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Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet: A Dark Quiet Death
Episode 5, Season 1

If you like the show...skip this episode
This episode has nothing to do with the series. Skip it.

I don't understand why so many "reviewers" liked this episode. Complete opposite viewing experience compared to the show. Technically it's well made and acted but not important or original. And also just odd sandwiched into a broad geek comedy series. Don't know what Rob was going for here.

The Summoned

Boobs, Bush, and Blood
"The Summoned" is a supernatural horror movie that wastes cult actors Michelle Bauer and Robert Z'Dar in nothing roles. The plot is uninteresting and follows an abused and cheated wife who performs a séance to find a dream lover. But instead she gets a demon lover, an incubus. The women are attractive and disrobe often. There's a pretty hot masturbation scene and one chick has really epic fake tits. It's not a scary flick in the slightest and the effects are cheap. The film is low budget and is loaded with heaps of gratuitous nudity. Michelle Bauer actually doesn't get nude in this flick. You get a quick flash of her topless while she's killed but nothing as hot as her fans are use to. "The Summoned" is a rare flick that is neither good, nor atrocious. It's just your average, early 90's horror flick that substitutes boobs for scares.

Terminator Genisys

Schwarzenegger is back! And the series returns to greatness!
I'm an Arnold fan. I'm a Terminator fan. The original is a cult classic. The second Terminator film is one of the greatest action films ever made. T3 had it's moments. And "Terminator: Salvation" was OK. But with the 5th installment of the franchise (and the return of Arnold) the series once again is back on track. "Terminator: Genisys" is an entertaining, action packed sci-fi flick that should please moviegoers this summer.

The filmmakers took the love story from the first film, as well as the bond between machine and human from the second, and injected them into "Genisys". It feels like a spiritual and worthy sequel to the Cameron films...which is an impressive feat in and of itself. The 5th films has heart, emotion, and compassion (something the 3rd film lacked immensely).

Arnold is truly back with this film. Having seen all his movies on the big screen since his un-retirement, "Terminator: Genisys" is easily his best since his return (with "Escape Plan" being awesome as well). Arnold looks great and turns in another classic Terminator performance. Say what you will about the man's range and acting but he's a movie star and turns it on for T5.

Emilia Clarke is smoking hot and plays a solid Sarah Conner. She's almost stole the show from Arnie. Jai Courtney is average as usual and Matt Smith is wasted in a small but pivotal role.

The special effects are pretty awesome as well. The action is big. The film felt like a non-stop action fest. It's a great summer popcorn flick that delivers what fans of the series want as well as catering to a new generation of moviegoers.

The final word on "Terminator: Genisys"'s a damn fine action movie that has the heart from T2 and the love story that made the original a harrowing classic. Check out this summer and hope Arnie can come back for one more go round as the T-800.

Platoon Leader

Surprisingly emotional B-movie and a fresh take on Vietnam!
"Platoon Leader"...what a generic and terrible name for a fairly emotional and deep war film. I'm sure the film's title, in addition to starring Michael Dudikoff and being released by Cannon, turned a lot of people off from checking this movie out. But Aaron Norris does a superb job of balancing B-movie action with harrowing and emotional drama. Dudikoff is passable (as usual) as the lead platoon leader...but Paul F. Lyons really lends the film it's credibility and gravitas. Lyons' performance is great and one of the many highlights of the film. The budget was surprisingly solid for a B-movie and the supporting cast was great. War movies tend to have a repetitive nature about them...but "Platoon Leader" features some impressive and original moments. Like when one of the soldiers overdoses on drugs or how the Vietcong kill Vietnamese they believe to be aiding soldiers with a death letter stuck to the victims bodies. It has it's B-movie moments but it also has some heart and great human moments. I was surprised to be as invested in the soldiers as I was and "Platoon Leader" was a solid war film that deserves a better known reputation.

Love & Murder

Mediocre and boring
This film is a thriller with out thrills. No blood, no nudity, low body count. The cover makes the film look like some kind of erotic thriller which is laughable. The sexiest thing you get is a belly dance! The film opens with a clown killing a girl than it's all down hill from there. The majority of the film focuses on Hal and his fiancé fighting and Hal sitting in the dark afraid of the killer and listening to prank phone calls. A rare and unknown film that deserves to stay that way. There's also a red herring janitor, a swan dive out a window, and Frank Sinatra's Love and Marriage! This is one of those films where the writer/director couldn't make up his mind on what kind of film he was going to make...and it suffers.

