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Can't Be Heaven

song title of the song Instrumental sax
Firstly i have to say that the film was superb, best I've seen in ages.. The film was so enjoyable to watch, that when my friend came to see me a few days after watching it, i told her about the film.. She also plays the keyboard and wanted to listen to the song, she also loved to song. When the young boy Danny was playing, it looked as though he was actually playing the sax... I'm sure it will be a long time before i enjoy another film as much as i did this one... The haunting song in which Danny played on the tenor Saxaphone was wonderful...and i would dearly love to play it myself.. I'm a 74 year pensioner who plays the keyboard. Can you advise me the name of the song, to enable me to get the sheet music on this...

Cilla McCartney...

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