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Suffering in detail
I saw this film , in gala opening of Cairo film festival , held in Egypt Its a film about the suffering of a helpless young to survive in a country she knows nothing about ...illegaly working and living in it... On so many levels the story line is moving...but my comment was why all the excessive details..and long scnes repeating the same thing over and ober It was more of a documentary film.... My second comment was the overdose of blood needed to tone down abit in this regard Some people who watched it felt that the director did not utilse the story well... Also the actress ( who won best actress in Cannes film festival 2018) had the same expresion almost all the film..not much of acting as much as the story its self that deserved a prize

Voyna Anny

Art film..about survival..and suffering
Superb ...this is a worth the watch film I saw this film during russia focus section in Cairo international film festival, Egypt The audience were few sadly.... But the film deserves huge audience The cinematography and direction i thought were excellent The young girl's acting was masterfully done...amazing considering thats her first role in cinema Its not a long dialogue ..yet it moves ... What i found worth mentioning is that throughout all her suffering,,the litlle girl cried twich..on her moms death and her cats death... very symbolic film

Specialy when she wrapped the flag on her toe and made socks out of it....there are hard scenses but true no exaggeration Its anti nazi film of course I think all art cinema lovers should look for this film and watch it


Artistic and fascinating
I watched this film during Cairo international film festival held in egypt...i must say i was very impressed by the cinematography and nature scenes The story line is magical with fantasy elements Juliet binoche acting was superb and natural as always...that film is worth a try and definitely deserves a higher rating than that given

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

What a disappointment,
I saw this film yesterday, within the panorama for European film festival in Cairo, Egypt And i was greatly disappointed...for a film to win in a renowned festival like Cannes ,it has to have brilliant elements,which this film sadly came short of Slow motion, boring ...un necessary nude scenes..that could have been avoided easily without harming the course of actions nor the script..dull film...silly scenes..allow conversations..i fell asleep literary towards mid film... Apart from acting of main characters Nicole Kidman and ..collin Farrel the rest of actors ..had average level of acting nothing amazing . The lobster ..was by far better ,,original and more creative in all aspects than this film ( same director) This film is a revival of the Greek mythology of killing a precious person in your life in order to save yourself and others.but i believe it could have been executed way better than that I don't recommend this film.

The Way Back

One of the best I have seen
Truly one of the best films i have watched recently,,acting, directing.cinematography...Music...costumes,makeup..i thought the acting was amazing...superb,,,, very convincing...this film goes beyond its main story Its a story about freedom and concquer fear...even if one will die as a price...i was so moved till the very end.. and although the film is a bit long but you wish it would never end...its not a typical cliché plot at all.. and the events are un predictable

What a superb acting level by all actors..ed harris collin farell and the rest... This film is a must see ..and preferably on a wide screen ,,,as one of its success factors is the imagery...enjoy!

I Am Here

A film not for everyone
Great film. Magnificint acting by the two l ad characters..Kim basinger as Maria, and the character of Christian...both missing something in life,,both gatherd by fate and desperation, This thriller drama of European style... has many levels of meanings..not just the course of action on the has symbolism that's concluded at the very end of the film.... and the message is clear....i enjoyed it a lot...and i wonder why did it receive such a low rate...this film deserves 8 at least for the acting and the message behind it...artistic Well done..recommended

Das Leben der Anderen

Amazing amazing
I can keep on saying amazing forever...l superb acting by lead roles...a film that keeps you watching till the very end... deserves all those awards and more...won the academy awards in 2006 And Berlin film festival of that year....and listed among one of the best films in history of cinema sure is it needs to be watched twice It depicts life in east Germany in the eighties in an honest way... Very touching One of the best films i have seen in my life film, i cant recommend it anymore than i do now...

