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  • 2 November 2007
    I am an avid lover of horror films. I wait, patiently, to find a good one that will give me nightmares, or cause me to hurry in the dark from room to room. The Grudge did that for me! That sound she makes, stayed with me for days and days! When I first saw the movie, there was a NIKE commercial running on TV with different athletes, one was a Asian man and the picture was dark, I had to change the channel because it reminded me of the movie! I can sit through almost anything, but this one really got under my skin. You have to watch it alone, and in the dark to get the full extent. And just imagine it happening to you. Truly a good horror flick! And a very well done adaptation for American viewing, I saw the original (unbeatable) but this one came pretty close!
  • Very often, TV movies are overly corny, acting stinks and the plot always ends up with the same result. In this case, I don't think that happened. I really enjoyed this one. Every time there is a film about white woman being taken by Native Americans, there's always disastrous results. You can't tell me that maybe, every once in a while, just maybe..there was a love found somewhere. Thats what I liked about it. I also like that they showed two sides, one conforming, the other resisting. I have looked for this movie to be able to see it again, but have failed. I think Janine Turner is underused as an actress. She's stunning to look at and isn't half bad in the acting department. This is a "throw your blanket over yourself, sit down with some icecream on the couch, rainy day movie". If you are a sucker for romance, you'll love this one. And not to mention....looking at gorgeous Native Americans' with no shirts on, is never a bad thing!
  • This is a movie that needed to be made with the characters well cast. I read the book more than 10 years and saw the original movie and wasn't moved. When a friend clued me in to this version with the wonderful Juliette Binoche, I just had to see it. There couldn't have been two more appropriate actors playing these two heart broken, torn loves. I found myself seeing the book on the screen. Although there are some parts missing in the movie (it happens to the best of them), visually it was a success. The brooding Healthcliff, played brilliantly by Ralph Fiennes, makes you see the hurt without him saying a word. Coupled with Juliette's playfulness and tortured flirtation, the movie was a knockout for a great portrayal of the classic. The best scene is when Cathy finally tells of her love of Healthcliff, her facial expression as she says it, it just breaks your heart. A true romance, well acted, well done. But..please read the book first!
  • Don't see this if you are not a lover of Horror, tongue in cheek comedy and gore! I love this flick! After a long time of mediocre horror flicks, this one ranks high on the scale. Everyone's always worried they may end up in the backwoods somewhere needed assistance. What happens next is fantastic! Especially since the two females in this flick needed to get a serious grip and grow a pair. Fantastic special effects, great, sickening scenes, torture..Fabulous! The kicker is that the main character "Baby" is so gorgeous, that any man is his right mind would probably stop and bring her anywhere she wants to go. I only wish there were more out there like this one. Cheers to Rob Zombie on a job well done. Can we see a part II soon?? Here's hoping.
  • Due to all the Oscar nods, I needed to see this morning for myself. I am all for love, no matter what shape or form it comes in, but this movie left me cold. First of all, you can't understand half of what Heath Ledger is saying his accent is so bad. Jake Gyllenhall did an okay job, but the only person really worth watching is Michelle Williams. She should have had more of a part in it, then maybe the movie could have had a little more of a shake up to it. The idea was a good one, but it was tiresome and dragged in too many parts. Movies I enjoy, I will watch many times, this one I have absolutely no desire to ever watch again.
  • I really loved this movie when I saw it back in 2000. A friend and I had rented it and watched it over and over. If you love romance movies, then you should watch it especially for the scene at the school dance. The music playing, the whole setup. That was probably one of the best scenes in a romance movie to date. Sure, the acting wasn't Oscar worthy, but they did their part in making you believe they would have done anything for each other. I am a big fan of Virginia Madsen and she really did steel the scenes she was in, but Craig Sheffer is wonderful to look at and plays a great "bad boy". To all those hopeless romantics out there, its a fun one for a rainy Saturday afternoon.