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Nice to see something different in the horror genre.
I am so tired of those teen horror movie,so it was nice too see something different.All though I have never seen a movie like this before.The story is really disturbing and the plot twist are excellent. Matthew McConaughey really proves that he can play a creepy guy and Bill Paxton is as always great.I also liked the performances by the two young boys,they were really talented.Great job by Bill paxton who directed and stared in this original and creepy horror movie. 8 out of 10


Julia Ann is great.
Julia Ann is one sexy lady.She stars in this adult/crime movie which in fact has an ok story that keeps your attention.This movie isnt the best Vivid movie I have seen,but it has Julia Ann and Jill Kelly and that is good enough reason too watch it.The sex scenes are kind of outdated with nothing too remember,but Julia Ann looks amazing so that is reason enough.

Total Recall

My favorite Arnold movie along with Terminator 2.
This movie has an excellent story and you never really know what is real.It is a big disscusion about if the movie is all a dream or reality.I think that is the great thing about it,because it could be both ways.Great and violent sci-fi/action from Paul Verhoven with Arnold in the leading role.They dont make movies like this anymore.


One of the best action series ever.
This series is build on a concept that each hour happens as it happens in real life.So each episode feature one hour,and that is one thrilling hour of suspense and action.In the lead role we find Kiefer Sutherland which is a great actor,other than that the movie feature quit unknown actors and actresses. All in all a great series in 24 episodes.

Ali G Indahouse

Cool and wacky comedy.
I think Ali G is great.He makes fun of so much and always tries to look like a gangster.He makes a fool of all the gangsters and wannabe gangsters.I know many people dont find this humor funny,but I think you gotto have an open mind and see it as nothing more than entertainment. But after saying that I think this movie works best for boys under 30. Im deffinitly gonna watch it again.

Suicide Kings

Good thriller/comedy.
This is an okay movie for those rainy days.It has good acting performances,especially by Christopher Walken who I always thinks is great.The movie has a Mafia feel to it and the story takes place in among the rich people.I will not tell you anything about the plot,because the better it will be.

Dark City

Sci-fi/thriller with great acting,suspense and story.
This movie is really dark and has a great atmosphere.It is filled with suspense and the idea of the story is brilliant.The acting performances was also great and Jennifer Connelly was as lovely as always.This movie is going to be a classic in the sci-fi genre.

I Kina spiser de hunde

Great action/comedy from Denmark.
I never thought Denmark could make any good movies before I saw this one,and after that I have noticed a few other Danish titles that also are great.This movie have hardcore action mixed together with some twisted humor and of course great acting performances.This movie is when I first discovered Kim Bodnia,and what a great actor he is.I know now that when I see his name on a movie,I know the movie is great.


Kim Bodnia is a great actor.
This movie is dark and real.Its about a man who has nothing to live for.And it only gets worse.This is the movie that makes you think about how good your life actually is and that there is a lot of people who have it worse.Thanks to another great performance by Kim Bodnia this movie will stick with you for days.


Maybe the best Danish movie I have seen.
This is a great horror movie and what makes it even better is that it is Dansih.You seldom see good movies coming out of Scandinavia,but Denmark has proven that they can make good movies.This movie has great acting performances,especially by Kim Bodnia. A really creepy horror movie!


The best Stephen King movie I have seen along with The Shining
I have always thought Stephen King movies was kind of boring and not scary.But for the first time I found a movie which was based on a Stephen King novel and it was scary.It got me glued to the TV and it was filled with suspense.I never could stop thinking of what the sick women would do to the main character next.Scary and great! One of the better horror movies I have seen in a long while.

Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is among my favorite war movies.
This movie is build up a little different than other war movie,because this movie also show a lot of the training the marines have to go through before they get in the army.Even though the movie has a quit unknown cast they still delivers great acting performances.


Builds up to a great climax at the end.
Audition is a brilliant and original horror movie.It starts out as a love story with comedic music.When the movie goes on we start to figure out that something is wrong,but nothing can prepare you for the end. The less you know about this movie the better,because then you will be the most scared.I think more movies should be made this way and it is nice to see that the director dare to show some gore.I think most directors now are afraid to show to much blood and gore.It is not often you see a sick plot twist as Audition have. This is also a nice pause from all those terrible teen horror movies.

