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Above Majestic

I was entertained.
We really don't know what we don't know, no matter how strongly some people feel "it's all figured out." It's not. But having said that, the part about Boats flying around space made me laugh! However, No one in my local corner of the planet were ever able to tell us what those very deep, loud and frequent booms were that rattled windows or knocked pictures off the walls and went on and off for years, only ending a a few years ago- if they ended at all. Not news media, not elected officials, not utility workers, no one. So, clandestine underground bases & under ground "railway" systems--YES. Possible alien technology and EBE's in Antartica-- I can believe that too. Time travel- yes- but not anywhere near what we humans on Earth think it means. Rings of pedophilia and other atrocities at the highest levels are being brought to light right now, as write this, in REAL MSM news stories. That's disclosure, prime bits a little at a time interwoven with "crazy people". PS .... our planet is round, we did land on the moon and this thing called LIFE is being ran by a very small group of powerful elitists, whether they're homo sapiens-sapiens or not.

Trump: An American Dream

Let me just say, this is NOT a feel good Trump series. Definitely a hit piece, be prepared. What I loved about this series is the same thing I Loved about the book The Art of the Deal. They both prove that Donald J Trump is and always has been exactly the same man. Has always thought the same way, spoke the same way, dressed the same way, had the same hand motions (fist pump in the air), same optimism and same vision. He takes after his mom in the way he speaks and he shares her unwavering faith that all will be great. Therefore, those who aren't fans today might try learning by reading the books. A note about the music: I didn't notice any music at all until Ep 4. Man, is it depressing doom music. And it goes on & on, like the Death Doom third "Ding-Dong" in Christmas Vacation, only over and over and over again. Really obvious and way over done.

The Great Hack

No straight line leading to a conclusion. And boring.
Brittney Kaiser: everything about her and her supposed role in whatever the heck point they were trying to make SCREAMS spoiled brat "Look at ME" leftist who couldn't pass up the opportunity to make (another) buck on the premise that "TRUMP BAD", "BREXIT BAD". While I agree the mining of and using my data without being compensated, all while YOU get rich is wrong, I am quite sure nothing they pulled from my Facebook and any targeted ads that followed would have influenced me on who I would've voted for. You know why? I don't participate in group think, my eyes are wide open. I'm not a "persuadable", possibly more of a Deplorable. I hope Cambridge Analytica and all those like it, along with Zuckerberg, et al FAIL & FALL hard for this great deception. I've said for years, truth now more than ever- FACEBOOK IS THE ENEMY of the WORLD.

Uncut Gems

Just don't.
THE GUY SITTING NEXT TO US IN THE THEATER SUMMED IT UP BEST: The last 15 minutes of the movie bring the rating up from a 2 to maybe a 5. Frantic & loud, being a native NY'er I didn't mind the loud talking over one another. I did mind the fact that much of the talk made no sense. If you are a native NY'er you can probably add a star or two. You'll walk out exhausted, if you make it until the end. The soundtrack was just plain awful. The choices were made to add to the chaos, I'm sure. What was that noise, certainly not music or songs. Many walked out of theater, we haven't seen that before. SPANGLISH remains my favorite (and most under rated) Sandler movies. More like that please. Adam Sandler is in no way up to the role of Howard Ratner. Really terrible. His wife was my favorite character in the movie. Besides "Trainwreck", the take away feeling from this movie is sadness. What a mess.

The Upside

Extremely good movie!
I knew nothing about this movie going in. Didn't know it was a remake. Never heard of the original. So, as a stand alone film, it was GREAT! There is so much emotion, real feelings. Kevin Hart in a serious, poignant role, yet still funny. His best role yet and revealed another side of himself. HE IS GREAT! Bryan Cranston's greatest acting was absolutely not moving his arms or hands at all throughout. I'm sure this took amazing concentration as it is a reflex to move ones hands without even thinking. Nicole Kidman very good, haven't seen her in a while and was surprised. Audience laughed at all the right moments. You could feel everyone was really into the movie. I also shed tears, you will too. Very entertaining and a great story. In the end, they saved each others lives. GO!