Savage Encounter

No "uncut" version...
Just recently watched the supposed "uncut" version from 1980 released by White Knight Video. It still features no nudity, no gore, and I whole heartedly doubt there is even an existing uncut version.

As for the movie itself..."Savage Encounter" aka "Demon Lust" is a dull, unimaginative, and cheaply made rip off of "Straw Dogs". The film is shot and edited competently enough, but the film tends to drag and bore (even with an 80 minute runtime!). The film's violence and "rape" (which occurs off screen) are childish and non-dramatic. I'd say pass this turd up and don't believe the hype about an "uncut" version. This movie sucks either way.

I gave it a 3 because I liked the film's musical score and a scene in which one of the vagrant's tickle torcher the husband with a flower!

True Detective

Haunting, beautiful, and nihilistic. One of the best mysteries I've ever seen!
(Season 1) "True Detective" is a masterfully told whodunit that follows two very different detectives as they track a satanic killer over the course of 17 years. The first season of "True Detective" may just be the greatest mystery/thriller I've ever seen...on film or television. Much of the high praise goes to the acting (McConaughey is amazing!) and the mesmerizing cinematography. I'd put "True Detective" above Fincher's "Zodiac" and "Seven", and Mann's "Manhunter". Hell, even the opening credits are hypnotizing and beautiful! The first half of the season is slightly better than the second, but the entire series is an edge of your seat thrill-ride. Some viewers saw the finale as a letdown but I felt it was believable, realistic, and brought closure to the characters. This series deserves Emmy and Golden Globe love! It's an addictive show and I suggest watching them consecutively over a couple nights. A dark, brooding, and thrilling series.

On a smut note, you get to see Michelle Monaghan in a thong and Alexandra Daddario (Texas Chainsaw 3-D) has a full nude sex scene! And why do users review a series after watching only a single episode? That drives me nuts! Watch the entire season before you comment on a show. It's a story that's going to be told over the course of weeks and months...wait to see how it ends before you praise or bash it.

The Fly II

Great sequel! Another underrated 80's horror film.
A lot of horror sequels from the 1980's seem to get an unfair criticism. What happens is the first film becomes a classic. A staple of the decade. And the fans/viewers expect a sequel to be of equal caliber and are disappointed/angered when a sequel shifts direction, style, story, or setting. For example, "Return of the Living Dead part II", "Halloween III: Season of the Witch", "Friday the 13th Part 5", "Bride of Re-animator". "The Fly II" falls in with the other mentioned horror sequels as underrated, classic 80's horror flicks that should be enjoyed on their own merit.

"The Fly II" features a decent enough plot about Seth Brundle's son Martin (Eric Stoltz) and the evil corporation that is trying to control him. There's some nice character interaction between Stoltz and Zuniga (even though their chemistry is a bit off) and a touching scene between Stoltz and a mutant dog. But the real reason to watch "The Fly II" (besides Stoltz outstanding performance) is to see the gore and carnage that ensues once Martin becomes the fly. It's some of the best gore I've seen and instantly launches the film into 80's classic territory! Heads get crushed, people melt, body parts gets ripped off. It's an awesome sight and worth sitting through the dull parts for (like the chase/on the run scenes in the middle).

"The Fly II" is not on the same level as Cronenberg's classic but that doesn't mean it's not a great film. "The Fly II" delivers the goods and that damn scene with the dog makes me tear up every time! Only bad nudity.

Dracula 3D

Boobs, blood, cheesy FX, and Rutger Hauer...Awesome!
Dario Argento's recent work may not be as solid as his 70's and 80's stuff but he throws enough boobs and blood at the screen in "Dracula 3D" to keep you entertained. The film feels like a throwback to some of his 70's/early 80's output due to the dubbing and bad acting. The opening sex scene set in a barn feels like it was ripped from a classic 70's giallo. The CGI effects are pretty lame and seem cheap (like Playstation 1 cheap). But the practical effects (slashed throats,heads getting ripped off) all look solid.

