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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Another fine example of why Disney should just leave things alone.
As a (once) massive Disney fan, I am more often then not, disappointed by their newer films. The original Maleficent was a good twist on the original story (with it's own problems I grant you).

This sequel to that is a further stretching of the original tale and very unessasary. The plot is slow and predictable with Maleficent's kind (breed) adding nothing new apart from being pretty annoying and predictable with their thirst for war.

The acting is alright. Michelle Pfeiffer is pretty badass but even she, with her awesome costumes and lips, couldn't save this film for me.

This film is nearly 2 hours of my life I won't get back. Please Disney, give us something original, worth our time and not a money making scheme!

The Pagemaster

Brilliant to this day!
This film always terrified me as as child (particularly the horror and moby dick sections) but this film is brilliant!

It has aged really well considering it was released in 1994 and has a solid story line with some wonderful touches. Look out for little pop culture references in the backgrounds, especially in the bookshelves.

The voice castings are great with big names and even a small piece from Leonard Nimoy as Dr Jekyll!

Highly recommended for kids and big kids alike!

Let Me In

A bit disappointing if you are a fan of the original.
Althought this American remake is one of the better ones in history compared to the likes of the grudge. It still doesn't quite live up to the brilliance of the original. The child actors are far superior in the original as well as the special effects. The original is also very faithful to the book as well.

If you don't like subtitles, i guess this one would be a good choice for you.


Visually stunning but style over substance.
The costume design, sets and visuals in this film are stunning. This is where the positives end for me.

I didn't initially realise this was a reimagining of Shakespeare's Hamlet and I can appreciate where they were going with this and a strong female lead in the story, but it really didn't transfer well.

The all Star cast were ok in their roles, but nothing earth shattering. The love story needed loads of developing and loads more could have been made of Clive Owens character being a threat to Hamlet's family, crown and future. Naomi Watt's duel roles was super confusing and brought nothing to either characters. (Which pains me to say as I love her as an actress). I really feel this film is style over substance.

If you want a good reimagining of Hamlet, I'd just watch the Lion King, the original animated one!

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