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  • The acting in this show is atrocious. Or maybe it's just poor writing? The plot is great though, and could have been an awesome show. As I wrote in the title, the show is only just watchable. Continuity errors, poor writing, and less than adequate acting make it a bit of a drag.
  • At first, with the voice over and the train carrying detainees, this movie showed promise. Then the acting, or lack thereof started.

    What an absolute farce. They took what COULD have been a good movie and ruined it. The "actors" and "director" should all behind bars for this pathetic attempt.

    Seriously, it is REALLY bad.

    Probably the best part of the movie was the original WWII archival footage of Hitler.

    The initial fight scene, I guess, was comical. I almost expected to see the "BAM" and "POW" like in the old Batman TV series.

    I couldn't take more than 15 minutes of this rubbish, so if you believe in miracles (I don't), it MAY have gotten better - but I honestly doubt it!

    Read a book!
  • I was very moved by this film. The subtitles didn't bother me at all, but instead made the movie more realistic.

    It didn't quite end as i thought it would (characters wise), however it was a great insight into the "other side".

    I've always thought the obliteration of Dresden was over the top, and to this day it is controversial.

    Anyway, as another person said, this probably has more impact than a mere documentary.

    Oh, and Felicitas Woll - even though it is a VERY serious subject matter, the film is worth watching just for her :)
  • I found this movie to be funny, serious, entertaining, a little sad in parts, but overall, it didn't suck! I don't think it would win any awards, but it served its purpose well - it entertained me for a couple of hours - isn't that all we ask of a movie?

    It deals with some VERY serious teenage problems - parents divorcing, finding new partners, teenage pregnancy, young love (and old love), and the cruncher, whether to have sex or not. It covered just about most of the problems teenagers face these days.

    It was essentially a good movie and dealt with these issues quite well - not too heavy, not too light.

    Mandy Moore was pretty darned good too - she has a nice little career ahead of her me thinks! :)
  • Movies are meant to tell a story and entertain. Some do it well, others not so well, some really suck at it, and some more do it outstandingly.

    I thought this movie rated well - it entertained, had the "human" element, was thought provoking, plenty of action, and had a happy ending - more or less.

    Everything else is just detail. This movie made me angry, happy, and very, very sad in some places. What more can one ask?

    As far as picking things like "oooh - the African's teeth were too white", or ramble on about the closeups or why the closeups were so regular and blah blah blah blah - good grief - if thats all one gets out of a movie - ANY movie - start reading books!

    I give this movie around a 7.5 out of 10. Worth watching - even if it is only to see the lovely Princess Akosua Busia and her white teeth :-)
  • I missed the first few minutes of this film as I was channel surfing, but I stayed and laughed myself silly. Very, very funny, and clever, short film.

    Watch it if you can - the twists will make you cry with laughter :-)
  • This film was on very early in the morning here. I am so lucky that I hit the record button, because this is a movie not to be missed!

    Brilliant acting, powerful, insightful, and entertaining.

    A lot of violence, but not excessive - more a portrayal of reality in the prison wars of the early 80's in the USA.

    Don't miss it!
  • A magnificent look at American history.

    Angelina Jolie and Dana Delaney were standouts (as usual).

    There was laughter, tears, joy, and excitement - and that was just me!!!

    I thoroughly recommend this movie as a well acted, and quite accurate from what I've read, drama about the early west.

    I LOVE American history, and this movie transported me back to a time that was not THAT long ago, but far removed from the comforts of modern times.
  • This movie did not deserve the 2am timeslot it was given here (Downunder).

    It is a down-on-the-street, impactful, action/drama.

    Fantastic acting (DAMN that Will Smith is a lucky guy :-), realistic, entertaining, and sometimes sad.

    What more could a movie goer/watcher ask for?

    Warning though - a lot of swearing - which usually doesnt matter much here in Australia, but for some reason, they relegated this really good movie to a late (VERY late) timeslot.
  • The summary says it all! It is only sad that some people in the South today STILL actually hate African Americans. Hopefully this will eventually be bred out of people, and people will be seen for WHO they are, not WHAT they are (with regards to the color of their skin).

    Surely the struggle was/is vindicated by the success enjoyed by people who have fought hard for their rights, such as Ernest Green.

    All very valuable members of the American public.

    This movie skips quite a bit of detail, but for a taste of history, it is quite accurate whilst still being entertaining.

    I recommend this movie to anyone interested in American history and the struggle between racism and humanity.
  • This is a fantastic movie with action, suspense, and plot twists to satisfy the most discerning movie critic.

    I won't disclose the plot or storyline, but this is a great match for any of the Hollywood movies of the same genre.

    It is long, but the time goes quickly and you are left with a feeling of time well spent!
  • I am not a lover of comedies, however this is one of those exceptions.

    What can I say? The title says it all. Tim Allen is brilliant (as usual), and Kirstie Alley is great as his support. The movie does not knock the Amish people too much, and the movie ends with everyone living happily ever after - even 'Big John'.

    I thought the deleted scenes/bloopers i the closing credits was a great idea too.
  • This is a terrible movie. The only decent acting is done by Rochelle Ashana.

    Richard Norton may be big in the world of martial arts, however he should have stayed there - an actor he is not!

    The timeslot selected for this movie on the local network was apt though - 1.30am - although, even in this time slot, it was a little hard to take!