awful bond film. But so entertaining!

The World Is Not Enough

Good bond film
Juat like tomorrow never dies , i find this one to be really underrated.

Tomorrow Never Dies

It's nowhere near as goldeneye but tomorrow never dies is a really underrated bond film.


Amazing film
Martin Campbell has successfully directed 2 bond films....most underrated bond director ever. I love every character in this film , the editing , the story , the action scenes , brilliant bond film. Oh and that jawdropping stunt at the beginning... My only flaw is the love scene with Natalya and Bond , it didn't work for me.

Dr. No

It's good
For a 1962 film , this one is still enjoyable to me i reslly like this one, it's no where near my favourite but i still like it.


It's ok
I liked the first half of this film , i was actually interested in what was going on but the second half i found boring and disappointing really. Still an interesting film though , just that second half was uninteresting to me tbh.

Battlefield Earth

Oh my god
Awful , awful film . Everything sucks about this film : the editing , camera work , everything is just awful in this film.

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