Escape Room

Watched this movie tonight with the husband. At one point, surprised myself by leaning over to him and admitted I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it! Good story with a lot of suspense. I was genuinely into it, not wandering in thought at all throughout. I am not familiar with any of the actors, but they were all very good and believable. I loved all the detail put into each of the scenarios through the different rooms. An action-terror fantasy as I'm pretty sure actual escape rooms don't work like this. Kind of got lost at the end, we still can't come to a conclusion as to how all the rooms went away that quickly (the whole building, for that matter?), and after the airplane scene are we left to believe that all of life is just one big search for the clues to escape?? Probably a bit too esoteric for us. May be a sequel lead-in ending? ? I can't pretend to know, but I still recommend. Me 57, Husband 65.

Bohemian Rhapsody

I was blown away
This is a great movie, in spite of what the professional critics say. I either had the goose bumps or tears in my eyes throughout most of the film. Movie portrays the exciting and extremely SAD life of Freddie Mercury. He was a genius who birthed the vision for QUEEN. Those reviewers who state the movie is Fake because it doesn't represent his true life.... Look, we all know his life and how he lived it. They respectfully show enough tidbits of his inner demons and pain to make one remember-AH, yes, he was out of control, but kept the emphasis on the music, the band, the relationships, the feeling. You don't need to see more, you get it. The LiveAid ending of this film will be remembered as one of the greatest movie endings of all time. No kidding, we were clapping, arms in the air, gasping in disbelief, crying. It was truly a moment. Of course it MAY help if you were of age back then in '85 and actually saw it happen. But even if not, by this point in the film, if you have a soul or a penchant for nostalgia, you will gain much from this ending and leave with nothing but a feeling of melancholy & Love in your heart. Long Live QUEEN!

A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper is the Star
Movie is good, slow moving, so much so that my husband was making the snoring sound more than once. Music is good, Gaga's voice is great, as always. But for some reason I found her distracting me throughout the film. Bradley Cooper is Thee Star of this movie. Seriously unrecognizable and magnificent! I rarely if ever thought about it being him playing the role of Jackson Maine. He WAS Jackson Maine with all the pain and suffering that person holds on to. Wow! Truly set a new highbar for himself. He should win an Oscar. He is the reason to go see this movie. Also, fun to see Sam Elliott again. I'm 57, husband 65.


If for no other reason, go for the ending.
I really loved this movie, but of course, I'm a woman, 56. Adrift is a heartbreaking, scary thriller, but really at its core it is a romantic chick flick. Beautiful ocean cinematography, both when serene and calm and when terrifying. Very good acting and chemistry. I've never heard of either one of them before this film. This is actually a very deep movie about survival and the subtIeties of the plot may not be noticed or appreciated the first time watching this movie- AND will hopefully lead to good conversation afterwards with whomever you watched with. I went in expecting to leave unimpressed and let down as this story has been done many times before with varying degrees of effectiveness. The ending pulls the whole movie together with a gut punch and, for me, the immediate need for a tissue! And then the ah-ha moments of understanding why certain scenes of the movie were, well, the way they were. Other reviewers are mentioning full on nudity. We did not see this at all. My husband cannot remember seeing even naked breasts, except for *maybe* in silhouette when she's sitting , back towards us, naked on the boat. So maybe there are two versions as another reviewer alluded to? We did see the 2 hour long version. The only lingering question I have is why weren't the sails lowered long before they actually were lowered when they had plenty of warning about the coming storm? Husband thinks maybe they miscalculated the direction they were sailing "away from the storm". Would it have made a difference anyway? I think so.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Cartoonish-type plot, totally silly. But we laughed throughout and were entertained. Two words...ELTON JOHN! Hysterical to this 56 year old lady and her 64 year old husband. Understandably millennials won't share the same heartfelt enjoyment in seeing Sir Elton John in this role. But he was great & he made us Laugh! We only wished he would've belted out one of his hits from the piano loft in the last scene. (or even during the end credits) Julianne Moore was perfectly wonderful as the villain, she never disappoints. In fact, most all the cast did a good job keeping the story moving along and with much comic relief! Halle Berry was the only disappointment as Ginger. I didn't see any worth in her character or how she played it. I call this type of film Mindless Fun. In this regard, I think you will enjoy it.