Akher Wahed Fina

Very good film.although it has no dialogue but it was more expressive than films with sci pt Its a journey to explore ones self and the unknown world, one main character.." Noon" a lost person escaping his circumstances and in his sole journey he discovers himself again..very touching i didn't want it to end.l It was shown in Cairo Egypt within a national Arab cinema film festival in May 2017 and we met with the actor, who said this was his first role.. well he did a good job The music and direction is excellent"...some scenes needed to be shorter though I recommend watching it ...preferable in a cinema or wide screen

Friends with Money

Very true and honest
Simple yet meaningful and deep drama, wonderful honest versatile acting. Very down to earth acting and plot..very touching message and meaningful one We see what we want to see We do wt we want to do regardless how it may affect others around us One of the best if not the best roles and acting for J. Aneston.. This film is worth watching three times it has many beauty aspects that you cant grasp from the first time..don't get fooled by other criticisms written about this film by others..its an art film done in an American way I hope J. A continuous to pick roles like that where she can show case her talent. Its a relatively old film that you may not find easily , but its worth watching Rest of crew did their roles quite well in relative degrees,go for it


i liked it!
now that is a good film..too much talk in the dialog, which is famous in the french cinema and drama in general ,but this time it was well used i was not bothered by it,it's stayed real,and dealing with a true realistic problem without exaggeration, presenting it as is- i felt like as if its a reality drama ,that a hidden camera was shooting a real life events not drama,that is success,the film is deep and subtle and its emotional too,acting is very well carried out... even by the minors who were interviewed and the children,i must emphasis on" Maïwenn's" acting ,it was very calm yet deep and superb."Joey starr" was good too in some moments though he was exaggerating in anger in others but over all good acting i say if you have a chance to go watch this film, please do it s worth it really.


Excellent Excellent Film
2 Thumbs up Excellent yes it is..well made ..drama depicting ethnic struggles,war in the middle east between Christians and other,killing because of a religion, very daring film to show this side killing the other, usually most drama shows fundamentalists killing non believers,but to find Christians killing non Christians just because of the religion factor is really daring though i doubt that this really happened in the middle east as the film says( it shows clearly in a sign on the door during the film's flash back that these events took place somewhere in Palestine! and i don't recall this truly happened in the past there) maybe Lebanon is what he refers to as they speak french all the time ! i don't know the acting is superb..what can i say..Lubna's acting just made me amazed what a performance role, complicated, emotional building up though out the film the atmosphere,,the gloomy surrounding specially the Quibec parts of the film were extra gloomy,really complemented the whole thing the plot,amazing and new and u can not predict it until the very end,the photography,the directing..A class the bus shooting scene ..oh my strong was that ,,the meaning behind it hits you in the face leaving u stunned by the MSG ! the brutality of those who kill thinking they please their religion or god by killing the other race or other religion or other color.. the only goof of the film ,is when the the daughter did her mother's will and traveled back to9 the middle east to look for her brother,and she speaks french with all of them there while in Palestine pple do not usually talk french this fluent ( if any at all)this was a weak link but it didn't affect the film at all some of the film attendees commented why did the director put the chapter name bold big font in red color in the middle of the screen ,but i think it was symbolic and goes along with the whole idea of the film and the blood and the struggle.. even the prison rape scene was done in a way that really was classy respectable to the viewers emotion yet very very moving, maybe more powerful than had we saw the whole thing state of an art film in most if not all aspects..i hope it wins at the coming Oscars! best of luck to the whole crew and two thumbs up

La piel que habito

that is a good film
I do have all my respect to the Spanish Cinema,its truly an art cinema that produces yearly well made films,not necessarily high in budget yet it contains many elements that can make it an art film this film combines many of them, the acting of Antonio B. came very mature and versatile, Elena acted very well to extend she made me curious to pursue her other films she made, and today i just watched her other one year older-room in Rome- the story line and the plot is new and the climax is built up for this film is a clever way ,( to create and bring back the memory an old lover from an enemy is something that is worth thinking of after you watch the film) to fall in love with the person you most hate , having said that,Of course there are some goofs and the ending last minute is a bit expected but overall i enjoyed this film..if you have a chance to go see it please do i think its worth it.

Habitación en Roma

what a disappointment !
this film is a disappointment for those who want to watch something erotic, a disappointment for those who want to be lesbians or for those who even hate lesbians they writer doesn't know what to do with those two gorgeous women so he strips them naked 99% of the film time and they keep talking and talking and talking while its obvious that all he wants is some anticipation between each erotic encounter and the other its not even hot nor sizzling..i don't know what that is,the plot is weak,predictable,,conventional..dull..noting sexy about it,,the girls are even too skinny..the director doesn't even let us enjoy Rome, except for few moments which is the dawn and sunrise part where you see Rome from the bedroom balcony..i don't know if that's erotic films then i don't want to watch any there are so many goofs, the google earth satellite on the actress laptop when she was discussing her past with Natasha, her finger pointed at Saudi Arabia in a total wrong spot on the map ! the dialog between them too all night is really weak , i just wanted to get over with it from boredom

the only thing i learned from this film is that lesbians don't like using vibrator devices during S.encounters because they are anti any masculine symbol...they want it totally piece of info

i gave my 3 stars just for Elena because she pulls the role well just like her excellent performance in ( the skin i live in 2011) other wise id give this film nothing at all !

