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The Block Island Sound

Good sci-fi, no horror
It wasn't a bad movie at all, definitely an interesting idea, an interesting story and plot. Rather than horror, it's more sci-fi, but it's definitely not bad, and those who like various mysteries when it comes to UFOs will come to their senses. It's a pity that the film was not better developed, but still a good average.


Very stupid And bored movie
Terrible crap how someone might like this movie, a lifeless and boring movie. I just wished this boredom would end.

Come True

Come true
If I don't expect this film to be a horror movie, it wasn't that bad. Weak for horror, but like a normal film it wasn't bad and the ending of the film we quite liked had the right atmosphere and the resolution of the story wasn't bad at all. It's a pity that the interesting thing came from the film only in the last 30 minutes before the end.

Come True

Come true
If I don't expect this film to be a horror movie, it wasn't that bad. Weak for horror, but like a normal film it wasn't bad and the ending of the film we quite liked had the right atmosphere and the resolution of the story wasn't bad at all. It's a pity that the interesting thing came from the film only in the last 30 minutes before the end.


A film that is definitely one of the best things made this year. An interesting story, and a pretty good horror atmosphere. Just unraveling the whole movie could have been better. It was no big surprise in the end, which is a pity that they ruined the end in this way. But he certainly wasn't bored with this film.

The Visit

Bored horror movie.
At the beginning, the film looked quite interesting, about how the siblings find out that there is something strange about their grandparents and they document everything on their camera. As time goes on, however, the film becomes more and more stupid and boring, where basically nothing much happens, and only at the very end there is a bit of action where we learn the whole plot of the film, which was clear from the beginning, and we will not see any unexpected and interesting ending either. Unfortunately, this film does not offer much horror scenes, and the fact that I should be afraid of this film is not at all. For my disappointment, I actually expected a little more from this horror movie.


Vero good horror movie
Very good horror with a very decent atmosphere. And with time, more and more interesting. Until the very finale, where the grandiose culmination of the whole horror film will come, which will not leave anyone cold. Definitely for those who like films about Paranorman, so I believe that this film will certainly not disappoint them, and I recommend everyone who likes this kind of horror to watch this film.

Drag Me to Hell

Drag me to hell horror?
I rank the film among the average moments, the film seemed to me more like a horror comedy, certain passages of the film were more of a laugh than to be afraid, but despite certain shortcomings, the film did not bore me.

Living Among Us

The life of vampires
So I have such embarrassed feelings about this movie. At the beginning, the film looked quite interesting, but with time, the film became more and more stupid. And when the end of the film was approaching, it started to get quite exciting and interesting, but even so, this film belongs to the weaker ones. On the other hand, I must say that despite many shortcomings, the film did not bore me.

Dark Skies

Good movies
A relatively good film with a decent atmosphere, although it was not very horror and the freezing in the back, except for a few scenes, do not expect much, but on the other hand, a relatively successful screenplay and direction highlight this film.It's a pity only the end of the film, when the screenwriters let us awaken our thinking and imagination. And it's a pity for me that the end of the film could have been better, but even so, this film is good and certainly better than what filming today.


Another of those silly and boring movies, until the last half hour of the movie was a bit of fun, but then she was replaced by boredom again. The whole film was awkward and the end of the film only confirmed it. The film had none meaningful scenario. Great disappointment for me, although a bit expected.

I Trapped the Devil

Bored, bored and bored!
What was it supposed to be like? do they call this horror? After all, it was absolutely no idea, lifeless and the only thing you were One wishes that this boredom should finally end. The only thing holding me back is this movie he watched them what kind of man was hiding behind that door, but unfortunately the end of the film brings great boredom and disappointment. And frankly, I'm glad that this boring, lifeless film ended without any idea and ended my torture with boredom!

Wrong Turn

Wrong turn?
A film that has little to do with the original film "Wrong turn" and is a little weaker, at least in terms of hectoliters of blood, cannibalism, etc., as we were used to in previous episodes. This is not to say that the film is bad. Despite these things, the film has an interesting script, tension and atmosphere. And I honestly think this part is better than 5 and 6 parts. Of course, it's not a movie hit, but as an average horror that doesn't disappoint, it's quite good, unless you like hectoliters of blood. Don't look for hectoliters of blood in this movie

The Closet

Good horror movie.
A film that is definitely worth watching with a good story and a relatively good atmosphere. Definitely don't expect a movie hit, but you certainly won't be bored or at least I wasn't bored. It's not a movie where there is a lot of blood and film effects, but it's a cool horror movie and you're sure to find your fans who love ghost horror. And the film's conclusion was also quite successful, about how some people can be cruel to their own children. I definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes ghost horror movies.