American Made

Tom Cruise redeemed
Between the time of Jerry McGuire & now, the only two Tom Cruise movies I've watched was War of the Worlds & Valkyrie, both of which I liked. But I am not a fan and avoid his movies. We went to see American Made because lately we're all swept up into NARCOS and the like. The subject matter interested us so we went. It was very good, better than expected. Tom Cruise in his best role AND his best acting. Maybe because he's older and wiser now, same age as me. Maybe he's had a good acting coach as of late. He's had much work done to his appearance, maybe this also lends to his "rebirth". He doesn't look like you remember him, this is a good thing. The film moved at a good pace, I was kept interested and involved throughout. I thought the relationship between Barry Seal and his wife Lucy was never fully developed. She's was just kind of there, keeping quiet & dragged through, never seen asking many questions but was seen dripping in jewelry and furs which we never saw being purchased or given to her. Just a disconnect in that relationship, probably because of time constraints. I think Caleb Landry Jones as JB, Lucy's broken brother, did a FABULOUS job. Wow, good acting there. We've watched much about the 1970's & 80's drug trade and the cartels, movies and documentaries. This was a different story I hadn't heard. I didn't know they dropped drugs into the swamp bayou in Louisiana! And much like Walter White & Pablo Escobar, one wonders how much is enough money before you can just stop- Just Say NO- and enjoy life. There is never enough . Give this one a chance.

The Lost City of Z

Save for PPV
SPOILERS Very, VERY slow movie. What I loved were the period costumes, I LOVED the wife, good actress, and he should've brought her along when she asked, The sense of adventure and awe as the group set out the first time, And the second time, the Beautiful scenery all around, The portrayal of the savages and their village, just perfect & fascinating in every detail. What I DIDN'T like and found extremely distracting and just plain wrong was the time line of the movie. I found my self thinking about the kids way too much and how old they were and how old I thought they should be considering the previous dialog or scenes. Although the director did give us time stamps throughout the film, I couldn't reconcile them with the children's ages and the age progression of Percy Fawcett. Also, I was personally let down by the fact that we never do see the lost city. It is post scripted that now in modern day there has been evidence found showing indications of a lost city in both the location and in detail of what Fawcett was searching for. But what about the compass?? DID he and his son make it to the city of zed and then held captive so no other White Man would ever know, OR did they chose to stay until their end of days?? OR were they boiled and eaten??

Life is mysterious.....

Married female 55


I was scared
55 year old female here (I wish folks would write their age and sex when then review) For at least half the film I was fully engaged in this alien horror film. I was scared, more than once, turning away or covering my eyes. There are intense, scary moments. For a while, it absolutely reminded me of a remake of Alien. But distracting ridiculousness kicked in. I found myself turning to my husband saying Wait, what was that? How is this happening? Where did that come from? I thought it needed oxygen to live...... etc. We walked away saying it was a good movie, but predictable and turned silly towards the end. Not as smart & intelligent as Alien, but not a waste of time. The end is supposed to be a twist, but is almost expected and opens the door for a sequel, which I'm sure they'll do. It won't be any good.


Could've been great, but....
There really are spoilers in this, so read after you watch and see if you agree.... Starts out so promising with the 12 pods floating just off the ground all around the planet. They kinda rushed through so many details leaving one to assume much. On the other hand, movie was dead slow in places taking way to long to make a point. I did find her interactions with the creatures eerie and intense, especially at the beginning, before the nonsense began. Trying to figure out their language and communicate with them was intriguing. There is the back story of her daughter from birth until her untimely death (or did she?), which leads to some kind of idea-- mentioned in only one sentence, might I add- about "Time being not linear", flash backs, or maybe flash-forwards -to incidences involving the Chinese general, Kids drawings, clay figures and Jeremy Renner was always there as the father of her kid???? What?? I was lost! And then POOF, the pods dematerialize and disappear. The point was totally lost on me. I found the sub-title words of what the aliens were saying to her hokey and out of place. After the first hour it's like the director said "OK Lets wrap this up quick, we're out of time to schedule in any sense of it all. Which was a real shame. For clarity, we are huge Alien/Sci-fi/UFO fans and rarely miss a show or movie in this genre.

