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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Adrift
Episode 2, Season 1

It's good enough
Is this show the best thing ever made? No. Would I even call this show good? I'm not so sure. But what we have gotten so far has been serviceable, and has exceeded my expectations, although they were low to begin with. What we have here is an absolutely stunningly shot show with good acting, but the story and pacing could us some work. With how these first two episodes went, being practically all set up, following multiple different stories, it is clear this show is building to something they are confident in. I believe it will only get better from here, but as of right now, the shows just ok. A shame to see so many people rating it a 1 star without having actually watched it, it is not THAT bad.

Sabikui Bisco: I'm Bisco!
Episode 11, Season 1

Talk about ruining something that was actually a pretty good moment
This show had been fairly ok up until now, with some quite honestly, really good moments. Bisco's "death" being one of them. Now this show has decided to turn the villain into a giant for some reason, I guess maybe their too lazy to come up with something. Ok, whatever. It's still somewhat entertaining. Now remember that good moment earlier? Yeah, well guess what. He's alive, because we can't be going and killing characters in shonen! This show had so much more potential but I guess it ultimately just falls flat.


I Believe I Have Found My New Favourite Movie
Parasite is something special. It seemingly could fit into a multitude of different genres, so there is really no clear answer to what it actually is. I would probably classify it as a thriller myself though. The first hours of the movie does a great job establishing all the characters, making you care for them. The second hour of the movie, is where things go crazy. Never before, have I been more on the edge of my seat watching a movie. The tension is absolutely incredible, my heart must have been going at 150 BPM at one point. Do yourself a favour, and go watch this brilliant movie.

John Wick

An Action Film with Heart
John Wick is a phenomenal action film. It's high energy and very fun to watch, and Keanu is just a joy to watch. Now, generally, I'm not the biggest fan of action films. You can see that still, as I rated this movie a 7, (I would rate it 7.5, but I round down), which is still a good movie but not amazing. I like stories that have a lot of, well, story. But beneath all the bloody action sequences, there's something special. The beginning of the movie is heart wrenching. Learning how Johns wife died and gifted him that dog, only for it to be killed days after. Who wouldn't be furious? It nearly had me in tears. You understand the motives of John, which makes you feel something more as you watch him mow down enemy after enemy. And that ending, seeing John walk off into the distance with another dog, is just beautiful. Great movie.

Shingeki no Kyojin: From You, 2000 Years Ago
Episode 21, Season 4

Best episode of AOT EVER!! This is everything I wanted this episode to be as a manga reader and the rumbling was done PERFECTLY. The anime made it so much more terrifying than it ever could've been in the manga and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Memories of the Future
Episode 20, Season 4

Best Episode 2nd Only to Hero
Unbelievable. This chapter was adapted perfectly. More mind blowing than the basement reveal in my opinion. I was in tears by the end of the episode. Next episode is bound to be just as good!

Violet Evergarden: Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You
Episode 10, Season 1

I cried like a baby
I thought this episode was pretty good for majority of it, could obviously tell her mother was going to die, but didn't quite get the 9.8 rating. Obviously, I knew it was going to get better at the end but MY GOD. That was incredible. I was already crying, and then as she started reading the letters and I realized she had been writing to her daughter this whole time, I think I probably cried harder than I ever have at a piece of fiction. Absolutely amazing. I will say however, I am VERY strict with what episodes I give a 10/10, even if it's a 9.5 I round down. I don't think this episode was perfect, so despite me rating it a perfect 10 at the moment, it could drop to a 9 in the future.

Vanitas no Carte: In the Event of Rusty Hopes
Episode 1, Season 1

Good Episode, Great Potential
This was a good episode all things considered. The animation was absolutely gorgeous, and the tease at the end of the episode is bound to get you hooked. However, I was sort of disappointed throughout the episode, not because it was bad or I expected it to be better, but because I feel that there was so much potential for this episode to be incredible. Had this episode been split into 2, gave a bit more character development and made us care about the characters a little bit, and made it tragic, it would've been so good. Again, still thought it was good, and it was some really, really good potential.