Between Strangers

superb acting
Look ! i know the story line could be repeated in many other films, i know the plot is sometimes weak, i know the ending gathering scene is far fetched you may say all that but...but forget all that and look at Sophia Lauren oh my god what an acting how up and down she good with her emotions and face expressions,with her feelings of despair of guilt then of hope all mixed in one shot look at her in the book shop scene-master scene for her,she is determined yet weak as a woman with a hard past its an art film,art in acting art in development of heightened feelings,if it shows on TV..Watch it its not just a film for wounded women its a film for those who have sensitive feelings and have been wounded in the past and by the way ,the ending is deep just try to think of it..out of the box.. i gave that rankling for the superb acting for Mira survino as well as THE Sophia Lauren also for announcing proudly that its shot and takes its events in Canada


Black and white film that is Full of Colour!
I watched this good film,or shall i say Art film in Cairo's film festival November 2009 IN Egypt, its in the main competition films i was so impressed bec we do not get to watch many films coming from Lithuania and what impressed me about the film is the Art elements in it..some so unique and not found in rest of them first it being shot in black and white has really added to the film in portraying that time phase with all its depressing circum stances from poverty oppression to loss of hope..etc i will not talk about the plot nor about the story line because it can easily be guessed out, but i would rather talk about what really made me admire it, the acting high level of performance..and about the ending the acting level was so high so well yet so natural the ending is so new and many critics mentioned they did not like it nor appreciate it they thought it kills the film to propose 2 endings but i found it so smart for those who catched the meaning behind it.. we got the chance to meet us with one of the producers later after the film ended- Miss gouda whom her English was very good and she said that this film is based on an original Novel and they proposed this ending to the director in the last minute and he agreed and he thought to him self,,oh god why didn't i think of this before ! it was clever she also mentioned that this film is nominated to be in the academy awards as in best foreign film section or category..i think it has a chance of wining this is not a box office film,its a pure art film,for those who can enjoy that ,i do recommend that you go to see it if you found it available in your country to be bought. i wish the best of luck to the crew to keep up the good work ,well done from an Egyptian film critic point of view :)

Death in Gaza

one of the best documentary i have seen recently
i have just watched this real life documentary on TV yesterday i was really moved by it,by the idea the portrayal of the real terrorism, when lands are stolen and taken by force and then when pple try to defend their lands and families and resist they are called terrorists now I'm against the idea of one bombing him self, or ending his life by his own hands,and I'm also against the killing of the civilians even if they are the occupiers my religion abides us to fight in the land of war those who fight us,not kill civilians however,this film shows the truth that is hidden in the western media, and explains why childhood fades away in between the gray colors of war.. how children are mind programmed that bombing ones self is being a mryter which is not any way this film is a must see..if you want to open your eyes to the reality over-there..but be careful your eyes maybe full of tears while watching.. !

Milh Hadha al-Bahr

One of the Best films i have seen this year ( 2008)
i have watched this film, during Cairo's film festival for year 2008 it was very hard to get in and see it because there was a huge crowd trying to watch it anyway i struggled and i got in and it was really worth it the story,so natural,the acting ..the scenery..the whole thing brought tears into my eyes and OR eally wished this film wouldn't end.. then i met with the actress and the director, whom informed us that the film was shot in real location by real people,even soldiers ..etc and they struggled and went through hardship in-order to bring this film into light with their own budget i encourage all of you to go and watch it or rent is worth it and portrays a vivid image of the situation in the occupied lands.. well done

City of Joy

Art Movie
this is an art movie it can enter international film festival competitions specially for Om pare acting in this movie ,to be nominated as best actor, photography Patrick Swazi acting was good though bit exaggerated in some scenes the tale really moved me and the weaving of the plot was well made the two kids did a very good acting, the supporting actors acted well,i wished the movie would last longer direction was excellent and in some parts it enabled the spectator to feel really involved in the action. the camera ,took real expressions ,and portrayed an ugly side in India,yet a beautiful one. its one movie ill always remember

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