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Donne-moi des ailes

The beauty of harmony between man and nature
This movie is really good and touching, people and nature, love and courage, really great! I couldn't help my tears when I first watched it.

Knives Out

A gripping suspense film
The film echoes the disintegration of the family with the book's warning of the eventual destruction of modern civilization, and alludes to the seemingly stable development of modern American society, but in fact, it hides many contradictory situations.

The Half of It

Be yourself
"The good thing about being different is that no one expects you to be like them."


Like the fairy mother
The main character of this film is slightly different from that of many previous Hollywood movies that show individual heroism. It reflects the inner struggles of ordinary people, those who have been betrayed and become cold step by step. Finally, they are slowly melted and moved


We girls have to be strong
One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.What this movie taught me is to be aggressive, independent and achieve success, so as to get the life I want.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Believe in the tenderness of the world
When you are kind to the world, you will be treated gently by the world.

Incredibles 2

Take care of baby is a problem even superman can't solve
The best part of the movie is that the mother becomes a working woman, while the superman father takes care of the baby at home

Paddington 2

The story is easy to understand, the bear is very cute
Very warm, the transmission of positive energy is not leakage to feel, let a person laugh and cry.

Corpse Bride

A very distinctive film
It's a very moving and creative movie with a little bit of satire. I love it

Inside Out

Don't give up growing up
The imagination is rich, the plot is compact, the laughter point tears point one after another.


I like the leading actresses
I think she is very good-looking, yes, I am such a shallow person

I Am Sam

The love of the father as the mountains
Sam has the IQ of a seven-year-old, but he loves his daughter Lucy more than any other dad.

Gone Girl

Is marriage the grave for love?
It's a very realistic movie about marriage. About marriage, the appearance of the story is still the eternal siege and grave dilemma, passion to daily, fantasy to disillusionment, love to indifference to hate to kill each other. She is really too smart, I think the men will live with fear


I recommend the suspense movie
The plot is very wonderful, everywhere foreshadening, layer upon layer reversal, you never know what will happen to it next

Roman Holiday

One of my favorite classic movies
Hepburn was the perfect princess. She was so charming!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Face difficulty bravely
This is definitely one of the most heartwarming and inspiring films I have ever seen! The first half is desperate, the second half is inspirational.It tells us not to wait for happiness to knock at the door, but to take the initiative to knock at the door of happiness


It is a touching movie.
The main attraction of the film. There are no tears with compassion as a gimmick, no helplessness like a dying struggle. Only sincerity and joy, only equality and respect.

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