Asia Argento gets nude and Miriam Giovanelli is sexy as the voluptuous Tanja. Seriously, Giovanelli has the best breasts I've seen in a horror film since the 80's. Rutger Hauer shows up an hour in and he does a solid job, albeit looking very haggard and bored. The film's biggest flaw is that it's too long. At an hour and fifty minutes, "Dracula 3D" could have used some editing to trim it down.

Overall, I'd say it's worth checking out if you're a fan of Argento or want to see a semi-fresh take on the Dracula lore.

Murder on Line One

Lame, boring, slow, headache inducing
"Murder on Line One" tries to trick you into think it's some kind of 80's slasher flick. The VHS box features a guy holding a giant Michael Myers style butcher knife...the killer never stabs anyone in the film. "Murder on Line One" is more of a police procedural than a horror film.

The plot revolves around a man being falsely convicted of murders he didn't commit. The real killer contacts a female journalist and tries to get her attention by sending her eyeballs. The journalist tries to prove the imprisoned man's innocence all the while he friends are being killed.

This movie features one of the most head inducing scores I've ever heard. Add to that, the film's bluish hue and "Murder on Line One" will give you a headache. The acting is nothing special and the gore is minimal. There is a quick topless shower shot but it's not impressive. The twist ending is obvious and you can see it coming a mile away.

A lot of times these films are forgotten for a reason. This film is kind of rare to track down but it's not worth the effort or a dollar.

An amusing thing in the film is that every time the killer hits a victim over the head with the baseball bat a really comical cartoon sound effect follows. "Deadline" is flat out dead.

Escape Plan

Stallone and Schwarzenegger...together at last!
"Escape Plan" isn't the greatest film ever made. But it is a fun, non-stop thrill ride B-movie that delivers the dream team we've always wanted...Arnie and Sly! Yes, they've teamed up in the over-the-top, cheesy Expendables films but "Escape Plan" is a more satisfying and better quality film.

Rambo...Terminator...Jesus...John Trent...50 Cent...yeah, the cast is pretty awesome for this "prison break" flick. Jim Caviezel almost steals the show as the "evil" warden. We all know Sly and Arnie are in their mid-60's but man do they still kick butt! Plus they're still literally veins sticking out all over the place ripped! We had a blast watching this and I recommend it to any action fan, especially the 80's action crowd. There's great one-liners, slow motion shoot outs, explosions, prison shanks, and all sort of bad ass action.

I really hope this does well at the box office because it is an entertaining film that's way better than "The Last Stand" and "A Bullet To The Head". But I wouldn't be surprised if those films have turned some movie goers off. A real action fan will love this flick though. Go check it out! Get to da choppa!!!!

The Lords of Salem

I want to eat Sherri Moon Zombie's butt!
Rob Zombie is back with a 70's inspired Satanic witch film which features a great musical score, disturbing imagery, great cast, and a whole lot of Sherri Moon Zombie's glorious behind.

It is evident that Rob Zombie wanted to take a different direction with this film. I dislike how people are reviewing this as "Rob Zombie's most mature film to date". I believe this is Zombie's most cohesive and solemn of his films. The tone is atmospheric and foreboding, with less emphasis on gore and the usual Zombie oddities.

The film features Sherri Moon Zombie in her best performance to date as well as some pretty heady religious symbolic imagery. The film could have been a lot better with a little more action and a better ending. Mainly because the climax in the film is non-existent. There isn't a real high body count either.

Overall, it's a solid film worth a look. The scene of Moon Zombie bottomless is bed trying to turn off the alarm is worth the price of admission alone! I think it may be Zombie's least popular film as well as his least outstanding.

Scream Queen Hot Tub Party

Why couldn't I have found this movie when I was 12?
I grew up like most kids in the late 80's/early 90's...drooling over scream queens and renting every T&A horror flick I could get past my parents. If only I would have found this classic cheese and squeeze at the local video store...I probably would have went blind.

