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Crip Camp

Eye opening and Honest
I worked at a camp in Mokuleia Hawaii in 1972-75 that has the Special Education Center of Oahu bring out their kids for 2 weeks. I found your film brought me back to that time, and remember how trans formative camping can be. I also worked at the Youth Leadership Camp for the Deaf. I was one of 2 "hearing people" at the Camp. One of my most vivid memories is watching a young deaf girl get off the bus, take a look around and sign "it is so nice to finally be around normal people". I was so young, and passing out drugs and taking care of these kids with little experience, but with tons on energy and enthusiasm. We just did the best we could, but it was so special and I saw lives change. With today's regulations what we did could probably not happen again - a shame.....

Camping has always has a special place in my heart - thank you for showing how powerful those experiences are and how they transformed lives, and empowered you to change the nation.

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