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The 7D

Make Way For The Seven-D



A Relaxing Fun Solid Cartoon
Hilda Is One Of The Best Cartoons I've Seen In Ages It Has Fun World Building I Love It's Animation And Backgrounds I Love The Voice Acting Everything About Hilda Is Just Solid And I Think It Well Deserves A Watch And I Can't Wait For Season 2

Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus

The Dooooooom Is Out Of This World
I Have Never Watched The Original Invader Zim But From This Movie I Can Tell That It Was One Of The Best Cartoons Nick Ever Aired


Not A Bad Cartoon
I Hate How This Show Was Canceled For Low Ratings And Mediocre Review Scores But The Show Is Way Better Then Peopld Think It Is, Its Fun Has A Short And Sweet Musical Number Every Episode And Really Has A Consistent Story Structure Everyday Episodes The Members Of Grojband Work Well Off Each Other Even If All Of Them Are Stereotypical In There Own Way But Just Because There Stereotypical Does Not Mean There Bad Characters And While This Show Is Not Dying Laughing Material It Certainly Has Made Me Chuckle And Laugh A Lot More From A Recent Rewatch The Animation (Which I Believe To Think Is Puppet Animation) Is Smooth And Solid To Look At And The Voice Acting And Sound Design Is Also Really Dang Good So If You Haven't Yet Give Grojband A Watch It Definitely Won't Waste Your Time

The Looney Tunes Show

A Hilarious Breath Of Fresh Air
This Spin On Looney Tunes Is Alot More Serialized With It's Stories And Is At A Much More Slower Pace Then Your Average Looney Tunes Short But What It Lacks In Pacing It Makes Up In Sheer Charm, I Honestly Believe This Cartoon Is Much Better Then Wabbit And At Least Deserved Another Season The Characters Have Wonderful And Really Funny Interactions With Each Other And While Some Jokes Don't Aways Land When One Does Land It Really Hits Home And I Love The Way They Turned Lola From A Stereotypical Girl Rabbit To A Mentally Insane, Weird Crazy Loonatic They Also Have Musical Numbers Every Now And Again And Season 2 Seems To Be Way More Serialized Then Seasons 1 I Still Think This Show Deserves Some Sort Od Comeback

Apple & Onion

Best Example Of Dry Humor In A Modern Cartoon
Just Watch The First 10 Episodes For Me That's When This Cartoon Soon Became My Favorite

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

While It's Very Chessy It's Also Very Charming
The Show Definitely Is For Kids But Adults Will Thoroughly Enjoy It To It's Fun Very Colorful Gives The Characters Personalitys That Bounce Right Of Each Other Has A Really Unique World And Setting And While Being Very Forced About It Sometimes It Does Teach Good Life Leasons So While I Am No Where In The Age Demographic For A Show About 6 Talking Fictional Horses Who Sing And Teach Lessons For 22 Minutes For Little Girls I Can Say I At Least Learned Alot From This Cartoon And I Do Respect This Cartoon A Lot More Than I Should

Sonic Boom

Season 1 Is Alright But Season 2 Had Me Dying
While Season 1 Was Definitely Just Alright Season 2 Was MUCH Better With Way More Snarky Humor Much More Intresting Stories And Overall Just A Better Sonic Cartoon

Harvey Beaks

Did Not Deserve What It Got
To Be Honest Nick Treated Harvey Beaks Like Dirt Which Is Sad Because Harvey Beaks Really Is A Beautiful Show And Always Puts A Smile On My Face When I Watch It


Kids Being Kids
While Clarence Is More Simple Then Your Average Cartoon It Definitely Gets Much Better The More You Watch

Adventure Time

A Mathematical Time
A Truly Important Work Of Art From Start To Finish While To Some People It May Be To Zany Or Wacky For Them But For Me At Least It Perfectly Blends It's Unique Characters And World Together With Humor Snappy Fun Writing And Really Fun Stories While Over Time It Definitely Got More Mature But I Still Believe Adventure Time Is The Best Cartoons Out There

Regular Show

My Show Forever And Always
The Characters, The Humor, The Fast Paced Stories, The Simple But Very Stylish Animation, The Interactions Prolly Is What Makes This Entire Show For Me

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

Under The Silliness You Get A Real Classic Cartoon
OK K.O Is A Really Good Shows For Multiple Different Reasons It Lasted 3 Seasons And Got Somewhat The Attention It Deserved But OK K.O Did Something That I Haven't Seen In A While In Modern Cartoons Be Proud Of How Silly It Actually Is And Embrace The Silliness Factor

