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El tiempo entre costuras

By far, one of the best I have ever seen! Couldn't stop watching just one episode. The acting is amazing, filled with a very talented cast. Filmed on location in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, this movie made you feel like you belonged there. I wish it never ended. Not only captivated with the story, but you are able to go back in time and relive some history you may not have known. The writing was phenomenal and special touches added by including real characters. Everyone involved in this production should be very proud. Adriana Ugarte is absolutely wonderful and makes this an exceptional adventure. Not to be missed! Thank you so much for bringing this to the USA.

A Nick in Time

A Classic!
This film was very well done and I was pleased to see it at Sundance. I don't know why we don't hear/see of it anymore. It explores assumptions, diversity, faith and hope in each other, and mentorship. I would love to see it available at CRM to purchase - I would use it in the classroom without hesitation! There are few shorts that have such a tremendous impact on these topics - A Nick in Time nails them all. I wish the director would revisit the film and make it available again - it's tough to find it in the marketplace, if not impossible. Very well done! Ahead of its time, and yet the issues precede us and will follow us. Please consider redistribution.

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