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Valentine's Date

Just watch the trailer. It will tell you what you need to know.

Madness: Our House

Iconic song sadly coopted
Unfortunately all I can think of when hearing this song now is Chemist Warehouse due to the advertising jingle.

Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head

Hilarious trailer
Check out the acting and editing. Very funny trailer.

RuPaul's Drag Race: Droop
Episode 8, Season 12

Questionable elimination
I'm honestly shocked that Widow got to stay longer than Jan. I don't feel like she has any more to offer the competition. I bet she goes soon.

LSD Feat. Labrinth, Sia, Diplo: No New Friends

The track is average but it's elevated by the music video which is very colourful and cute.

The Pussycat Dolls Feat. Missy Elliott: Whatcha Think About That

I'd rather
Seagulls squawking for hot chips is a more pleasant listen than this song.

Beck: Colors

The other reviewer
I have to post just to mention that the other reviewer is a completely insufferable buffoon. It annoys me that he is all over this website with his terrible opinions.

The Weeknd: Mania

Seems like an album ad
The songs are ok enough but it wasn't visually interesting or compelling enough to hold my attention until the end.

Arrested Development: Public Relations
Episode 11, Season 1

You can always tell a Milford man
This episode is a great example of AD's ability to set up a running joke that plays out throughout an episode in different iterations. In this case it's the fact that the Milford school encouraged pupils to be not seen and not heard. Very clever. Superb writing.


Boring and dreary
I made it up to the part where he started time travelling with pills and shared a fire with a caveman looking guy. The scene was so ludicrous I had to stop. What a stupid film.

The acting ranged from average to subpar. I felt nothing for the characters or character relationships. It was a mess.

The script had some lines that felt really clunky and unnatural.

Overall this comes across as ambitious yet sadly amateurish and disappointing.

WandaVision: On a Very Special Episode...
Episode 5, Season 1

I'm losing interest in the series
Basically no laughs or fun in this episode. The 80s lame sitcom style was grating. The child actors were irritating. The info dump of comic book knowledge was rushed and annoying. The girl from 2 broke girls needs to get out of my face. Wanda's confrontation at the perimeter felt unexciting.

It seems like this series has now turned into something that only Marvel fans will appreciate. Judging by all the positive reviews it seems they're eager to eat up anything. Shame they aren't more demanding.

I'll give the next episode a chance but I'm very unhopeful now.

De grønne slagtere

A Lean Meat
I only made it about halfway through the film. When the brain damaged brother showed up and starting yelling I had had enough. Very awkward and cringe.

It's pretty much a laugh free comedy. Neither the characters nor the story are particularly original or compelling.

Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas

One of the most cringe inducing movie titles I've ever seen.

Childrens Hospital: The Return of the Young Billionaire
Episode 6, Season 4

Amazing credits
Hilariously ridiculous storyline in this episode but for me it gets a 10 based on the amazing animated opening and closing credits. I love how this show can completely change things up every single episode.

Adventure Time: What Have You Done?
Episode 24, Season 1

I don't understand the low rating here. This is a great, well paced episode with some amazingly humorous moments from the Ice King.

Na srebrnym globie

Made it halfway
The film looks really intriguing so I was excited to watch it. It definitely wasn't the experience I was hoping for.

I have to admit I basically understood nothing of what was going on. The plot is already complex, and when you add in the attempt to reconstruct the missing scenes using voiceover, it becomes pretty much impossible to follow the story.

As it stands this seems to be more of a curiosity than an actual film.


Something about this show looks completely cringe.

Model Family

Lame and predictable
Not worth a watch. The whole thing is predictable from the start and pointless. The execution and acting is also fairly cringe.

Bluey: Magic Xylophone
Episode 1, Season 1

Okay for kids
I can't stand Bingo's nasally voice! Blow your nose child! That's put me off from watching any more.


I initially gave this film a 7 but I've decided to reduce it to a 6. I don't have fond memories of it, and now that I think about it, it was pretty average. I think I rated it too highly.

The only thing interesting here is the creature itself, but that's not enough to carry the film.

Rebecca Black Dates an Alien

I made it a couple of minutes in. Terrible ad for a lame looking show.

WandaVision: We Interrupt This Program
Episode 4, Season 1

The Bubble just Burst?
I was loving this series because it was mysterious and different. This episode felt flat and disappointing.

I can't believe they decided to reveal so much in only episode 4! Are audiences so dull and braindead that they need to be spoonfed answers this hastily? Such a shame.

I'm now scared for the direction in which this series is potentially heading.

Also, the side characters in this episode are so completely dull and bland compared to the great actors we got in the first three episodes. This wasn't entertaining or funny. I don't care at all about the people investigating the anomaly! They're so boring.

I hope we get back into the right rhythm next episode.

Demi Lovato: Cool for the Summer

Pop Perfection
One of my favourite pop songs. It just hits every beat right and puts a big smile on my face. The ridiculous lyrics are hilarious.

Morgan McMichaels: Ass Like Mine

An assault on the senses
My ears and eyes are not enjoying this one bit. Even by the low standards of drag pop this is bad.

Lea to the Rescue

Come to me-um village-um
Ho boy! Check out the Amazonian natives in the trailer. Enough said.

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