Ollie's Pack

He Doesn't Protect The Monster-Verse
This Show Is The Definition Of Bad Nickelodeon At Least It's Pony Is Somewhat Decent To Watch But This Is Just Bad The Artstyle Isn't To Bad It Can Be Really Bouncy And Expressive Sometimes The Show Is Booooooooring Like REALLY BOOOOORING The Writing Is Really Just Bad Puns And Some Bad Jokes Thrown In So If You Don't Like Bad Puns You Won't Like The Humor The Characters Are 1 Dimensional And The Shows Theme Song Singer Sounded Like He Was Falling Asleep All I Have To Say Is Stay Far Away From Ollie's Pack Because It's NOT ENTERTAINING

Green Eggs and Ham

The Best Dr. Seuss Adaptation By Far!
It's Silly, It Fun, It Has Gorgeous Animation, It Has Likeable Fleshed Out (Albeit Kinda 1 Dimensional) Characters And It Puts A Smile On My Face Everytime I Watch It For Them To Make A Full On Series Based On A Book With Only 50 Words In It Is Incredible And The Even More Amazing Part Is They Actually Put Plenty Of Elements From The Book Into The Show Like Episode Names I Also Loved How They Managed To Put Green Eggs And Ham Into Every Episode So Cleverly In Conclusion Green Eggs And Ham Probably Is The Best Dr. Suess Adaptation I've Ever Seen And It Is Beyond Binge-Worthy

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

A Show That Gets Better Every Episode I Watch
This Show Is A Real Treat It's Just A Blast, From The Moment I Watched The First Episode I Knew There Was Something Special About This Cartoon And With A Season 2 On The Way I Can't Wait To See What's In Store From Mao Mao


At First I Was Skeptical But Now I Love It
It Has Good Writing Likeable Not To Annoying Characters And Decent Yet Still Good Animation Duncanville Is A Fun Treat And I Currently One Of My Favorite Adult Cartoons Right Now

The Amazing World of Gumball

A Creative Beautiful And Very Brilliant Cartoon
Gumball Is A Very Good Cartoon A Really Strong Writing Team And Not Only That But Gumball Has Some Very Detailed And Beautiful Animation To Boot Honestly I Could Just Watch Gumball And Ignore It Being A Comedy Entirely Not To Say It's Not Funny Gumball Has Caught Me Off Guard Almost Making Me Laugh Per Episode But It Does Have It's Problems Over Time It Does Seem To Sort Of Lose It's Edge The Writing Gets Worse Every Season While The Animation Seems To Get Better Every Season It's Confusing Well Now That It's Over From A Very Disappointing Series Finale I Can Honestly Say Without A Doubt Gumball Was And Will Always Be A Classic Cartoon Network Show

SpongeBob SquarePants

A Cartoon That Will Go Down In History
Spongebob Is The Only Cartoon Nick Will Just Not Give Up On It's Literally Been Airing For 21 Years (As Of Me Writing This) And For Good Reason Spongebob Squarepants Isn't Just A Good Cartoon It's Probably The Cartoon That Will Go Down In History And Hop From Generation To Generation While I Grew Up Mainly On The First 3 Seasons The Show Has Still Managed To Keep Going Even With The Passing Of The Shows Brilliant Creator All I'm Saying Is If You Hate Or Dislike Spongebob Being On Nick You Better Get Used To It Because Spongebob Is Not Ending For A Long Time And Is Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down

DC Super Hero Girls

Best Reboot I've Seen In Years
It's Funny (In A Really Cheesy Yet Still Funny Way) It's Animation Is Bouncy And Fluid The Characters Bounce Off Of Each Other So Perfectly The Voice Actress For Each Main Character Is Perfect Where Else Are You Gonna Find Nicole Sullivan And Kari Wahlgren In The Same Voice Cast It's Fast Paced And I'm In Love With This Cartoon Basically If You Want My Little Pony FIM With Superheros Watch This

Glitch Techs

This Show Is Amazing
This Was Almost Aired On Nickelodeon Are You Joking! This Show Would Have Been Canceled After One Season If It Premiered On Nick Give This Series The Respect It Deserves Because Now It's One Of My All Time Favorite Shows And I've Only Seen 9 Episodes The Animation Is Beautifully The Voices Are Fun And Charming The Characters Have Personality The Writing Is Funny It's Just A Overall Good Time

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