Shingeki no Kyojin: A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity's Comeback, Part 1
Episode 3, Season 1

An Episode that is Improved Due to Later Episodes
At the time this episode came out, without knowing what we now know, it probably would've been a solid 8/10 for me. Lays some ground work, introduces characters that will become more important later on and shows us Eren's determination. The highlight of the episode upon revisiting would definitely have to be the conversations between Eren, Reiner and Bertholdt, as they contain a lot of foreshadowing and become quite sad knowing what is to come. And despite Episode 2 having a higher rating, I actually think this is better. Of course it doesn't beat the explosive series opened though.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Sneak Attack
Episode 18, Season 4

Incredible Episode - An Improvement Over the First
First episode was amazing, solid 9/10 for me. This episode was phenomenal. It was not perfect however, as I feel it could have been paced a little bit better. And I believe that this episode has the best score of any aot episode ever. That new ost that was playing at the beginning of the episode was amazing. Also, as a manga reader, be prepared for another phenomenal 3 episode stretch on the level of "Perfect Game", "Hero" and "Midnight Sun" in season 3 part 2, and "Declaration of War", "The War Hammer Titan" and "Assault" in Season 4 Part 1. It's going to get that good, and it could very easily be better than those if adapted well. Lots to look forward to! (also please stop review bombing)

Shingeki no Kyojin: Judgment
Episode 17, Season 4

My god please stop with these 1 star ratings.
Some people just want to come here to see what people though of the episode not to see how much lower the rating is than it otherwise would be because of these idiots rating it a 1. They clearly haven't watched it either, because even if you don't like it you can't possibly justify giving it a 1 just based on the production quality alone. If AOT isn't your thing, or you hated the ending, just let everyone else enjoy it as much as you want. And if this is because of the ending, you probably loved this part of the manga so why? Please stop.

JoJo no Kimyô na Bôken: Torrential Downpour Warning
Episode 12, Season 5

Stone Ocean Part 1 Review
Phenomenal adaptation of a masterful part of JoJo's. Honestly, I think that this is already the best JoJo's part in the anime, and knowing what's to come in the manga, it's only going to get better. Really, really well done and there is lots to look forward to!

One Piece: Wan pîsu

The Greatest Story Ever Told.
(Review for both the anime and the manga, December 5, 2021, currently with 1034 chapters and 1001 episodes).

Wealth, Fame, Power...

Those were the words that started the greatest story of all time. Words that still hold massive amount of meaning in the story today. Words that will hold even more meaning when the story is ultimately brought to an end.

We see how wealth, fame and power can impact the people of this world. That these things cannot bring happiness, and in many cases will just bring the complete opposite. Look at the Celestial Dragons. The most wealthy, powerful and quite famous individuals in the world. They view themselves as better than everyone else, that they can do whatever they want, even if it's incredibly inhumane. But in the eyes of the people that live beneath them, they are monsters. Monsters who are slaves to the wealth, fame and power they posses, and monsters who enslave. People who are not free, and take away freedom.


This is one of the core, if not the main element present throughout the entire series. Because, those three words ushered at the beginning of this story do not hold meaning in a persons life if that person is not free, and is willing to help others be free. They hold no power without freedom, because ultimately, the people like the Celestial Dragons, are not powerful people. They cannot sway the masses through the use of words and gain the trust of a random person on the street. They are feared. And does being feared make one powerful? Maybe. But people do not like to recognize it.

The protagonist in this story, Monkey D. Luffy, wants to become the Pirate King, the freest man in the world. He wants to share that freedom, and is willing to with absolutely anyone. Even someone who may have attempted to kill him mere minutes ago. He is the pure embodiment of freedom, not giving a care in the world and just having fun.

Another core element of the series is friendship. The crew of pirates you grow to love, are the best of friends. They will do whatever they need to do in order to keep each other safe, to keep the freedom they work so hard to gain. But challenge to take away that freedom, and you'll be sure you're not gonna get away easy.

There is so much more I could say about One Piece. About the great characters, unmatched worldbuilding, and one of the greatest mysteries in any form of media ever. But that could go on forever. One Piece is not perfect, no story is. It has it's flaws. Sometimes humor doesn't land, maybe a fight scene isn't great, a character is just annoying, or even entire arcs that just drag and are sometime almost boring to sit through. But, there is just something special about One Piece that no series has ever been able to re-create, and I think will ever be able to create. It is truly something you should watch or read in your lifetime, and some of the values and beliefs can make you leave a better person. It did that for me. 10/10.

Below are my ratings for each arc of the series below, if you are at all interested.

