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Freeze Frame

Far better than I could have expected, impressive concept
The following sentences are ones I never thought I'd ever write: Last night I saw a rather good film starring Lee Evans. Lee Evans is a good actor and I will seek out more of his films in future.

Despite the shocking statement about, I still believe that Mr Evans is an insult to the term 'comedian' and maintain that his manic brand of childish gurning is too low-brow for even me to find amusing. The man just isn't funny.

These comments were brought to you courtesy of the film Freeze Frame, an inventively shot British psychological thriller starring Lee Evans in a rare and pleasantly surprising non-gurning performance. Whilst the plot was silly and some of the other cast members turned in less than brilliant performances, the basic concept was impressive and I'll be on the look out for more by the director.


Heartwarming, but slow

In all honesty the only reason I bothered to watch this was for Dom Monaghan (who wasn't in it enough IMO).

The film had solid performances by all actors, with some impressive cameos (Jack Dee for instance),but was rather slow paced. The story was surprisingly heartwarming with a 'feel good' ending.

I imagine this film is going to find it hard to find a real audience - the violence of some scenes didn't work well with some of the softer themes. This was evidenced by the fact there were only 4 people at our showing (including myself).

I've given it 6 out of ten due to the pace and slightly clichéd script. The actors did their very best with a badly paced script.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Tragi-Comedy with Style
The best way I can sum up how much I have enjoyed and appreciated The Royal Tenenbaums is to explain that I've seen it FIVE times since its UK release. Every time I see this film I take something new away.

The casting for each character works perfectly (Gene Hackman especially), the script make every word work, the cinematography is in stunning symmetry with the storyline (the story is in the details, they don't need to give you 5 pages of backstory on each character, they show you the contents of their rooms instead)and the score has obviously been chosen with great care.

This is not your run-of-the-mill film...I would not recommend it to everyone. If you prefer subtle characterisation and fine acting/writing/directing then this film is for you.

I couldn't think any higher of this film if I tried!


Best Horror film in years...
I've seen every well-known horror film on the market - but none have scared me half as much as this film did!

I knew I was onto something good when I found myself curled up on my couch watching through the gaps between my fingers.

Good old fashioned suspense, light on blood and dialogue.

I highly recommend this film.


The Title Says It All!
I too adored this show to the extent that I *still* pine for it. The characters were funny, the scripts were goods, the acting was great. I think the main problem was that no-one wanted to watch a show called "Dweebs".

I would love to get my hands on some episodes for, at the time, I didn't know to record them. Sorely missed.

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