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Weird Science

Good Cheesey 80's film
Wierd Science was on one of the movie channels the other night and to tell the truth i only watched it to see Robert Downey Jr, but when it got going I found myself really enjoying it.

It is simply a feel good 80's movie that shows the lengths that people would go to to be accepted. Ok so maybe no-one would actually create someone on their computer, as thats not possible, but there would have been no point to the film if that hadn't have happened.

The actors chosen for the roles were, in my opinion, perfect. They were just the right kinda of people, geeky looking enough to fool, but then handsome enough to carry off the new 'look' Lisa gave them. I wasn't as keen on Lisa's character as I personally thought that she was too...i dunno, too bitchy and condesending. She didn't seem to fit into the character very well. I loved the characters that were played by Robert Downey Jr and Bill Paxton. They were just so typically condesending and nasty!

With Paxton as the All American big bro, wanting money and other payments as bribes. Downey Jr was just right as the school bully and hunk (soz but he was !!!)

All in all the preformances in this movie were just right for the movie and decade....cheesy but cute.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Brilliant actors, Brilliant film
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone has got to be one of my favourite films.

People are saying that it dosn't do the books any justice and in some ways I agree, but any small errors that are made are more than made up for by the brilliant actors who portrayed the books colourful characters. Maggie Smith was excellent as the strict Professer McGonigall, Alan Rickman as Snape...excellent. Also the introduction of so many new faces. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson to name the obvious.

These actors and actresses made the film what it is, fun.

After seeing this film I immediately went home and read the book, and then the next and so on, it was because of this film that I now consider the Harry Potter books to be my favourite and am, like many others, eagerly awaiting the release of the 5th book.

Eight Legged Freaks

Load of B******s
This film is like a mix of Arachnophobia and Deep Blue Sea. Basically it has a whole load of spiders who have grown to an enormous size ( a la Deep Blue Sea ) and who want to take revenge on humans. Sound familiar??? This film is just a 21st Century version of most old movies about monsters. BUT those old movies were actually scary in some parts, or in some cases ALL parts. This movie has no dicernable plot or reason for being apart from to satisfy the creators twisted imagination. The scariest thing about this movie is not the spiders, but instead the lack of good acting. I will give David Arquette and some of the other actors their dues, but even the biggest names in Hollywood could not have helped this movie. It started out badly and the ending was obvious. I wouldn't reccomend anyone to see this movie purely because it is a waste of time and valuble money.

Soldier Soldier

A well written and well acted show
I used to watch Soldier Soldier every week with my mum and brother. I loved every moment, whether it be action packed or whether it be more gentle and dealt with family relations. This show was a good show that the whole family could watch and enjoy. Because it stopped quite a while ago when i was younger, i don't remember exact names but i do remember certain parts of episodes and that shows that this was a good program because it sticks in your head as a show that was well written and well acted by the actors and actresses.

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