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The way DREDD should have been made the first time!
Where do I start? Well, as much as I love Sylvester Stallone - he was NOT Judge Dredd. That honor goes to Karl Urban (who is nothing short of a genius). This was a great action movie with great CGI!!! The villain was none other than CERSEA LANISTER from Game of THRONES! What more could you ask for? I really loved this movie!!!

The Ringmaster

Eddie Trunk approved
This documentary was suggested by Eddie Trunk. It's on Amazon prime. Very good and bizarre documentary about a guy who makes onion rings. So some guy decides to do a documentary on him. This turns into a documentary about the guy obsessed with making the documentary. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are in this and taste test his onion rings. Then they onion ring maker has a mental breakdown!

Quella villa accanto al cimitero

Amazingly GREAT movie by the great director! Fulci!
Where do I start! This movie was made by the amazing Lucio Fulci . This is part of the GATES OF HELL trilogy. Lucio Fulci pulls out all the stops with this movie about an 8 year old boy named "Bob" who is the son of his parents. They decide to move to a haunted house that is literally on a cemetery. In fact, there is a TOMB in the living room of this house. Bob is able to see a ghost girl and she warns him to not live in the house. There is one scene where Bob finds a doll and plays with it in a park. Bob's parents don't believe him when he sees his babysitters head roll down the steps to the basement. When Bob is trapped with the doctor, who is kept alive with dead bodies to regenerate his cells, Bob is able to escape. Sadly Bob is just not able to really deal with the scary corpse doctor who, by the way, looks like he is made out of bully sticks for dogs. There is one annoying scene where Bob, who is dubbed with a wimpy American accent, talks to the ghost girl from 100 yards away. Not sure why, but that scene bothered me. I hope that you love this movie as much as I do. Alone with City of the Dead and The Beyond, THBTC is the finale of the trilogy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, that the killing scenes are gruesome as you would expect. And when the doctor is stabbed, his blood comes out but the blood is mostly blood soaked MAGGOTS!!

Executive Suite

The was it used to be in business
This was such a great movie, made in 1953 and starring Frederick March and WIlliam Holden as two executives for a Furniture company. This movie shows the ins and outs of the boardrooms, the phone calls that are made, the role of the female in those days and even the elevator operator. The plot it interesting and the cinematography was tops!


Nice feel good movie
Harvey is such a great movie. James Stewart plays a kind drunk who has an imaginary friend who happens to be a giant rabbit named Harvey. Throughout the movie, he talks to him, holds the door open for him and introduces him to friends. They say that this movie is the closest that the real James Stewart is to real life. He has an "aw shucks" kind of demeanor in this movie. He's so nice that he tries to become friends with literally everybody he meets by giving them "his card." He then invites them to dinner the next night!!! You never "see" Harvey but you do get the impression that he's real. I suggest this movie to ANYBODY who loves a nice feel good movie!!!

The City of the Dead

The best atmospheric movie for horror
This movie was made in 1960 and is about witchcraft. The only famous actor is Christopher Lee (of Lord of the Rings fame). The movie is about a creepy town where witches were burned in 1692. The main witch in this movie was burned on March 3rd! My birthday of all things! In present day (1960) a girl goes to this creepy town to study witches. It is really scary! For the entire movie, there is a fog that seems to be literally everywhere. The camera shots were scary as well! The atmospheric creepy level of this movie is at a 10 easy. I was very impressed. One of the creepiest scenes was when the girl goes into the hotel lobby and sees the other hotel guests doing the waltz! What kind of hotel has guests that do the waltz in the dark lobby with a ROARING fire and spooky music? Also, the creepy mute lady named "Lotti" was an interesting addition to the cast. She really didn't add much to the plot other than a creepy character. I would have to say that if you like movies such as The Haunting, you will love City of the Dead (also known as Horror Hotel).