Scream Queen Hot Tub Party features 5 scream queens stripping, dancing, working out topless, getting raped by zombies, and taking showers. On top of that you get T&A footage from previous Fred Olen Ray/Jim Wynorski films edited in to pad it to it's 50 minute run time. This was a movie made for the 12-year old boy in all of us. It might be the most exploitive film I've ever seen though. For some reason I couldn't help but feel ashamed during Kelli Maroney's workout scene. Another bummer thing about the film is Linnea Quigley is M.I.A in this one. I mean, how do you make a film called "Scream Queen Hot Tub Party" and don't cast Linnea Quigley?

Anyways, this is a great pick up if you can find it on DVD. It also comes with a weird 35 minute foot fetish short staring Michelle Bauer and virgin porn star Jarica Fox called "One Million Heels B.C."

Evil Dead

Not good, not terrible. Fails to impress.
This is not the most terrifying film you will ever experience.

Now the original Evil Dead was an experience. You were scared, disgusted, and exhausted by the time the film ended. It was a low budget gore-fest. The remake is packed with gore, but almost to the point of exaggeration, and that's about the only positive I can give the film. It wasn't scary, it wasn't brutal, it wasn't "Evil".

The remake features pretty looking hipsters going to the cabin as part of a drug intervention. Of course, possessions and killings ensue. Good acting isn't expected in this kinds of films, but the fact that the "heroine" is one of the worst actresses I've seen in a while (her delivery of a one-liner towards the end of the film had me almost throwing up in my mouth in disgust), doesn't help matters. The remake is very predictable. One character pops up out of frame to save another character at least 3 times. It becomes expected and comedic. For some reason the "demon voices" all sound really stupid. Hakf the audience was laughing when someone possessed would start talking in demon voice.

"Evil Dead '13" is like the countless other remakes that have come before it, it has no soul. But this remake does, however, have the blood and guts. The film tries to redeem itself in the last 15 minutes but it just feels like you're watching a completely different movie at that point.

Overall, it's a bloody deja vu. If feels like you've seen it all before...and not in a good way. Evil Dead '13 is not going to be a classic and if a sequel comes out, count me out. Unless that sequel is Army Of Darkness 2 with The Chin.

The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A backwoods, psychodrama, black comedy. Better than part 3.
Tcm:the next generation is an odd film. Its more entertaining than the previous installment, "Leatherface", but its a far cry from the original. We follow some of the most annoying, idiotic, and bizarre teens as they leave prom and get into a wreck on a Texas back road. Soon enough Matthew McCaughney shows up snapping necks, overkilling a guy with his monster truck, and jumping off roofs onto cars. He seems to be in charge of the new "Sawyer family". Leatherface spends half the film in drag and screaming his lungs out during chaotic scenes of violence or chases. The teen characters are so stupid you actually root for them to meet their demise. The acting is all over the place. Matthew McCaughney gives a whacked out, over the top performance, while Renee Zellwegger is mediocre at best.

There's some ridiculous sub-plot about the Sawyer family being used as a type of anarchy/psycho squad by some sort of agency or occult. But it falls flat and seems like trying to add some method to the madness.

The gore is weak, the acting is weak but the film has a manic pace and some truly disturbing moments. It does feel like a rehash of the original and part 3. But thats expected when your plot revolves around a redneck, cannibalistic family with a chainsaw wielding maniac. Its better than the dreadful "Leatherface", but its no TCM2. A solid rental. More of a remake then a sequel.

Zombie Cop

Interesting concept...poor execution
"Zombie Cop" is an obscure shot on video action horror film directed by the infamous J.R. Bookwalter (The dead next door).

A cop gets turned into a zombie by a Jamaican baddie (who keeps his ancient voodoo transcripts next to his playboys) and returns from the dead to serve justice.

The film is Ed Wood Jr. esque bad in terms of production values and special effects. In the opening scene there are no squibs, no muzzle gunfire, and the zombie makeup consists of the leads face being painted brown. The zombie cop eventually ends up looking more like the invisible man due to the fact that he covers his face with bandages. The acting is atrocious and the special effects are laughable. It's a rare flick to find and a painful film to sit through. If you enjoy Bookwalter's other stuff you might enjoy this one. Other wise, go watch Maniac Cop 2 instead.

Until next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness...