Das Experiment

In fact, I expected a little more from this film. A film in the bowels of a research laboratory made according to a real event, where the whole experiment gets out of control, is certainly a tempting topic. Unfortunately, the content of the film is no longer like that. The whole film came to me a bit sloppy, but it certainly didn't bore me. I like movies from the prison environment, but probably because it was de facto just a game, as some actors in the film said, it didn't bother me that much, but I still think that you will find this film for your fans. I definitely rate this film positively, even though I expected more from it

It Comes at Night

So again, a film in which you are just bored, bored, and again just bored. I'm waiting for the whole film for something interesting, but it's not just boring again, so I wish this film, which is to be a horror, finally ends. I don't even know what to write anymore because the film was so lifeless that it's not an eye to write and I'm glad that I finished the film at least to the end.

À l'intérieur

Stupid and very blood movies
Only a mentally ill person can make something like this, a film that lacks any logical plot, a film that has no normal story, just a bloody slaughterhouse accompanied by nonsensical scenes such as a policeman taking a detained person on a chain and going to the house with him. slaughterhouses take place and to make matters worse he puts a gun in his hand. Or that the girl makes a hole in her throat and seals it with duct tape. Only someone mentally ill can like something like that, the film has no plot, the story is simply nothing but blood. I understand it's horror blood belongs there, but it must have some plot, etc. This has nothing but blood that is interspersed with nonsensical scenes that are unreal and nonsensical. Definitely one of the worst horror movies I've seen, but the mentally ill may like it.

The Borderlands

Very good horror atmosphere
A film that had a very good horror atmosphere and was great in this respect. Sometimes it froze in the back, but that's all this film has to offer. The end of the film was wrong and de facto the whole film sent to the bottom. We didn't know at all what it cost so far and how it would turn out, except that the main characters of the film were probably fires. The film lacked a revelation or something to scare you. It's a huge pity because it could have been a very good and high-quality film, I rather rank it among the average, but with a very good horror atmosphere, which many horror films lack.


Howl is not bad movie
Although I'm not quite a fan of werewolf movies, I have to say that this movie wasn't bad at all. Pretty good atmosphere and relatively well made masks. And most importantly, I wasn't bored with the film. Of course, it's still a long way from being a movie hit, but it's like not is bad movie.

Saint Maud

A film I expected a lot about, but unfortunately it was another piece of nonsense. As for the story, it was quite good as far as madness and faith can catch up, but that's all that this film has to offer. The whole film is waiting for what will happen, but it's nothing but a desire to finally end this boring film, which has nothing to do with horror. A big disappointment for me.

Evil Dead II

Very bad horror movies
A film that I don't like at all the story of the catastrophe directing and acting horror The only thing that kept me going with this film were the masks, which really worked, even though they looked artificial so good at the time, and we liked that something was still going on but at the same time it's overpaid and you have to take it as a comedy because it only has those masks in common with horror. I absolutely don't understand how something like this can have such a high rating, but people like a lot of blood and film effects and then they don't care about the others. So not for me and therefore my rating is lower than for other users. Like comedy good, but like horror bad. Sorry my English is bad.


Bored movies
The beginning of the film was quite boring, the film started to entertain me sometime after half the film. As for the horror effects, they were very weak, there were also a few snares in the film and the fact that we from this film at least a little frozen in the back it also did not become the only positive in the film was the whole unraveling of the film at the very end, which was certainly interesting, but not unexpected. I rate this film as below average and sometimes boring, but certainly not as the worst.


Sleep paralysis
The story was not a bad film at all, a film that was made according to an actual event gives this film more juice, but that is unfortunately probably all that this film gives. Be sure not to be afraid. There are a few lessons in the film, but they are few and very weak. On the other hand, I have to say that I was not bored with the film and maybe that the film offered more than I expected. It's just a pity that the creators of this film did not care more about its elaboration, then it could be a great film, but even so, I think that this film will definitely find its fans.


Bored horror movie
Very weak horror, almost no ghosts just some family members go crazy and murder, with each other. An embarrassing and relatively boring horror film.

Nejkrásnejsí hádanka

Family movies
After a long time I tried to watch a fairy tale, unfortunately this genre did not appeal to me at all and therefore I rate 5/10, although this fairy tale definitely deserves a 7/10 rating for those who love fairy tales, so I think they will like it before Christmas but as I tell me I don't like these types of fairy tales, that's why such a low rating. sorry my English not good.

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