The Martian

Mostly believable & very good Mars movie
If for no other reason, see it for the Real 3D effect. It's not the old fashioned, dizzying constant stuff flying into your face. and usually done very poorly at that. It's immersive 3D. The picture has a foreground, middle and back round all in focus and interactive at the same time. It is not distracting at all. I forgot about the glasses being on my face and i didn't get nauseous! It's gives a new meaning to what we know as 3D. Truly the best I've ever experienced. This movie is 100X Better that Gravity, which was terrible on so many levels. This one was very interesting and used better science. Matt Damon did very well as he always does.

Danny Collins

Wonderful cast, beautifully emotional story of relationships
I don't know if Al Pacino would ever even care to read reviews of his movies on IMDb. But if he does, I'm writing this to you, Mr Pacino. Thank you for a wonderfully moving, gripping, emotional, funny and spot on performance of Danny Collins. I've been watching your films my whole life and am a true fan (and fellow New Yorker!). It is beautifully refreshing and not at all surprising that your acting maturity and greatness has gracefully flowed and flowered throughout your career into what you present to us in this movie. You, sir, are film-making Royalty! I love Danny Collins and his family and how that whole relationship is presented to us. The ending -last scene- is so powerful, the emotion between Danny and his son. The conversation, the words, the touch. It could've gone in so many directions of sap and predictability, but it didn't. And I don't know if this was on purpose or by accident, but in the theater I saw the film in the house lights barely came up seconds before the "Tom or Mr Donnelly" walked in, so you knew the end was coming yet had no idea what that end would be. I was bawling my eyes out! Very well done! I applaud you both for that scene. I also applaud Annette Bening, an actor whom has also advanced her acting skills & timing to keep up with her own maturity. Bravo! So glad I didn't miss this one and if you are one of us who grew up playing John Lennon records- on a record player, you must see it. The sound track is amazing! Signed, A Grateful Fan. Thank You

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Fun, funny & over the top on purpose
I can't help but wonder if all the folks reviewing this movie saw the same film! The movie is based on a comic book, folks! This is a satire-spoof type movie of the 1970's spy movie/show genre. Think early Bond or the Man from U.N.C.L.E., but WAY over exaggerated, over acted, overly violent (but in a funny way), overly ridiculous & overly implausible (ah, but is it?) BUT utterly great in its delivery. We and the audience around us laughed out loud throughout. Entertaining & engaging characters. Samuel Jacksons lisp which many called distracting was part of the over acting. It's meant to be distracting. I know the church scene is what blows the violence level through the roof. But following the movie premise, it's kill or be killed. People complain about too much F bomb. We do not remember an overuse of the word. We walked out of the Wolf of Wall Street disgusted & complaining about the 500+ F-bomb drops. We can't recall an instance of it being said in this movie. The movie will bring up discussions on micro chipping, cell phone technology and technology in general, and global warming, or lack there of, to a lesser degree. Yes, that is Mark Hamill playing Professor Arnold. Don't miss that fact until you see his name in the credits, like I did. Don't take the kids. Just go see it for what it is, funny & enjoyable. And don't miss the 3 second long scene where you see Valentine with Obama in the window of the White House listening to him (Obama) speak. Sounds just like him too. Could it be...

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Thinking, feeling movie. It's great!
People who review this movie poorly simply do not understand this film. I'm not high and mighty, But this is an intelligent, thinking movie and those that didn't like it were quite possibly expecting a Birdman come back action hero movie. This is a movie about Riggan Thomas, an actor who used to play the beloved action super hero Birdman on the big screen. Alas, some 20 years ago he thumbed down a Birdman IV movie sequel and has since been fondly remembered and recognized by fans, but otherwise forgotten about by most everyone else.. Although his role as Birdman is long over, The Birdman has never left him, as his alter-ego is still the voice in his head, for better or for worse. This movie is purely about his life journey to regain the notoriety and status he held all those years ago or to move on from it completely by leaving his mark as the writer, director and star of a hit play on Broadway. The movie portrays the backstage makings of a B'way show to be gritty and dysfunctional with the elements of sex, drugs, alcohol and slander in abundance and personal life struggles of all involved examined. To those who say it's overacted, I disagree. But acting emphasis may have been placed on purpose to put a period on the point of all that was going on around him while dealing with his own demons on the path to his redemption. What was so interesting to me is the movie feels like a play as it unfolds with the amazing filming technique of the continuous shot. This means the camera follows the action continuously, without a break in scene or motion. Several times the shot ends with a long frame of a night time scene only to have the sun rise, building lights turned off all in the same frame, then a continuing pan through the window right into the next scene, following the actors and action unbroken. It's very cool and very effective because you're right there. There's nothing to miss. Michael Keaton is truly genius. His finest moment on the screen. Edward Better than The Fight Club, if that's possible. And Emma Stone, you will see her in a new light, as a real acting presence. I was shocked! This is a feeling movie. You will feel, especially towards the end. While very funny at times with bright spots of hope, the over all feeling is sad. But the ending is mystical so you can give it a happy ending if you choose. Demographic: Me and Husband, 53 & 62. Avid movie goers.

