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Fresh Horses

"I believed in you, Jewel."
Near the end of the movie, I was expecting (whether I knew it or not), that Andrew McCarthy would say: "I believed in you, Jewel." And it'd end happily, in a parking lot, with some rain and bad music.

But, as it was, it basically ended how any cheap movie ends, with some bad music, and the guy not getting the girl.

I didn't find the performances from McCarthy and Ringwald to be particularly wonderful, or compelling.

It was predictable. And slightly cheesy.

It was shot wonderfully, though. I thought the landscaping, and the way Ringwald and McCarthy looked against it, was gorgeous. I also enjoyed Viggo Mortensen's performance, short as it was. And I got a laugh out of the young Ben Stiller.

It wasn't awful, but, it wasn't great, either. Worth watching a least once, when you have nothing better to do.

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