Lady Avenger

Below average revenge flick...with Michelle Bauer sex scenes
"Lady Avenger" is another movie from the legendarily bad David Decoteau shot for the home video market. The films stars Peggie Sanders (who has a topless scene) as prison escapee Maggie, who hunts down her brother's murderers. She also stumble upon a drug conspiracy and nips through her wife-beater throughout the majority of the film.

The acting is what you'd expect from a Decoteau doesn't exist. However, the acting by Sanders is laughably bad and she never comes off as "tough" or "deadly". Her facial expressions (or lack there of) are quite amusing. The tag-line is classic; same with the film's poster. But "Lady Avenger" is a wannabe Rambo/Death Wish that never lives up to the great VHS cover (like most 80's tapes). Boring chase scenes and unexciting shootouts.

On a positive note, there are two Michelle Bauer sex scenes in the film and pretty cool flame thrower death scene. Overall, it's what you expect from an 80's straight to video flick.

"Lady Avenger" features gang rape, slit throats, car explosions, women in prison, Michelle Bauer stripping, a bad stepfather, and a cool flame thrower scene.

Wild Man

Michelle Bauer's breasts can't save this turd
Wow, this film was painfully bad. I literally got a headache.

"Wild Man" is an obscure little action film shot on video by an 80's porn director that features the least appealing and most wooden lead hero of all time. Who the hell is Don Scribner and why does he speak like a robot? He delivers his lines in monotone as if he's half asleep. The plot revolves around some ex commando named Tommy Lee who is selling drugs. Enter Eric Wilde (Scribner). An ex CIA operative that has a personal vendetta against Tommy Lee for stealing his wife and teams with a sexy news reporter (the always gorgeous Michelle Bauer) to stop him. Along the way Wilde uses his supernatural ring to bring himself back to life after being killed and has sex scenes with 80's porn stars Ginger Lynn Allen and Michelle Bauer. This film is one of the most boring films I've ever seen. The one liners are stupid and the villain is so over the top it's more annoying than amusing.

I rented this to see Michelle Bauer bare the goods...and she does. The best scene in the movie involves her in a one piece working out in a gym with Ginger Lynn Allen. Can you say, "Cameltoe"? If you love Michelle Bauer than pick this up if you can find it. Other than the T&A, there are no redeeming qualities in this film whatsoever. I'll watch anything to see Michelle in a thong and topless...even if it means sitting through some of the worst films ever made. Her acting is pretty good in this one too. Easily the best actor.

"Wild Man" features cripples getting hit by cars, native American rings that bring people back to life, a sexy workout, a gang rape, car explosions, torture in the dentist chair, and magic casino coins.

Lost Highway

An intense, twisted, and brilliant thriller. Lynch's best work.
Be prepared to watch multiple viewings of "Lost Highway". It's not that the film is confusing, the film is just that fascinating. You'll want to watch it again to see the narrative from a different angle or maybe catch something you missed. Possibly one of the most abstract and frustrating films ever made...and that's a compliment. Lynch is a great director but with "Lost Highway" he made his masterpiece. A truly intoxicating film, it not for every movie goer. It's a little out there for even "Twins Peak" standards.

The plot revolves around a sax playing husband Fred (Bill Pullman) who begins to suspect his wife is unfaithful. He soon discovers her past is connected to pornographic filmmakers and she mysteriously turns up dead. Sentenced for her murder, the husband supernaturally changes into a completely different person over night in his jail cell. Once released he meets a doppelganger of his deceased wife. What follows is the twisting and dark road of the lost highway.

It's a film that seems to be playing on multiple levels with several different interpretations being valid. Is it all a fantasy created by Fred? Is there something more sinister and supernatural occurring? Are we witnessing an alter version of events that transpired (Fred's discovery of his wife's betrayal)? It's all how the viewer interprets the narrative. A masterpiece of story telling and film making. Great performances all around. And Patricia Arquette in this film...Holy hell, she has to be the sexiest woman ever put on screen! See this film...with an open mind. Like watching a dream.

Piranha 3DD

Disappointing sequel
Piranha 3D was a fun and gory throwback to 80's films. Tons of T&A, lots of gore, and some pretty funny moments. The sequel features a lot less of all three of those elements. Which is a shame, cause Gulager had the potential to make a great and fun sequel. The Feast trilogy is one of the most original and entertaining horror series in decades.