The Way Way Back

Very good movie
I never heard of this movie before tonight, one my husband recorded off of HBO a month or so ago. I loved it. It's a movie about that one summer of your life that you'll remember forever. I loved the emotions brought out in this movie. I remembered being that 14 year old kid (although I'm a girl) . I was taken back to my days on summer vacations when the kids were left in the "camp" all day while the parents played. Same feelings, same struggles, and then you meet that one "grown-up" person in your life who gets it , gets you, and makes you know everything is going to be OK. I loved Steve Carrell playing a total jerk, the bad guy in the movie... a type of role I have not seen him play before. i didn't like him. And I liked that I didn't like him! Sam Rockwell... what a bonus for me. I didn't know he was in this movie and I always love him. He's just so good at whatever character he plays. Wow is all I can say! Good characters and situations throughout. The whole summertime beach setting, very alluring. Pulls you right in. I love the ending when he must say goodbye (*sniffle*) and I appreciated the very last scene when I finally got why the movie was called the Way, Way back. A feel good, coming of age movie that shouldn't be missed. Thoroughly enjoyed. Me: 53, husband: 61, young at heart.

The Giver

Very good movie. Interesting topic.
I went in knowing nothing about this movie. Not that it came from a book, not that Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges starred in it (an amazing bonus for me), not the subject matter. Nothing. I loved it. It was quite different than anything I've ever seen. Good story, somewhat on the scary side. Not horror movie scary, but in a ~ is this the place where this country can end up? ~ kinda way. But Jonas break's free and goes over the edge to find the place of dreams and memories, pleasure and pain. Real life. I found it most interesting when the lead Elder Streep... who spends her days regulating the perfect utopia, where people live free of wants or needs or crime or jealousy or anything that may lead one to feel different or unique beyond anyone else.... immediately turns to wanting Jonas murdered, and by his friend Asher no less, as soon as she realizes he's a rebel and heading for that great beyond which will restore the Utopian Stepford back to a town of thinkers and feelers and dreamers with memories and color & Life. It was also interesting that baby killing is still prevalent and even OK within this perfect community. Movie makes a huge statement towards life today in that everything is awesome and good and flowery and perfect if you do as I say and think like I think. But tolerance ends if you dare to use your own mind and challenge those who truly believe that THEY are perfect & right in every way. I guess the book was prophetic back when it was written in 1993.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Worth the money, you will enjoy it.
This movie was great. The right balance of action, adventure, suspense, drama & human interest. Not overdone ad-nausea with the cgi. And outstanding cgi at that. I am still unsure... Is Caesar, his son, Koba, all the main apes ..all cgi all the time?? It's remarkable! No psychedelic/funkydelic clothes on these monkeys. These are apes in the wild who learned how to communicate with each other and some with humans using their voice. Visually stunning at times. I am a child of the 60's and I was dragged to this movie by my husband-- kicking and screaming-- and ended up loving it! One of the best movie we've seen all year. And we've seen them all.... one a week since New Years Eve....