Night Warning

A forgotten wonderful film
I remember seeing the previews for this as a kid. But you could never find it in the video stores. Thank goodness TMC played it. This movie does not have anybody named Butcher or Baker, so not sure where the title comes from. Basically it's about a very strange and over protective Aunt of Billy. Billy is a basketball player on the highschool team. In fact, Bill Paxton is one of the bully's on the team who picks on Billy. The Aunt tries to seduce a TV repairman. When he refuses her, she stabs him to death. Then the sheriff (played by the Walking Tall guy) comes to investigate and accuses Billy of being a "fag" and having a lovers quarrel with teh TV repairman who is also gay. The Aunt gets crazier and crazier, and sticks her lips out and cuts her hair. One thing leads to another and it's revealed that the aunt is really Billy's MOM! She cut the brake lines on Billy's real aunt's car, and caused it to wreck when Billy was a child. The car rear ends a semi truck carrying logs and one of the logs goes through the windshield and decapitates Billy's Dad. But that was at the beginning of the movie. So, if you want to see a good 1983 horror flick, you should watch BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER.

Murder Mystery

A good time filler
This movie is so funny! Basically, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have been married for 15 years. So, Adam decided to take them to Europe so see how ham ages. When they are flying out there, BARD from The Hobbit meets them and invites them onto his family's yacht. So, while on the yacht, somebody is killed when the lights are suddenly turned off and hilarity ensues. The acting was over the top and goofy. One funny part was when this one eyed African Colonel lights his cigar with a FAKE HAND! Then later, while trying to solve the mystery of who killed the old man, Adam and Jennifer are told that the Colonel has a secret. So Jennifer says "The Colonel's secret?" Lenore said that was a spoof on KFC which was super funny. All in all, the movie delivers the goods. For once, Adam doesn't yell the entire movie or wear a ball cap. This is the first of FOUR Adam movies with Netflix. Please see this movie and be prepared to be entertained.

The Train

Great Burt Lancaster movie!
This was a very interesting wartime movie. Burt Lancaster plays a FRENCH MAN, with an American accent. He is part of a group of people resisting the Nazi's. The Nazi's take all of the famous artwork in Paris and load it up on a train. Burt is a train expert and is put in charge of transporting the art back to Germany. There are many suspenseful moments in this movie!! The Nazi's in this movie are ruthless as you would expect and are constantly suspicious of Burt Lancaster's actions! The scenes of the train going down the tracks that Burt Lancaster secretly trying to booby trap is very suspenseful! Definitely a different kind of Nazi WW2 movie. Shot very well and hold your interest the entire time.

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Such a good movie
This is a great movie that focuses on the Doolittle Raid in 1942. It was PAYBACK for Pearl Harbor!! The moral in the US was not great since the Japanese kept invading islands even after Pearl Harbor. They invaded the Philippines on December 8th even! So, this movie follows the flyboys who flew for Doolittle and and dropped bombs on Tokyo, killing only 50 people. The best scene was the raid itself. There was some great ACTUAL footage of the planes taking off even! Then of course the horrible crash landings in China and the aftermath of the Chinese taking care of what Flyboys they could. Although Spencer Tracy gets top billing, he's not in the movie THAT much. But in the scenes he IS in, he is terrific! The HORROR of what the Japs did to the Chinese after the Doolittle Raid is never revealed. But just so you know, they slaughtered 250,000 Chinese in retaliation.


Great John Wayne movie!
If there was ever a tough guy, it was HONDO! Yes, Hondo was played by John Wayne. Hondo Lane was his full name. He was a scout for the army and lived life by his own rules. There were a lot of great scenes in this movie! My favorite was when he THREW the kid into the river upon being told that he did not know how to swim. Talk about OLD SCHOOL! "I can't swim" said the boy. Then Hondo LAUNCHES him into the river! Haha! The Apache leader was a Hollywood NDN and played by a white man who wore very short shorts. At one point the Apaches catch Hondo and decide to torture him by pouring hot coals on his hand. This didn't last too long. Hondo eventually ended up being set free from the Apache. If you like to see cold hearted callous John Wayne, then HONDO is the movie you should see!!!