The film is only 72 minutes long. The last 10 minutes is padded with bloopers and outtakes. The film passes you by in the blink of an eye. The nudity isn't very hot and most of the chicks look like washed up strippers. The first film featured some real hotties and made great use of nudity in 3d. The double D subtitle is quite misleading. The special effects are pretty bad and most of the young cast are as wooden as a coffin.

Piranha 3DD does not deliver any of the things it's trailer or predecessor promise. Pass it up and wait till red-box.

Best scenes are Ving Rhames and Paul Scheer going off and every scene featuring David Hasslehoff.

Till next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness...


Disappointing 80's flick
Kevin S. Tenney wrote and directed two of my favorite 1980's horror films "Witchboard" and "Night of the Demons", so I had high expectations for "Witchtrap". Sadly, I was left disappointed.

The plot concerns a group of psychic ghost hunters who team up with some skeptical cops to investigate a haunted mansion nick named "Slaughter House". "Witchtrap" features some of the worst acting I've ever seen. The acting is more wooden than a coffin. The only entertaining character is the lead played by James W. Quinn. He has some pretty funny lines and delivers a solid performance(not hard to do considering the rest of the cast's lack of talent). Yes, Linnea Quigley has a small role but she's wasted and killed quickly. However, she does show off the goods in a nice full frontal shower scene before she is offed.

The soundtrack to Tenney's films are usually pretty solid and memorable. Not the case with "Witchtrap". Also the gore is minimal and the kills take place mostly off screen.

"Witchtrap" features an interesting "Notice" screen before the film begins telling you that "Witchtrap" is NOT a sequel to "Witchboard". Why this was necessary, I don't know. The guy on the cover of the VHS box is Malfeitor from "Witchboard" though...and Quinn also starred in "Witchboard"...ah, screw it, who knows. This notice is also on the back of the VHS box as well.

"Witchtrap" features death by shower head, "Piggy" from "Night of the Demons", possession, an exploding head, human meltdowns, and a serial killer magician.

Till next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness...

Murder Weapon

Surprisingly entertaining DeCoteau film; Linnea in top form
"Murder Weapon" has a very misleading cover. The film looks like it's suppose to be some kind of action film, like a female lethal weapon. But "Murder Weapon" is a low-budget slasher/thriller that centers around two recently released mental patients (who also happen to have connections to the mob) who invite their ex's over for a party in their mansion. One by one the ex's are killed off by a mysterious killer.

If you've seen any of David DeCoteau's work ("Nightmare Sisters", "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama") than you know what to expect. Lots of nudity and low budget production values. You get two sex scenes in the first 10 minutes. Linnea Quigley (who also earned a producing credit on this convoluted thriller) stars as ex-patient Dawn. Linnea strips nude through out and has a cool sex scene where she seems to almost ride a guy to death. She spends most of film's run time walking around in a leopard swimsuit with see through top. The other half of the psycho-duo is played by Karen Russell, who spends the first 5 minutes of the film oiling her body(more annoying than erotic). She spends most the film suffering from narcolepsy and dreaming about her psychologist.

Surprisingly, "Murder Weapon" does feature some pretty nice gore scenes. Heads explode by gunshot, faces get crushed by sledgehammers, broken bottles get shoved into throats. There's a particularly cool death scene (that doesn't make a lick of sense) that involves a hand bursting through a man's chest while he's lying in bed.

The dialog in the film is pretty amusing. The conversations between the male characters are often pretty humorous. The character of Kevin has some great lines. A scene in which Kevin screams like a girl when he sees the killer approaching the car with a pistol had me laughing out loud. I thought after "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2" filmmakers would realize that there is nothing scary about a man screaming like a woman.

Overall, it may be the best DeCoteau film I've seen (strangely, he used a pseudonym). Linnea's nude scenes are some of the best she's done and the gore is wet.

"Murder Weapon" features flashbacks within dream sequences, a sting in the tale ending, Ricky from "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2", a Richard Greico wannabe, leg shaving, and voyeurism.

Till next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness...

Incubo sulla città contaminata

The Nightmare Becomes Reality
Italian zombie films are a mixed bag. Films like "Zombi" and "The Beyond" are classics in the zombie genre. But films like "Burial Ground" and "Zombie 3" are painfully bad. "Nightmare City" is somewhere in the middle.

