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I read the book about 8 years ago and it was true to the setting and mood!! I absolutely fell in love with the SIMON AND DAPHNE. The music and songs in this series are also beautiful as is the chemistry between our main couple. I recommend this series to everyone.


Moving and Tuggs at the Heartstrings
As a daughter of immigrants born and raised in America where our president calls Mexicans like my dad "rapists and criminals." This hit at my heartstrings. Many people will resonate with Hamilton's story as an immigrant and orphan who worked twice as hard to make it and be accepted in society and new country. His insecurity was always there as many other Americans who are questioned and judged. The actors were so talented. I had chills while watching this and cried. I loved that most of the actors were black, Asian, Latino and White. and the fact that this was written, produced by a Latino man makes me even more emotional. The finest piece of art I've ever seen. Watch it!

The Will

Exceeded my expectations! Fun and wonderful movie
This was a sweet surprise! I enjoyed the movie more than I expected! Beautiful sceneries and settings! The two leads and supporting actors such as Amond made this so much fun to watch! I enjoyed every minute of it and recommend it for everyone. This is probably one of Passionflix best productions! The locker room scene didn't expect it to be that steamy!

Sev beni

Beautiful movie that place in Ukraine
The two leads had great natural chemistry. I enjoyed the beautiful cinetography that involved Ukraine. You get to experience Ukraine as a viewer and also the culture. The movie also offers a glimpse of Turkish culture. It is a bittersweet love story like its setting cold at times but beautiful

Planeta Singli

Beautiful and Fun Polish Rom Com with beautiful scenery
I enjoyed every minute of this Polish Rom Com! I laughed at loud at times and the film shows you Polish culture and beautiful settings in Poland. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys romantic comedies. The two leads were also fantastic and there is a story of family unity in this movie as well. IT also left me with a need to travel to Poland in the future! The cinematography was beautiful as well. SO go watch it now.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Awful casting choices and no chemistry between leads
First of all who ever decided to cast Jamie Dorman as Christian Grey made the biggest mistake. Second the two leads had no chemistry whatsoever!! You can sense they don't even like each other. It feels forced. There's no passion and Jamie Dorman doesn't have the alpha energy or presence for this role. He shouldn't have taken this movie. This was a fail. I couldn't even watch the rest of the movies. Boring movie!!


Boring movie with no chemistry between leads
This movie was boring from start to finish. I couldn't remember much after watching it but I believe it was very kid like movie. Also the two leads had no chemistry. And that was needs to make this movie more exciting and flow. Also there was no emotion here or passion. It felt rushed

365 dni

Finally the ALPHA male women wanted
This movie was written and directed by women. As a reader of romance novels, I can say the actor Michele Morrone nailed his character of the ALPHA MALE. So many actors in the past have tried to master such a character but fail miserably. Michele Morrone has a strong presence-from the way he walks and he speaks with his eyes alone. He is DANGEROUSLY alluring. I hadn't seen an actor ooze so much sex appeal since Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic and since James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. The female lead Anna Maria also did an excellent job. I enjoyed her strong attitude and the two leads have great chemistry. This movie was definitely made for the female gaze and romance book lovers. There is no comparison between Fifty Shades Of Grey and this movie. Jamie Dorman was miscast for the role of Christian Grey and Michele Morrone made him look like a dweeb next to his acting. Also, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman had no chemistry and the leads in 365 did and much passion. The cinematography was also beautiful and impressive. I understand the backlash of this movie, but it is just a fantasy (the kidnapping) brought to life from a book. The ending was a cliffhanger but there will be part two. Romance novel lovers will love this movie and women alike. This movie was a sweet treat for women.

Gabriel's Inferno: Part One

It was GOOD but some parts were RUSHED
I read the book 8 years ago and have read it about 5 times. The producers put a lot of detail in this movie. However, some scenes like the club scene felt awkward and rushed. One minute Julia was dancing then quickly she was with with Gabriel against the wall. I needed more buildup! The chemistry in the orchard scene was incredible and flowed well but in other scenes, the chemistry felt forced... I hope were the second part they include more parts of buildup and don't rush the romantic scenes. I loved the orchard scene because it was tender and they acted it so well! I hope they take this as constructive criticism.

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