Romance Dawn - 8/10 Orange Town - 6/10 Syrup Village - 6.5/10 Baratie - 8/10 Arlong Park - 9/10 Loguetown - 7/10 Reverse Mountain - 6/10 Whisky Peak - 7.5/10 Little Garden - 6.5/10 Drum Island - 8.5/10 Alabasta - 9/10 Jaya - 8/10 Skypeia - 7.5/10 Long Ring Long Land - 6/10 Water 7 - 9.5/10 Enies Lobby - 10/10 Post Enies Lobby - 8.5/10 Thriller Bark - 5.5/10 Sabaody Archipelago - 9/10 Amazon Lily - 6.5/10 Impel Down - 7.5/10 Marineford - 10/10 Post War - 7.5/10 Return to Sabaody - 7/10 Fish Man Island - 5/10 Punk Hazard - 6.5/10 Dressrosa - 8.5/10 Zou - 8.5/10 Whole Cake Island - 9/10 Levely - 7.5/10 Wano - 9.5/10 m.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui
Episode 1, Season 3

A Good Start to Season 2
This was a solid episode covering some of the aftermath of Mugen Train, and it did so quite well. It's a nice breather between a brutal arc, and what promises to be another big one in Entertainment District. However, there is nothing here that should blow anyone away (aside from the animation of course). Looking forward to what's to come!

JoJo no Kimyô na Bôken

On a purely entertainment level, it's a 10/10. It's the kind of thing that could have an absolutely terrible storyline but still be fun to watch because of the characters and the style. But JoJo actually has a good story overall. Story is 8/10 for me, so that's what i'll rate it. Individual part ratings:

Phantom Blood: 5.5/10 (didn't like it all too much) Battle Tendency: 7.5/10 (when JoJo started feeling more like the JoJo we love today) Stardust Crusaders: 8/10 (love this part, but it's unfortunately held back by some very poor pacing) Diamond is Unbreakable: 8.5/10 (my personal favourite part so far, I think Kira is a phenomenal antagonist) Golden Wind: 7.5/10 (should be noted I read the manga for this part, I didn't watch the anime. Probably one of the most purely entertaining parts) Stone Ocean: 9/10 (Favourite part so far, both in the anime and the manga. Yes I finished the stone ocean manga as well)

The Wheel of Time

I think and hope the rating will go up
Yes, the show has its problems, but is has much more good than bad. I have not read the books, but I can understand why some people who have might not like it or agree with changes. However, some things have to change when switching a medium, and who knows maybe they could even benefit the show in the long run. People are really overreacting and I think fans should be happy their series even gets an adaptation, even if the story somewhat changes. If you want to experience the exact same story again, just read the books. Otherwise, take the show for what it is and don't hate it on it for doing things different because it hasn't been given enough time to justify those changes. I do think the rating of the show will go up as there is a lot of 1 star ratings from book fans that are really weighing it down unfortunately. Solid 8/10 for me so far, and I am eagerly awaiting more!

À la folie... pas du tout

Watched this in French class and was genuinely shocked at how good it was
My teacher told us we would be watching a french movie in class today, and I wasn't expecting a whole lot. And the first maybe half hour of the movie wasn't anything special. It seemed pretty standard, and i'm not one who typically enjoys romance (although the romance in this movie is not what makes it great), so I sort of thought it was just going to end up as a waste of time. And i'll try not to give anything away here, but the tone and the overall atmosphere of the movie changes, and it's honestly fantastic from that point on. It went from being extremely generic, to one of the most creative and original pieces of media I have ever seen. My friends were just as shocked as I was. I wont say anything else, because there is not much to say without spoiling the movie. The 7.2 rating surprises me quite a bit as well, especially considering how few ratings there are. Anyways, this is a movie worth checking out if you have the time.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Been about 7 months since I first watched this show.
And it is the greatest show ever made. I've seen some really, really good stuff since then, all anime(Attack on Titan, One Piece, Steins;Gate, Hunter x Hunter). But, still, nothing has come close to Avatar for me. Those are some really good shows, but they all have flaws. Avatar, as far as i'm concerned, is perfect. Yes, there are filler episodes. But those filler episodes aren't completely useless, they have some good character development, or are just funny.

The thing that really propels this show into a league of its own is the stunning character development, and that's on full display with Zuko. He has the best written character arc EVER. I will honestly be shocked if I ever find one that's better than his.

The messages in this show are brilliant, especially in the ladder half of the series. There are so many memorable quotes, mostly from Uncle Iroh (2nd best character behind Zuko in my opinion).

So, stop what your doing right now, and go watch this show. You won't regret it.

Shingeki no Kyojin

One of the Best TV Series of All Time
Where do I even begin? The amount of depth, foreshadowing and messages contained in this show is astounding. Sometimes you have quick shots of animals doing what they want. It represents freedom, and everything the main characters want. But it also shows how with all the technology and things to do in this world, most animals are still freer than most people ever will be. And if you really think about it, the basic premise of this show is just a glorified version of how too many people in this world feel. Trapped, surrounded by monsters.

