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Far Cry New Dawn

About for game
Best Graphics game, the best stages, the best music in the game, the best character of the game is not to be said to be God only in a word of this game.

The Last of Us: Part II

Rate for game 10.10
The best game of the world, in my opinion is the game. It has the correct character and ultra-high graphics and having emotional and happiness scenes and even sad that you very much enjoy this game is very high, be sure to install this game you will not be myshy to install the game.

Battlefield V

Best game
The best game of my life. A again from the World War series. Be sure to install the game otherwise it is half the same on the Fanton.

Apex Legends

Apex. Rate 10.10
The best game of Bethel was the same. I don't have words this is an excellent game. Thanks to company builder EA.

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