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Basic Instinct 2

An underrated camp classic!!
When I first saw the trailer for this film, I must admit I was really excited. It looked sexy, stylish and suspenseful and I eagerly was looking forward to seeing Catherine Tramell back on the big screen. Before I actually saw the film I read the very unkind reviews which prejudiced my mindset before seeing it. When I actually did see it I wasn't all that impressed, and I left the theater feeling very confused as to what made sense. The ending unnecesarily throws you for a loop.

However, I really began to appreciate this movie once I picked up the DVD. Yes, I have frequently watched this movie! The movie has a lot of good going for it. it looks fantastic. Very modern and sleek with a very good original score with additional usage of the original score from the first one. I love the music used while Dr. Glass is waiting for Tramell at his office.

The sets are really impressive. This was not a cheep movie. Dr. Glass's office is the centerpiece of the film. It's so unrealistic and over the top but adds so much to the scenes and feel of the film. Catherine Tramells apartment is also impressive. A dark hidden lair of sexuality for a cougar on the prowl.

The cinematography is truly gorgeous. This is the best part of the movie. Every shot of London looks so beautiful and contemporary. The costumes Sharon Stone wears are very eye catching and risqué and are eye candy the viewer.

The film most definitely qualifies for the "so bad its good category." There are truly campy lines, most of which go to Stone. I cant possibly list all of them, but its really funny stuff. "Even Oedipus didn't see his mother commin", Watching the film makes you wish Joan Crawford was still making movies!! The only complaint I had with the movie is the ending. that last "final Twist" was so unnecessary and totally confuses the viewer. The director says he did that to make the viewer think and to leave it ambiguous. The whole movie makes you think and leaves you a bit confused, so an ending that reveals the true killer and explained the missing pieces would have helped bring some things into focus. All I can say is watch the film with the mindset that Tramell IS the killer and you will have a good time and it will make sense. And think of the ending as Tramel's final mind F*CK with Dr. Glass.

Rent it and watch it a few times! happy camping!!

Hollywood Wives: The New Generation

The Bodygaurd meets Valley of the Dolls in this trashy made for TV movie ala Jackie Collins
I first read the novel by Jackie Collins and I thought what a fantastic book, not Shakespeare obviously, but definitely a page turner. When I finished it I thought it would make a great movie. Little did I know it was already turned into a movie. I have to admit I was a little nervous about seeing the movie, as movie adaptations are usually always not as good as the book, and especially TV movies are usually pretty low on talent and budget. I finally tracked this movie down on DVD on ebay, and in spite of the negative reviews on IMDb, I really enjoyed it. While reading the novel I had images of what the characters looked like and for the most part the movie did a great job. I thought Melissa Gilbert as Taylor Singer was great, always loved her, Robin Givens was OK, but Farrah Fawcett was definitely not who i would have chose. The Character in the book was closer to a cross between Madonna and Marylin Monroe. Farrah Fawcett was definitely way too old for the part and looked weathered, tired and haggard much of the time, the rest of the time she had about a pound of makeup on and wore clothes 20 years too young for her.

However I thought the movie was great. If your trying to take the movie seriously and looking for quality, then this movie probably deserves 2 stars, however, if your looking for some trashy, guilty pleasure, camp entertainment then this movie scores. This movie is a basic cable CBS movie of the week, yet its trying to be hip, edgy and sexy, like an HBO/skinamax movie. This is what makes this movie so enjoyable. It opens with Farrah Fawcett finishing up her make up, (which looks like bondo!!) and doing a truly jaw dropping Vanity Fair cover shoot. Farrah writhes and touches herself and mugs for the camera so unashamedly that you just cant help but laugh. She is just too old to be playing a drop dead sexy pop star! The story line weaves together Farrah's story with that of her 2 other Hollywood wife friends. Melissa Gilbert plays an ex actress now married to a prominent producer. Shes trying to write a script and turns to a 20 something hunk writer, who we see for the first time naked, save for a conveniently draped bed sheet. Melissa Gilbert is wonderful to watch as shes very eager to shed her safe image, and we she her talking about oral sex at lunch, taking her top off (back to the camera) and going to bed with her hunk numerous times and eventually acting in Showtime movie about lesbians!!. Farrah Fawcett in the mean time is dealing with an abusive husband who is sleeping with other women and using her as meal ticket. One shocking scene has Farrah getting slapped round by her husband in their bedroom, he throws her on the bed and then unzips his pants practically in her face,(hinting at forced oral sex) She later develops a relationship with a private investigater whom she hires. Robin Givens the last of our Hollywood wives has basically no part, and is mere filler. She is always talking about how wonderful she is and how she is adored by her fans, and is definitely a diva.

The movie looks fabulous. All the women get to look fantastic. In every scene they are dressed to the nines and fully made up. The all drive expensive cars, live in luxurious homes and are filthy rich. The acting is pretty low, which adds to the trashiness. One scene between Farrah and her daughter is pretty shocking because of how bad the acting is. Farrah is supposed to be trying to give advice to her daughter about some man trouble, but cant find the right thing to say. Farrah acts like she forgot the dialogue and stumbles over her words and makes gestures that are so amateurish and lame, it looks like a scene off a blooper real!! Seeing Farrah try to act like a sex symbol and sing like a pop star (she lip syncs worse than Susan Hayward in Valley of the Dolls) makes this a so bad its good movie. The dialogue is full of hilarious profanity( remember its a TV movie so the characters go around saying "Bitch, Son of a Bich, ass, and bastard" as much as possible to make the movie sound edgy!! By the middle of the movie your wanting someone to say F***!!!!) The storyline keeps the viewer involved and has some twists and suspense as it gets to the end.

If your a fan of trashy movies like Valley of the Dolls and movies that showcase an aging actress in a role too young for her, than this is def worth a look! Like the book this movie is mere entertainment and not some Academy Award winning art film!! If you watch this movie for some fun it won't disappoint!!!

Treacherous Crossing

Fabulous 40's noir style mystery set aboard the Queen Mary
This is a film that I have viewed again and again and is always fun to watch. From the opening credits of 1940's style illustrations of the romanticized golden era of cruise ship travel set to a sumptuous smooth jazz score, the movie is steeped in mysterious atmosphere. The film was based on a radio play from the 1940's. It stars Lindsay Wagner as Lindsay Gates, a widow who has just gotten married for the second time and is setting out on her honeymoon aboard the Queen Mary. However her ideal honeymoon goes horribly wrong, when she cant find her husband. And when she tries to locate him, no one remembers seeing him. When the truth about Lindsay's first husband's death is revealed, her seemingly unstable mentality convinces everyone that she is crazy and she made up a story about a fictional husband. Parinoid that she can't trust anyone, she sets out determined to find her husband and prove she isn't insane. She begins a desperate investigation of her own that leads her on an intriguing mysterious path of twists and turns that leads her to the truth. Is she really crazy?, did something really happen to her husband? or is it much worse?, this story will have you guessing and totally captivated to the very end. The film has a very vintage feel, and is superbly written and acted. the music is sumptuous and the costumes, hair and makeup definitely complete the feel of a true 40's mystery movie. The incredible use of the Queen Mary ocean liner truly makes the movie and transports the viewers back in time to the fabulous glamor days of 1st class transatlantic travel. The supporting cast is superb with the fabulous Angie Dickenson as Lindsays apparent shipboard friend. Everyone seems to be hiding a secret or possible involvement, and the twist ending is very satisfying. The film definitely has rewatchability and i strongly recommend this to film noir buffs, mystery fans, or people who love movies set on cruise ships. Sit back, relax and get totally involved with the shady cast of characters, mysterious plot and intrigue.

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