"Nightmare City" was released as "City of the Walking Dead" in America. A rather misleading title because the zombies actually run. They also attack with weapons (bats, knifes, chains, guns) before drinking their victims blood. So the film gets points for originality and the attack sequences are frantic and exhilarating. But the appearance of the zombies leave something to be desired. Most of them just have charred faces or look like they dipped their heads in oatmeal.

The plot is absent and dismal. It revolves around Hugo Stiglitz running around the city trying to survive the epidemic while some military personnel discuss the situation in a command post. Several characters are introduced and then dispatched quickly by the zombies.

The nudity is on overload in "Nightmare City". Many of the walking dead have a knack for tearing off the blouses of females before killing them. Several zombies even fondle these unlucky victims breasts. One poor gal gets one of her breasts cut off completely. Speaking of the gore, it ranges from decent to bad. A scene with hatchet is memorable and there are some good head-shots.

Overall, "Nightmare City" lacks plot and acting but has a fun and kinetic energy about it. Far better than most Italian zombie flicks.

"Nightmare City" features plenty of breasts, "aerobicide", a zombie priest, eye gouging, a carnival shootout, and a really lame "twist" ending.

Till next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness

The Prowler

Lean, mean slasher flick
"The Prowler" was one of many slasher films released in the 1980's during the 'slasher craze'. But what elevates "The Prowler" to the top of the heap is the impressive and brutal kills created by special effects legend Tom Savini. The killer strikes quickly but the deaths are long and painfully realistic. The film opens in the 1940's and the period piece (cars, wardrobes, dialog) is done rather well. Giving the film a bit of class and scope that other slashers of that period didn't have. The plot revolves around teens being killed off during a dance by a murderer wearing WWII fatigues. A "Dear, John" letter is the catalyst for the slaughter.

"The Prowler" is shot effectively and director Zito does a great jump of building tension. And tension is what separates great slashers from generic slashers. A sub-genre that was heavily produced in the decade. There are quite a few shots and kills that have gone on to become cliché. But at the time, we're quite innovative for the genre. It's a rather fierce and hard hitting slasher. The film has a certain savageness about it that makes it feel nastier than most films of the sub-genre.

"The Prowler" features nudity, death by pitchfork, plenty of red herrings, a nice shotgun beheading, an annoying redneck receptionist, and Farley Granger slumming it up.

Till next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness


Zombies, Aliens, Bigfoot, Michelle Bauer topless...need I say more?
First of all let's get one thing straight..."Demonwarp" doesn't have demons or warps. But it does feature an assortment of monsters and enough T&A (and 80's bush) to please any B-movie fan.

I have fond memories of this film from childhood. As a kid, I was genuinely disturbed by "Demonwarp". My brothers and I would rent it from the Ma and Pa video store on a monthly basis. Sadly, "Demonwarp" has not aged well and I find myself bewildered at how a film so cheesy and cheap could have frighten me as a young boy.

The flick revolves around some teens at a cabin who encounter Bigfoot. A vengeful father eventually shows up intent on hunting the beast. But then zombies and aliens pop up and all hell breaks loose.

"Demonwarp", in terms of plot and acting, is all over the place. The gore is below average but it gets bonus points for nudity. Michelle Bauer (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) runs around topless covered in blood screaming for most of her screen time. There's also a male hiker who's character suddenly appears out of nowhere and spends half the movie running from Bigfoot until Bigfoot disembowels him with a stick(?). "Demonwarp" is a cheap B-Movie made for the video market boom and it does exactly what it was produced to do...entertain. Check it out if you like your horror cheesy with lots of skin. "Demonwarp" was written by John Carl Beuchler (who also designed the creature) and directed by Emmitt Alston (New Year's Evil).

"Demonwarp" features George Kennedy fist fighting Bigfoot, a crazed priest, a shower scene, drinking and driving, Michelle Bauer sun tanning topless, the little brother from "Just One Of The Guys" getting his neck snapped, a decapitation, and the most awkward sex scene ever filmed.

Till next time horror hounds and fright fanatics, beware the darkness

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