The Magnificent Seven

Yul Brynner IS this movie
I have never seen this movie before today. I am a huge Yul Brynner fan and loved him in The Ten Commandments and Westworld. His role in this movie is extremely similar visually to his Westworld character, right down to the black attire. The way Yul Brynner walks was extremely intimidating! How he HELD himself was brilliant! James Cobern was excellent as a cowboy who is good with a knife. Towards the beginning, James Coburn is just sitting there taking a nap. A random cowboy for some reason wants to challenge him to see who's a faster draw. So, they draw and James throws a KNIFE instead of his gun!! It was hard to tell who won, but James claimed he did. So, the other cowboy challenges him to a REAL duel! James Coburn is back to taking his nap, when the other cowboy SHOOTS the dirt between his legs 5 times!! "Come on!! Let's do it again!!!!" James didn't even FLINCH!!! But James wanted to get back to his nap, so they DUEL for real. This time James throws the knife into the guys heart and he INSTANTLY dies! Yul Brynner sees this happen and casually just walks up to James and talks to him, as if nothing had even happened . Charles Bronson is another cowboy who is really fun to watch. I didn't realize Charles was so muscular! The Mexican "bandits" all speak english, even among themselves and wear sombreros. Very stereotypical but then again, it was made in 1960. Each time ANYBODY gets shot in this movie, they DIE instantly from ONE gunshot!!! Not only do they die, but the FLY backwards like ten feet!! All in all, a GREAT movie! Thank you Yul Brynner !

In a Lonely Place

Bogart with a bad temper
If you thought Humphrey had a bad temper in his other movies, then think again! He was livid throughout this ENTIRE MOVIE! Humphrey plays a screenwriter who lives in some nice LA apartments. At the beginning of the movie, some lady recognizes him at the stoplight and talks to him while they are stopped. Humphrey was nice to her but then her BOYFRIEND YELLS AT Humphrey! He told him "Stop talking to my lady!!" As if the lady didn't initiate the conversation. So the man tells Humphrey to pull over to the curb to brawl. Humphrey says "What's wrong with right here!!!??" and gets out of his car to beat the guy up. Then the guy drives off!! Humphrey is then flirty with a gal who later becomes murdered. He's assumed to be the killer due to his temper. Humphrey gets super angry at being falsely accused! Throughout the movie he beats up his agent for NO REASON and practically strangles his other girlfriend for no reason. All in all a GREAT MOVIE. If you like seen a very angry Humphrey Bogart, this is the movie for you!

Mortal Engines

Terminator meets Waterworld
If you are expecting to see Lord of The Rings, this movie may not be for you. However, Peter Jackson had something to do with this movie. He is nothing short of a genius, so I knew that I was in for a treat. Basically, this movie is like Waterworld without so much water. There is a character who is a mechanical corpse who is essentially The Terminator who makes a fun addition to the plot. If you like a movie that has the amazing Hugo Weaving and delivers a lot of goods, this is the movie for you! I would highly suggest watching it with an open mind though. There are a few too many "tough guy" scenes. A lot of the scenes were similar to what you would see in a Pitch Black movie or Chronicles of Riddick. So go see this.


Tossing LIT matches onto Audrey!!
This movie had it all. Suspense, intrigue and sass!! If you're a fan of Cary and Audrey you will LOVE this movie. No, it was NOT directed by Sir Hitch. It is very much like one of his movies though. I loved the supporting actors of George Kennedy and Lee Marvin as well! Oh, and did I say I loved Walter Matthau? Well, he was simply amazing!! This movie will have you on the edge of your seat! Especially when Lee Marvin lights matches and tosses them into Audrey Hepburn in an effort to terrorize her!

Little Caesar

Now, listen, Sam, Joe's all right.
This is a great movie with a great cast! It's so fun to watch Rico, played by the amazing Edward G Robinson, go from somebody who was a "nobody" to this big shot gangster! He really delivered the goods! A lot of the language they used in the 30s was a tad strange, so I suggest using the closed caption function to better understand what is being said.

The best scene is when Rico is about to shoot Joe Massara, played by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. He walks toward the camera super slow, looking DIRECTLY INTO THE LENS!! Then he stops and just looks right into the lens. I got chills watching this scene by Edward G Robinson!

Such a great movie!

The Commuter

It's good but it's no Taken
This is a decent movie to spend an afternoon watching if you're trying to pass the time. Granted, it's not as good as Taken. Then again, what is? But the movie is good. I wish Sam Neil would have had more screen time. I also wish that Liam's character, who is a former cop, was a little better at fighting. In the fight scenes, he gets punched way too much. Also, considering how incredible his beating scenes are, he always ends up looking composed and not all that bloody or dirty. All in all, a good movie.

