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They give the finger to the Laws of Physics
The whole world is made of Styrofoam, the human body is made of rubber. Play GTA and you will have the same experience. So extremely absurd that it gets funny, if you do not sleep first...

RuPaul's Drag Race: Grand Finale
Episode 17, Season 13

People don't seem to realize that this show was made during a time of war...
... against a deadly virus. Many shows were cancelled for good. The interviews were kind of funny and the audience in the parking lot (imagine that!!!) seemed to be having some fun, too. I was rooting for Denali then Gottmik/Rosé, but Symone is great, too. Be grateful. See you in Drag Race Down Under...

The Father

I just hope his daughter gets the same destiny
When her time comes, shall his grandchildren put her in the same institution and even in the SAME ROOM of his. Quoting the movie: "It'd be better for HER". And finally, suggesting an idea for a Part 2 of the movie: he ultimately dies and reincarnates as her nurse...


Actually the last 12 minutes are cool
The final video interview is something like Wayne's World meets Cheech & Chong, a dork and a dude high on dope. Quite amusing. Made me *double* my rating from 1/10 to 2/20 !

RuPaul's Drag Race: Pop! Goes the Queens
Episode 12, Season 13

Can someone please tell me where is Denali?
What? Eliminated? From now on I'll be rooting for Lawrence Chaney...

RuPaul's Drag Race UK: Grand Finale
Episode 11, Season 2

Do NOT take a Drag Show that seriously...
... of course Bimini deserved the crown, nevertheless it was a great season taking into consideration the whole planet was in the terrible COVID-19 crisis. *Veronica Green* is back! So God help those queens on Season 3...

RuPaul's Drag Race: Freaky Friday Queens
Episode 11, Season 13

Let's be honest, it was a great episode... until...
... until 58:20... that decision deserves a 1/10. Well, a successful TV show is not linear: it must have love-hate polarization, drama, plot twists, resurrections... Particularly for this episode it is important that you watch "Untucked".

RuPaul's Drag Race: Corona Can't Keep a Good Queen Down
Episode 9, Season 13

The best "behind-the-scenes" special episode ever
Showing the show precautions during a time of planetary crisis. I really do not understand the bad rating...

Silk Road

Internet History Class
I didn't know exactly what Silk Road was and I really don't understand the low ratings. You must know some computer terminology to understand the plot: IP address, bitcoin. One quote defines the whole movie " He's like the first millennial gangster". If you liked it, I recommend the movies about Snowden, Wikileaks and Pirate Bay.

Dr. Giggles

Best one-liners than Schwarzenegger or Freddy Krueger
This movie is undoubtedly a gem of the horror genre. Dr. Giggles has on hand best funny one-liners than Arnold in Commando or Freddy Krueger in Nightmare. All the girls are pretty. Creepy scenery. Interesting revenge plot like Dr. Phibes. Cool quaint doctors wardrobe. Scary surgical devices from hell. And finally an amazing turn of tables. A must-see for all horror-comedy fans.

Como Era Gostoso o Meu Francês

Read before about the methods of the cannibals
In order to fully understand this movie, I strongly recommend the reading of chapter XI "A antropofagia ritual dos tupinambás" in the book "A RELIGIÃO DOS TUPINAMBÁS" written by Alfred Métraux. The film is very accurate to the depiction from surviving eyewitnesses.


The name of the film should be "Neurosyphilis"...
...or "Mental and Biological Downfall of Capone". It is NOT a film for action and CGI fans. The protagonist is not a man, it is an illness. It depicts the horrific exploits of the most cruel and merciless gangster: sickness. Disease does not care in the least about how powerful or rich a man is. No epic drive-by shootings or liquidation of rivals with baseball bats, but: organic degeneration, torture from inside the body, mental self-implosion and madness followed by the all-redeming death. Lo and behold, it could be a despondent glimpse into anyone's future...

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