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Cobra Kai

A great tribute to the original films(No spoilers in this review)
What a fantastic series this is,every episode just gets better and better.I think the series' success comes from the great character development,brilliant action sequences and powerful storylines.I always felt thirty minutes per episode was much too short and I just wanted it to go on further and further(40 - 50 minutes per episode would be ace).Cobra Kai will never bore you,it will keep you glued to your tv from start to finish.William Zabra as Johnny is a fantastic actor and really strengthens the series but the supporting cast are also stunning from the main actors right down to the smaller parts.I can't wait wait for series 3 and really hope they continue to make more of this brilliant action drama.10/10 and a well deserved 10/10


Ranks as among the worse films ever made !
Films like Geostorm have been made before and much better. I normally enjoy storylines like this,the elements taking over Earth. but my goodness this film was so painful to watch I just wished it to end. My biggest regret was paying good money on Blu Ray to see it.Thank God for Ebay! Science Fiction films need to grab you from the start but this one bored me to tears.It's all talk and boring talk at that, with the occasional action sequence squeezed,put in as an afterthought,or just to keep you awake.As for the characters,you couldn't care less about them.An utterly awful film.I would rate it zero but the rating section wouldn't allow it.

The Blockhouse

Promising story line halts to a crawl
This film had so much promise.To be honest,I had never even heard of it but the story line was so promising. The element of person or persons trapped underground has been told in many films but The Blockhouse(1973),although starting off well enough just halted to a crawl.Peter Sellers is great but this film was so slow and painful to watch.I rated it 1 out of 10 because there wasn't a 0 out of ten rating.Shame,because I normally like films of this kind.

Die blutigen Geier von Alaska

A fair adventure western with a great Bruno Nicolai score
Hell Hounds of Alaska is not as bad as some reviews make out and if you like a good old-fashioned adventure western,then I think you will enjoy this. The music is scored by Bruno Nicolai,who many people know conducted lots of Ennio Morricone scores. The main title,thus far unreleased is superb and reminds me of the style of Morricone's La Tenda Rossa/The Red Tent and Bruno Nicolai's own El Cristo Del Oceano/Christ of the Ocean. The other music in the film has been used before in Bruno Nicolai westerns.

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