Jersey Boys

Clint Eastwood scores again
My husband and I just returned from seeing Jersey Boys. We loved it. I may be biased because I am Italian from New York and I laughed out loud at many of the unique-to-Italians dialog and inferences. Truth be told, this is the sad story of the Life and Times of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. His sound,the music are great and legendary, but unlike the musical, I believe this movie emphasizes the sad state of his life during his rise, fall and rise again. With his shyster "friend" Tommy De Vito tangling with the profits unchecked by anyone, and all his personal life drama and heartache, I found myself feeling sad and wondering how this could've happened. Would it ever happen today? Cast did great and always a treat to see Walken. Cameo by Billy Gardell was a surprise. Grab a tissue for Can't keep my eyes off of you, one of the only songs performed in its entirety in the film. With the horns! Even my husband got the chills! When it was over, the theater clapped! In the end, look... we are still enjoying his music and sound, going to the musical and the movie some 60 years later. And my husband just read that he's worth $60M today, so I don't feel so bad any more!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Disturbing, but I liked it
Great things: Leonardo DiCaprio is truly great in this role. He is a fantastic actor and his performance is Oscar worthy. My mind never drifted away from him BEING Jordan Belfort. This movie kept me totally engaged. Didn't feel like 3 hours. I never found myself bored or losing interest or looking at the time. Good things: Jonah Hill. I usually do not enjoy watching him in anything (except MoneyBall) He did good in this movie as a goofy, inept & conflicted stockbroker Donnie Azoff. I found myself enjoying his uncomfortable performance. Not so good things: Wow, this movie disturbed me. Excessive drug use. Hard to believe he didn't kill himself from an overdose. Or that he was able to function at all at such a high capacity while being so wasted ALL the time. Excessive sex and nudity. We get it. Belfort was a drug, sex and money addict. This was the late eighties/early nineties. One wonders if he hadn't contracted or spread HIV/AIDS or some other horrible STD without even knowing or caring if he did. To me in my world, the orgies and sex scenes, even with his wife, were very nasty and disturbing. I often wonder why the Long Island, NY accent is alway so hyper-exaggerated by actors who are putting it on for their role. But this is my pet peeve as a born and raised Long Island girl, although now living in the Southwest. I also really enjoyed learning about the world of stocks and stock brokering. Lead to good conversation with my husband who does dabble in stocks from time to time. I do recommend this movie. However if you have extreme sensitivity to foul, awful language, sex and drugs I would skip it. I'm F, 52yo


Visually Stunning
I give it a 9 for the visual beauty of this movie. You haven't seen anything like it. I don't just mean the anti-gravity in space-type stuff floating around. Although all that made us shake our head.... how'd they do that!! *spoilers* Rather, I mean the scene shot from the perspective of being inside the space suit helmet looking out. The scene when she finally gets into the space capsule and floats in the fetal position. Even the very last scene when she's clutching the sand and the shot of her standing from the feet up. All very different and powerful. I am not at all a fan of 3D. I usually get dizzy and motion sick with it. This 3D is very different, on par with Avatar only better. I forgot I had the glasses on until it was over. Not distracting and totally enhancing. There are a couple of parts, one in particular, where there's a flaw in the physics of space and how matter would react in it. But if it wasn't for my husband, I wouldn't of noticed it myself. Short movie at 90 minutes. But long enough. I know I'm possibly the only person in the country who doesn't really like watching Sandra Bullock movies, but she did well in this movie albeit still hanging on to her usual facial expressions and awkward out bursts of emotion. George Clooney is just goofy (as always), but effective

Man of Steel

Way, WAY too much CGI.Too fast, too choppy. Too much destruction. Hard to follow. The final battle scene is way too long and CGI that keeps changing in size proportion is extremely distracting and quite frankly, amaturistic (don't think that's a word). And not necessary. Not sure what or whom Zack Snyder was going for. Movie is much more action-adventure than super hero. I found it extremely weird the casting of Diane Lane & Kevin Costner (really?) as Clark's earthly parents. I mean, what was the last movie these two were in and how long ago?'s the summer of 2013! Russell Crowe did very well as Jor-El. He's always a pleasure. I did enjoy Superman. Henry Cavill did a very nice job, wore the suit well. I also enjoyed seeing all the "hidden" references to both the last incarnation of the Superman franchise and the TV show Smallville, which I loved. I had higher hopes, but movie fell flat. Audience connection and emotion doesn't come thru with all the special effects commotion happening. I did shed a tear during the tornado scene, even though I can't understand why he didn't just run out and save his dad? I still contend StarTrek is the best movie of the summer. Iron Man 3, a distant second.

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