I also loved the surreal and dream like story,and there are many times where you dont know what is really happening. I like it when directors use original and new ways to tell a story,so thank you Takashi Miike. A really original and scary horror movie.

Cape Fear

Great thriller by Martin Scorsese
Even though many people I have talked to didn't like this movie very much,I still think its great.The camera work is nice and original,the acting is very good and the atmosphere and story is good all though it is a remake.The movie certainly has its best moments at the end and the last hour is when Robert De Niro really delivers a great performance.

Y tu mamá también

An interesting movie.
When I first saw this movie in the cinema I found it a little boring,but when I think of it later it was a good and different movie. I was really surprised of how good it was filmed and how the story was told. I was also a little shocked of how straight forward it was about the nudity and sex.I have realized later that it is a unique movie that tells a story about friendship and most of all life. Even though there are little action in this movie,it does something that few movies does and that is to show a view on reality in this case the life of three individuals. A roadmovie that sticks out from the crowd.

Kevin & Perry Go Large

Great comedy to watch with your friends while drinking some beers.
I had just been on vacation with some of my friends and we had been out clubbing every night.So we really had the feel for this movie.We also like this kind of humor.The soundtrack in the movie is great and Kevin and Perry is just hilarious.They are so stupid that it is cool.

Red Hot Lover

Great girls,but bad movie.
When I saw the cast for this movie,I thought it could be good because all of the nice girls.But the director managed to ruin everything with the filming and direction.The sex scenes are really bad filmed and way too short. So even though it looks good with the cast it is just a piece of crap. You can easily find a better adult movie than this.

Boyz n the Hood

Great ghetto drama.
This is one of my favorite movies about the black community along with Menace 2 society and Dead Presidents.This movie is one of the first in this genre and it is a touching story.It is also cool to see all the old school stuff in this movie.

Red Rock West

Good thriller.
This is one of those movies,that you just come across.I have never heard of it before,and I come across it one day it was on TV.I turned out to be a good thriller,with a good story filled with lots of suspense and of course good acting.I have now realised that there are many of this kind of movies just lying around out there,that never gets any credit because they are low budget and sometimes unknown actors. But this movies had great actors like Nicolas Cage and Dennis Hopper. Sit down and watch this movie if you ever come across in on TV.

Final Destination

Great entertainment.
I found this movie really cool.The movie nerver runs slow and there are lots of cool death scenes.This movie also makes you think about destiny and how you live your life.The acting isn't anything special,but with this story and fx,you don't need good acting to be entertained.Even though this is set to be a horror movie it also has a lot of comedy,mostly contributed by Seann William Scott. This cool horror movie,will keep your attention to the very end.

Shallow Grave

Low budget movies,don't have to be bad.
This was a good movie,even though almost all of it took place inside the same room.I have recently found out that this movie was directed by Danny Boyle,the same man who directed Trainspotting and that explains a lot.This movie has great acting at the story is good.I thought it was a little slow at times,but it got better.The ending was great and made the whole movie a lot better.


A strong movie,that shows the reality.
This is one of the early movies that show gang wars and how hard there is to live in some neighborhoods.Colors is well acted and stars Sean Penn and Robert Duvall.Watch this movie if you would like to see how unfair the world is.

Taxi Driver

GREAT performance by Robert De Niro.
This is a really good movie.The story is kind of dark and a lot takes place in the underground among crime and prostitution.Robert De Niro delivers on of his best performances ever and Jodie Foster is amazing.I can't believe that any girl at her age could act that part so good. This is simply a classic,that everyone interested in movies should see.


John Malkovich is great as KGB.
I own this movie on DVD and I have watched it many times.I don't know what it is about this movie that I like so much,maybe it is because the acting is really great.Matt Damon and Edward Norton plays their roles great and when it comes to John Malkovich no one could have done it better.He is superb in the role as KGB.The story and the plot is really simple,but still very entertaining because it is about gambling and poker. I think everyone even if they dont know the rules of poker will enjoy this movie.


A movie where the acting comes first.
This movie has first class acting.Tim Rooth delivers a great performance and so does Michael Rooker.The movie is very dark and mysterious.A big part of the movie takes place in a little room,but this just helps make the movie even better.The story is really clever and it reminds me a lot of Usual suspects.This movie uses good camera work and great acting to build the story,and that is they way it should be.Good thriller with lots of suspense.

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