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Next Gen

Good Animation, Horrible Writing
The computer animation is surprisingly good, but the writing is terrible. Both kids and adults alike will not like this movie unless it's on mute.

Corner Gas Animated

Mild Canadian Humor Done Right
This show is pretty funny. It's not as extreme as American cartoons, so it's a nice change of pace. I never saw the original show but this show makes me want to check it out.

Last Hope

Typical Netflix Anime.
Not Good, Not Bad. Pretty much a clone of most "slick" sci-fi mecha dystopia shows. My biggest complaint, besides the fanservice they put in within seconds of watching, was the super annoying mouth sounds they use when people eat. One guy eats snacks while he works and it's louder than the dialogue; it sounds like he's eating rocks with his mouth right against the microphone. It's a minor complaint but it REALLY stood out and made me embarrassed for the audio technician on the show.


Another Masterpiece From Genndy Tartakovsky
An artistic show done right. No dialogue, but great animation and music. For cartoon aficionados.

Our Cartoon President

Fast Production, Super Funny.
Finally, a show that can make an episode as fast as South Park can. With backers like Stephen Colbert and other good writers it's also very funny funny. The voice acting is also done well, with a pretty solid cast. Overall it's a funny show that stays current, which is hard to find.


Cute Show For Kids
I thought this show was pretty adorable. It has some interesting and unique writing and artwork. The voice acting is a bit flat but otherwise the show is well done.


Unique Premise and Characters.
A bizarre story with a wide array of different characters. The main character is hard to like; appears to be some sort of autistic clown, but the supporting cast makes up for it.

Paradise PD

Super Hilarious!
This show is so funny. The voice acting is great and the jokes always have me splitting my sides!


Crappy Cartoon Made For Crappy Adults
A broke loser with a drug addiction coaches a basketball team in middle America. Stop the presses. Toilet humor to the max. It's like they aren't even trying anymore.

Scissor Seven

Unique Show Done Well
It's quirky but well done. Good animation style, interesting writing, decent directing. Overall it's a good show worth watching. Good change of pace from typical anime which is badly needed.

Nanatsu no taizai

Annoying But Watchable.
Meliodus is a pervert, Elizabeth's voice is painfully annoying, and the pig never shuts up. There's way too much fan service. Otherwise it's a decent show.


Very Funny Writing
Most aspects about the show are average; the animation, directing, voice acting, etc. But the writing is what makes it shine. It's super funny for young and old alike. I genuinely laughed throughout almost the entire pilot!

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Old/New But Rushed Editing!
This show does somethings right and somethings wrong. It covers a lot of bases that will attract the younger generation to Star Trek at the expense of losing the older fans, (which I believe was intentional because $$$). The more obvious downside being that it feels VERY fast paced. They wanted 40 minutes but they only got 20. Like Gilmore Girls, the dialogue/story is very noticeably rushed and you can tell that they hit the FF button when editing. Even kids with ADD will think this is a bit manic...

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri

Decent show, annoying soundtrack.
Most of the time (not all, but most) the music doesn't fit the show AT ALL. It sounds like some generic pop rock band on top of a scene where it clearly doesn't belong. Imagine listening to Evanescence while watching Attack on Titan. It's like that. Otherwise it's a half decent show. Nothing amazing, but decent.

Devilman: Crybaby

Terrible Animation Quality.
Some of the absolute WORST animation quality that I've ever seen. Both background and foreground. It looks like it took them 10 minutes each episode. They don't even use basic shading!! The writing is equally terrible; It's incredibly cringy and full of clichés. It's like it was made by a delusional 13-year-old boy who got picked on a lot in school and this is his edgy fantasy masterpiece. COMPLETE GARBAGE!!!

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri

Decent show, annoying soundtrack.
Most of the time (not all, but most) the music doesn't fit the show AT ALL. It sounds like some generic pop rock band on top of a scene where it clearly doesn't belong. Imagine listening to Evanescence while watching Attack on Titan. It's like that. Otherwise it's a half decent show. Nothing amazing, but decent.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

Fun Show For Kids!
Funny writing that fits well with the cute and goofy animation. The voice acting is good as well. Overall great show for kids, (and fun for parents too! Shhhh).

Close Enough

Another Great JG Quintel Show!
Funny writing, good voice acting, and good animation. JGQ proves that he can make shows for kids and adults alike with this fresh take on modern living. It's relatable, quirky, and super fun to watch.

The Loud House

Funny and Modern
Funny writing, good animation, and good voice acting. Modern PC culture is included but not over the top. Well balanced show that's fun for kids.


Great If You Like Fighting Anime
The plot/direction is garbage, the characters are unrealistic, and show refuses to follow even the slightest bit of medical science or even the basic laws of physics. But who cares? It's just fun to watch hyper muscular men beat the tar out of each other for little to no reason whatsoever.

Kengan Ashura

Great Show If You Like 3D Fighting Animes
Done binging Baki and looking for something else to watch while you wait for the next season? This show is Baki 2.0! It's the same unrealistic fighters with hyper muscular bodies that fight each other while defying medical science and the basic laws of physics. It's the same wide assortment of weirdos from around the world bragging about their unique fighting styles and unbelievable backstories. It's even the same tournament being held to show off who's the strongest. The differences? This show makes more of the characters smile like the Joker while also somewhat adhering to an actual plot, (barely). It also chooses to use the new 3D Tekken style animation which totally doesn't look like cheap garbage. Perfect show for edgy teenage boys.

Megalo Box

Good Enough
A good anime with likeable characters, good voice acting, and decent writing. It's a bit derivative; we've seen this main character and his supporting crew a thousand times already. But, it still manages to remain unique thanks to its new take on boxing by adding a technology element that's relatively new. How the writers choose to implement that technology into the story as it unfolds is what truly makes the show surprising and fun to watch.


Great Story, Annoying Soundtrack.
This show was pretty good. The story was well done and the cast did a good job acting out their parts. But the soundtrack was really annoying. They kept playing the same three songs over and over every other scene, especially the opening theme song which they played ALL THE TIME. It got really infuriating by the fourth episode, and after that it was enough to make me dislike the show. If I have to hear Rachael Yamagata's "No Direction" one more time I'll flip the freakin' table!!!

The Owl House

Cute and Fun!
Great show with good voice acting. The animation and artwork is also decent. It's a bit derivative but it takes from ideas that people can't get enough of, so it works out ok. I'd rather have a show that's derivative but good than a show that's unique but sucks, (like Ollies Pack). It's all about the writing; if it's good and funny then i'm on board even if it feels familiar. This show does that pretty well.

Dongbaekkkot Pil Muryeop

Unique Show That Breaks New Ground
Great show with a great story and cast. I've never seen a show like this one before. in that it was mostly drama and comedy with just a splash of intense chilling suspense. I found it very odd to watch a show that made me laugh and cry most of the time, but then occasionally remind be that I should be terrified. But I ended up loving it to the very end. The supporting characters were especially lovable, even more so than the main ones!

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