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Melanijas hronika

Loved the Cinematography, authentic feel
I really loved the muted BW cinematography. Very beautiful and tragic images and tableaux in the film. It has a higher budget than some of the other Gulag camp films, but it still feels like an indie film, raw and real. It is so sad what the Soviet Union did to the Baltic nations with the deportations. We must remember these events with films like this.

Gulag Vorkuta

Acting is Great. Superb!!!!
Independent film covering a group of dissidents in the Soviet Union gulag. The close up cinematography has an edgy look like Lars von Trier's work with Robby Muller. Since this film only had a $2,500 budget, according to the producer, it really was quite impressive. I wasn't expecting a big multi-million dollar Hollywood film. Apparently the two lead actors are both from Russia and their accents really made the film authentic. Highly recommended if you want to watch a small independent movie about the Soviet camps that focuses on character.

The Soviet Story

Interesting film in that it did cover the Soviet genocide of its own Russian people
I found it a very interesting film in that it did cover the Soviet genocide of its own Russian people, a subject few films really go into. It is estimated that around 65 million Russians were killed by their own Soviet government as cheap slave labor in the Gulag camps. I appreciated the research that went into this film.

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Solzhenitsyn's masterpiece story
It is hard to compress the vast scope of the Gulag camps, but Solzhenitsyn does it well with this story. I liked the larger budget and the wide shots of lines of dissidents in the snow, and the enormity of the cast, made you feel like you were watching an entire Gulag camp. My uncle was in the White Sea canal Gulag camp project and perished, so this Gulag film really hit home.

Gulag Barashevo

Dissidents is Mainly What it is About
Every film I've seen about the Gulag has a different story and covers different aspects. This film was interesting in that it was about the characters of the dissidents. A low budget film, so don't expect masses of extras and wide panoramic sweeping shots of the Gulag camp. I got the sense that because of its very low budget that the cinematography had to frame very close on the faces, which I found interesting and which sets it apart from the higher budget Gulag films. A rare film and must watch.

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