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Noah's Ark

expected to see a wonderful biblical movie,instead....
I saw the coming attractions about 2-3 months before this aweful

movie came out! i was so excited. After watching NBC's "Merlin"

and "The Odyssey" i expected the network to do the same for

Noah's Ark.

I had my tape all ready to record(and keep) this movie. Instead

when i saw part 1, i was completely disgusted!! The acting was

horrible! Some of the effects were cheesy! And most of all, the

writers screwed up the bible!! They completely turned everything

around! The scenes and script did not make any sense. many of

the scenes in the movie were not according to the bible.

After seeing a scene in part 2 in which Noah and his family goes

completely bonkers, i shut that VCR off and turned the channel!!

The actors for the most part were just terrible! Of all the movies to

act in Jon Voight had to act in this mess (all for money i guess)!

Mary Steenburgen(why her!!!) was just completely boring and

irritating; same for Carol Kane as Lot's wife ("I want to see!! I want

to see!! ) I do not know why NBC picked these and actors that

were in the movie.

Anyway, i finally had a chance to say what i wanted to say about

this "Noah's Ark". from a rating of 1-10, i give it a big fat ZERO!!

Don't waste your time on this boring trash!!!!

The Abyss

Excellent effects, great acting
I finally saw this movie for the first time on a cable channel and again on another cable channel a couple of nights ago. I was not disappointed! The sfx were amazing. The actors were both funny and great! From a rating of 1 to 10, I give this movie a 9.5! And one more thing, for a PG-13 movie, there was too much profanity.

The Astronaut's Wife

Very boring!!!
The movie "The Astronaut's Wife" was one of the most boring and dumb movies I have ever seen! I had to see this movie TWICE in order to understand the plot!

At times it seems there was no chemistry between Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp.

Overall the direction, plot, score, sfx were bland. If you have not seen this movie yet, DON'T!! Do not waist your time. You will be bored to death!!!

Stolen Women, Captured Hearts

Strong Acting!!
I recently saw Captured Women, Broken Hearts on the new Lifetime Movie Network in May. Through the middle of the movie i immediately fell in love with it.

Janine Turner and Michael Greyeyes were beautiful together!

One more thing. Was this movie a made for Lifetime, TNT, CBS? I cannot believe I did not here about this movie in 1997!!

Anyways I give this movie an "EXCELLENT" for acting!

Once Were Warriors

very dramatic
I recently saw the movie Once were Warriors about a year ago on the independent film channel. I remember a few years back (in 1994?) reading the reviews about the movie and the contents that was in the movie.

The movie was very good, dramatic. The use of camera movements i certain scenes was different. But the amount of adult language was heavy.

The acting between the two main characters and there children was very dramatic,too.

After watching this movie, I have learned a lot about the real life situations in the Moari community in New Zealand.

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