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A ride of emotion ( my 2001 Amazon review)
Denial" is a Powerful and very real and emotional movie. I was able to sense the time warp so to speak from scene variations, From the young "Loon" to the More maturing woman played by Robin Wright. Both Characters played though the same woman, came through Beautifully and respectfully. It takes a certain person to comprehend the emotions played out between Jason Patric and Robin. So obviously this movie is not for everyone. Its for the person who feels deeply and has lost or been torn away from a relationship and still somewhat willing to feel the pain after many years apart. The Haunting Music composed by None other than Harold Budd, adds and enriches the story and complex undertones we visit throughout the movie and I found myself knowing and sensing her emenant breakdown in the end and the freedom she feels within herself prevailing over her own human weakness. What a refreshing Movie......Nothing "Hollywood" about this movie by no means. Just something for all the critics who rebuke this movie......Leave the comfortable shallowness of your reviews and venture out to the Deep and there you will find "Denial" and then you will understand! Btw, I am an INFJ.

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