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The Wire

The Wire has ruined TV for me.
I am now unable to watch normal TV dramas as I compare them to The Wire and most fall disastrously short. The writing, multi-layered story lines and immense in-depth characterisations are second to none. Intricately written monologues speak more widely of the decay of society in contemporary America. The Wire focuses on the grey area in which criminals, politicians and the police operate, there is no "good guy, bad guy" mentality in this show. While the bad side of drug /gang wars is plain to see this show also addresses why such problems exist i.e the lack of adequate schooling, housing and the complete lack of community spirit. The police as an organisation are also shown to be as morally corrupt as the gangsters. With corruption and racism still a problem and the inertia of the commanders who rather than tackling problems are wholly consumed by their ambition for power and rank. No-one is singled out as good or evil but most are shown to be able to be both. The Wire deserves to be showered with awards and finally receive it's affirmation as one of the most daring, incisive and thought provoking TV shows of the modern era.

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