One on One

"With a red hot poker"
I really enjoyed this movie! Probably the strangest scene was when Robby Benson took some sort of speed before basketball practice! He was acting incredibly insane during practice and over the top. It was as if he had drank 100 cups of VERY STRONG coffee!!!

The rest of the movie was good. From the coach who was very mean, to the tutor who developed a crush on Robby Benson. One of the interesting parts was when Robby's car broke down, and Melanie Griffith asked for a ride. She was mean to him and said she would scream RAPE!! Unless he gave her some money.

If you like basketball movies, you will LOVE this movie.

The Naked Spur

Decent movie in techicolor!
You know that when Jimmy Stewart accepts a role, it's going to be good! He delivers the goods in this fantastic Western. Granted, there is not much to it. It has a very basic plot and only about five characters! The color goes from greenish to very vivid and then to blue. But it doesn't really bug me. It must be because it as shot on sub par film. I really liked Jesse, the old timer.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

A dirty and poor Bogart
This movie is not your typical Bogart movie. In TOTSM, he is extremely poor and gritty. He pals up with another guy in this town in Mexico and then eventually heads to the hills in search of gold. Tagging along with them is an old timer who knows the lay of the land. Bogart goes from nice to paranoid and mean!! I loved this movie! The Mexican bandits were truly terrifying!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. JEEKLE will make you cringe!
I was so amazed how wonderful this movie was. It was scary and suspenseful! What more could you possibly ask for? They pronounce his name, Dr. JEEKLE, which is the correct way to pronounce it. When Frederick March transforms into the ape like Hyde, it's nothing short of amazing. He is extremely wicked as Hyde and pulls no punches. The special effects for this time were nothing short of amazing. Kind of like King Kong but much better.

High Sierra

Bogart as a slapping Gangster
This movie is such a great one. From the scene where Bogart slaps the former cop as hard as he could, TWICE - the movie never lets up. I liked how Bogart took a liking to the granddaughter of the man who played Clarence the Angel (It's a wonderful life). It showed a softer side of Bogart. I was shocked that he didn't try to disguise himself though, when he was wanted for murder. He was very easy to recognize. This of course was essential, so that the terrific car chase scene into the mountains could happen. I also liked how the dog, PARD, was in most of the scenes. I was shocked to learn that Pard is Bogart's dog in real life!

If you like Bogart movie, then you MUST see this movie.

Escape from Las Vegas

Best movie of the year
I have been a fan of the Snake Plisskin franchise for a long period of time and this fan movie really made me want to relive the entire franchise again because the movie was really really good. It was a shorter movie and has some really great scenes and good acting. The best line of the movie was when the one guy says "the house always wins". I hope that this movie is watched by other enthusiasts.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Hard to understand the plot
I went to this movie not knowing what to expect. The character played by Josh Brolin has perfect hair and is always completely composed. He is a no nonsense agent of some branch of the government. For some reason, he starts a war between two drug cartels in Mexico with the help of Benicio Tel Toro. I have no idea why they are doing this. During one scene, the Mexican police decide to shoot at Josh and his crew. So Josh kills all the police. Then when they get back to the office, the lady played by Catherine Keener yells at Josh for shooting all the police. She says that millions of Americans have family members in Mexico and now Fox News is going to run the story on the killings. Then Josh says that the president has no backbone and is a coward. Then Catherine Keener says that's because he's afraid of being impeached! They never mention Trump by name, but it was a bit tacky to insert partisan politics into the plot. I guess the good things about this movie are the action scenes. I also like Josh's acting. I will never understand this plot though. Very confusing. The ending clearly left it open for a third installment of the franchise. Overall a decent movie but not really that great.

Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman delivers the goods
When I was listening to Rush Limbaugh a couple of weeks ago, he ranted about this movie. He stated that you could not take your eyes away from the screen. Let me tell you, he was right! From the opening scene of the British Parliment when that one guy was screaming about how much he hated Neville Chamberlain, I was hooked. There was not a lot of action in this movie, but more of a focus on Winston's mannerisms, humour, temper and overall demeanor. There were some very touching scenes, such as when he took a moment to be with his wife when she fretted about their finances. A big part of this movie that some people will not have known, is that in 1940, England was considering "surrendering" to Hitler. Could you imagine? I hope that everybody goes to see this movie. It should be mandatory viewing for ALL.

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