The foreshadowing in this show is the best I've ever seen and it's not even close. Mind you, I'm 15 years old and haven't seen a whole lot, but it still blows everything I've seen previously out of the water, it's unbelievable. When a show like Attack on Titan has as many twist turns as it does, you would expect it to not be nearly as entertaining on the second watch. Wrong. That's because almost every little detail that you thought had no meaning at the time makes so much sense to the overall story now. So many times was it alluded to about "that" reveal in season 2, it's honestly just mindblowing. So watching it a second time is almost just as enjoyable as the first, because now you can pick up on these things.

And absolutely everything that didn't make sense to you before, makes sense the second time. EVERY little detail that didn't make sense is explained. Even something like why Ymir acts the way she does. You could write that off as just an annoying one dimensional character. But there are reasons behind why she is, and it makes complete and perfect sense. And that's only one of the many, many examples of this in the show.

On to season 1(I'm not going to be reviewing every season, but there are some important things that need to be said here). If someone has only watched season 1, it would be pretty understandable why they might hate the show. I'm not saying I didn't like season 1, I love it, but it doesn't necessarily have the cohesive storyline that the other seasons have. It's a bit all over the place, and the story is somewhat lacking, but it makes up for that with its twist and turns.

But every other season after that, does have that cohesive storyline, albeit maybe not as many shocking moments (although they're definitely still there and are mind blowing). And that sort of leads into another reason that makes this show so good. Every season is different from one another. Season 1 is an action packed rollercoaster, season 2 focuses on the side characters and adds some much needed character development. Season 3 completely changes the identity of the show, becoming a sort of political thriller and has a TON of backstory. Season 3 Part 2 combines the elements of previous seasons but somehow makes it 2x better. And season 4 elevates the story to entirely new heights and you might as well just call it a completely different show.

So don't think this show is going to suck simply because it's anime. I tried for a while to convince my dad to watch it who was skeptical, and he's loved it so far.

Also I recommend watching the show in the original Japanese with subtitles, although the English dub is definitely not bad.

Hagane no renkinjutsushi: Kibou no michi
Episode 6, Season 1

Really don't get this being a 7.6.
There just something about this episode that made it feel so real, so perfect. There wasn't a whole lot to it, but everything about it was just great. It was just a beautiful episode as the other reviewer said, and it left me with a smile on my face.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Aftermath
Episode 1, Season 1

Great first episode
Really enjoyed this. The beginning was great, loved that we got to see Kanan and how his master died. Last bit of the episode was really good as well. I did feel though that the middle bit dragged on a bit and i thought omegas character was meh, but we just met her so I have to give it a chance. Also thought some of the dialogue didn't flow well, but those were all very minor issues for me in an otherwise great episode!

Fumetsu no Anata e: A Minor Evolution
Episode 3, Season 1

I loved the first and second episode...
But come one, a 9.3? Your joking. I mean it's a solid episode with a cool climax but it does not deserve a 9.3 in my opinion. But I'm still excited for the next episode!

One Piece: Wan pîsu: Kanashiki Kettou: Luffy tai Sanji (Kouhen)
Episode 808, Season 1

Please IMDb, allow me to rate this one episode 15/10
Best episode of any series I've ever seen, and it's not even really close. And this is coming from a guy who thought "Hero" from aot was an absolutely incredible episode, I never thought it would be beat. But here I am, and, wow. Everything in this episode was absolutely perfect, especially Luffy's cry to Sanji at the end. I cried my eyes out watching this episode.

And them bringing back the first ending of one piece for the end was amazing as well.

Yakusoku no Neverland: Episode #2.6
Episode 6, Season 2

What was that?
So we get all this build up, we're all wondering what the kids are going to do to rescue everyone. And now, Norman happens to be alive, has created a drug that will the demons with humans that were experimented on that are now much stronger than they are before. So they go from nothing, to having a drug that can kill demons, new people who are much stronger than normal, like what? At least show us this all coming together instead of just having a character who should've stayed dead come back and all their problems are solved. And the PACING. My god, just horrendous.

One Piece: Wan pîsu: Otoko no Chikai wa Shinazu!! Tooi Sora de Matsu Tomo e
Episode 353, Season 1

This episode shows you how well thought out One Piece is
I don't know why but finding out that Brook was part of the crew that had to leave Laboon behind made me so happy. But the fact that Laboon was introduced so much earlier in the show (before the 100 episode mark I believe) just shows you how absurdly well thought out one piece is. Because here we are, 200+ episodes later, and there is whole new meaning to a character who appeared for only a handful of episodes.

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