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A pretty movie
I thought this movie was great. So much prettiness everywhere. The camera, the lighting, the succinct writing. The story is kind of a tried & true, struggling-artist love story that potentially could make this a tired one. But it is just the opposite. All of heavy hitting beauty in the production lifts this story, it's actors and the story-telling up. Very sweet.


John Dang - JeanMarie -Free & Happy
Not sure what happened to the movie.

I know several of the actors, thus, I vote 10 for the movie.

I stumbled across your review from 2010 as I was showing someone the movie credits.

As far as I know, I don't think any of the actors ever saw, or received a copy of the movie.

One actor, John Dang, was called up by a friend to quickly step in and act in the role of "Asian Vendor", (or something like that).

You can watch John on his YouTube channel. He goes by his French name/spelling, Jean-Marie Dang. He has been happy & thriving, despite the curse. In fact, so have the other actors that I know from the film. :)

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