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The Terminator

There is only one way of describing this film, classic and anyone who has seen it wil probably say the same. The second, however is rubbish, what with sarah being a hardened psychopathic danger to society! Well I am here to talk about the first. Firstly, the Terminator to me is the scariest character I have ever encountered. Forget the trashy Michael Myers and the pathetic "Scream" mask, sheer horror for me comes from the conscience-less face from Schwarzenegger, it was such a shame that he was a good guy in the second because Patrick is a wannabe. The effects were very cheap as we much forget that the first was very budgeted. People are annoyed that there is no CG like the second, but we must remember that that technology was only begun when the second was released 6 years later.****spoiler*** Here is one of my favourite parts of the movie: (Arnold is in the police station) Arnold:"I'm a friend of Sarah Conner, I was told she would be here, could I see her please?" Officer:"Yeah, she's still bein' questioned by the police, it could be a while,you should take a seat." (Arnold scan measurements of the room and then leans toward the officer) Arnold: I'll be back!

At that Arnold leaves, comes back crashing through the door and destroys the room and kills 17 cops while looking for Sarah. A classic scene and where Arnold first said those famous words. So altogether, The Terminator is the best film I have ever seen.

The Trial of O.J. Simpson

Informative, fair views from prosecution and defence.
When the "show" was first broadcast it was and still is the only real- life court case being shown on tv, it gave watchers (probably drunken people who got in at 3:00AM and fancied a bit of telly with their kebab) because this was the time it aired at in England, anyway, it gave evidence from both sides of the case instead of us having to read biased lies in the papers, I personally think this should happen in a lot more court cases although I must say that the police photos and crime scene evidence extracts were a bit gruesome, (like the bloodied take-away menu underneath Nicole's leg). But the most sickening picture was the image of the gaping wound in Nicole's throat. Anyway, all in all, true reality TV with a fair view at the long, long, long court case.


When I saw this film, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculous plot, with bad acting, bad effects etc. it was probabaly worse than the butt ugly operation: Delta Force film series! I really smell a huge rip- off of good films with human/ robotic cyborgs eg. Terminator, Robocop, even the British TV show Red Dwarf. SOLO, aka Mario Van Peebles attempts to create an atmosphere that is spoilt by a commando team searching for SOLO and the scene where he throws the knife with the wire on it is pathetic, especially where he shimmies down the wire on his bare hands without any scratches, comedy, and definitely a bargain bin classic!

Red Dwarf

sheer brilliance
Great! I laugh at every episode of this programme and I think that the characters are some of the most developed in tv history, especially Kryten, the mechanoid with emotions is hilarious in every way, I have seen a few episodes only because I only got into it when series 8 appeared and now I have seen some from series, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, very good, now where did I put that curry and lager that I had for Dave?...

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Is this a repeat?
Really, stripping off the special effects and budget, this film is a copy from the original Terminator. I saw a programme where Cameron explained that Arnie's set trailer cost more than the first film and realised where this film relies on: budget. The first had an excellent plot and this was ripped off in the second, OK, first copy: the first scene when the Terminator arrives, secondly, the factory and the steel plant at the end of both films, eg. a scramble for survival etc. The plot is also tacky and relies heavily on the tracks made by the first, eg. when the chip and arm were left in the factory the film finishes and then in the second, we see that Cyberdine own the arm and chip, this was not explained in either of the films and we as an audience are left to presume that the factory at the end of the first was Cyberdine, not shown recently until the DVD came out with deleted footage. There are also several plot disturbances, one of them being that Sarah was a young, average girl next door, then immediately we see in the second that she is streetwise, knows how to use guns, is tough and in Pescadero mental home where as at the end of the first she drove off into the sunset happily. So, all in all, I thought that T2 was a not so cheap cash-in and OTT. 4/10

RoboCop 3

Pretty awful, actually!
Please, why did Hollywood have to destroy the whole story of Robocop and release a third iteration of a film classic? I mean, Robocop 2 was a dreadful attempt at seriousness but come on, a flying Robocop? This really is a cheap bargain bin video nasty, I did not even know it existed until I found out on IMDB, when I switched on the video, I knew we were in for a bumpy ride as soon as I noticed that the original Robocop wasn't in it. There was no plot, no action and certainly no emotions just hardcore gun fighting scenes, terrible, 1 out of ten.

RoboCop 2

not bad I guess
Now this was an OK film, more comedy than the first but less script and plot, I remember the first when Robocop shot a guy in the drugs factory without looking, this was used to show the skill and aiming of Robocop but in this second iteration, Robocop is just firing without looking at EVERYONE and the scenes when he has been re-programmed, this is sort of a semi-joke, most people think it is just pathetic to read the mandatory rights to a dead guy anyway, ridiculous plot, 10 times worse than the first, 10 times better than the third

Mars Attacks!

Excellent, just what it says on the tin!
When I first saw this film, it really was hilarious and to get it I had to search high and low, but it was worth it! The characters are excellent and even the most serious of people will find this movie a joy to watch, any romantic parts are soon followed by the introduction of the martians, (check out the scene in the Kennedy room :)) get this film because it really is a hoot!

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