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Without Remorse

Really good film and a great acting performance by Jordan, good story all round and stands out from others.

Blue Streak

Really decent film and Martin Lawrence is really good in this role. Some good comedy with a good story, not every film is a classic but it can still be really enjoyable.

Meet the Fockers

Decent follow up
Good enough follow up with some great comedy in it, was always going to be hard to beat the first film but done well make it a decent film.

Meet the Parents

Brilliant comedy
Top draw comedy this. Perfectly done with excellent comedy and de Niro is wonderful in this. Can't ask for much more.


Good at the time
This film was really good at the time and enjoyed it during my childhood. You realise now after certain superhero film realeases that it lacked the all round package to be a classic, the acting isn't the greatest either.

The Proposal

Good chemistry
Surprisingly good chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds which gives this film a high rating in my eyes. Good romcom with a decent story and some really funny moments.

The Longest Yard

Great comedy
A great film that you could watch over and over again, some brilliant cameos and a great story for a comedy film.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Good enough follow on
Was always going to be hard to beat the first film but as sequels go this was pretty good, they made it bigger and improving with technology this was a good film. Some great moments with actors from the first film but did well to incorporate new additions.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Unbelievably good
Wasn't actually expecting to much with this film, thought the 2014 Godzilla was good and a watchable film but could have been done better, but for this one I thought it was action packed from the start with a much better all round story line, really looking forward to Godzilla v Kong after watching this film.

White Chicks

Brilliant comedy
One of my childhood films, me and friends watched this and laughed for days on end about this some of the scenes become iconic. Great film with pure comedy gold.


Not the best
Reading based on a true story and the actors that were involved I thought we were onto a winner with this one, but for me was a bit of a disappointment, good acting from Hunman and Malek but I felt the story lacked punch to really portray the real story and was to fabricated for Hollywood.

Line of Duty

Best British series of all time
Absolutely perfect series with a well thought out story that keeps you guessing. Suspense,action,thrills and great quality acting. The best possible actors for all the roles, can't recommend this series enough.

Are We There Yet?

Brilliant family film
This is just what you need for a family movie night, really good fun filled movie with a lot of laughs and a good story.


Loved the music
All in all this is a good series to watch. Great stories and loads of great music which for me is the best part. What doesn't get it to the top series is the unfortunate end which was in part due to COVID and partly it was poorly done for the overall story with empire.


Very very poor
Expected so much better from this but it is well below par and honestly in my opinion not even worth watching. Poor story, poor acting and minimal action.

The Grinch

Good family film
Not as good as the original but still a very good film to watch with the family and to get in the Christmas mood.


Strangely enjoyable
I'm the first person to critique a film when it is to far fetched and unrealistic but I can also se past it when the acting parts are good and the actors portray the main part of the story really well. Feel this would be a guilty pleasure film as it is not the greatest compared to others like the day after tomorrow but I still enjoyed.

Dark Waters

Great and frightening at the same time
Really enjoyed the film and the fact it is based on a true story is a bonus but is also scary as you want to know more after watching the film and what companies and governments hide from people.

Catfish: The TV Show

Loads of positives
What a great show with great people involved and that is the reason this is a much loved show. Nev and Max were brilliant when they did it together and the show has done well to continue in the current climate.

War of the Worlds

Rate it highly
Watched this when it first come out and from what I remember I really enjoyed it, watched it again 15 years later and not quite remember all the details but again I really enjoyed the film. Really good fast flowing movie with lots of action. I would say that the reason the aliens failed wasn't explained as well as it could have been but apart from that I think this has all the makings of a classic.


Different but in a good way
From reading about the film I thought it would go differently but it was taken a different way to what I thought and actually was a really good film. suspense, twists and some great acting by a great cast. The twist in the film was one of the best I've seen in a while, definitely worth a watch.

Notting Hill

A great love story that can't be missed
This is a classic love story with twist and turns but ends up good in the end. This film gives a bit more in terms of a comedy value which I believe adds to the story.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

We are all the Grinch sometimes
This is a great Christmas film but with a deeper story of loneliness that can eat you alive when you consume yourself with it and don't talk to people. Great kids film but also something for adults which draws you in.

Hard Kill

I could see what they were trying....
Pretty standard action film but the story wasn't set up as well as it could be, didn't really get a feel for the characters to really dive into the film and you knew what was going to happen.

Fred Claus

Standard Christmas film
Really good all round Christmas film around the Christmas film, just like them all you can only watch them at Christmas.

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