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Started Good...
And went completely downhill from there. The biggest selling point for Carter, the "one-shot" cinematography, becomes absolutely ridiculous. The first 20 or 30 minutes I was having a good time. A 50-man knife fight with everyone practically naked was brutal and completely over the top. Then the story takes over and it's not even worth talking about how bad it is. The idea is good but not the execution, and the painfully bad dialogue/acting will make your eyes roll constantly. One chase sequence after another ensues, and the one-shot cinematography stops trying to blend in at all. The edits are completely awful, with distractingly terrible CGI, first year film student zooms and action sequences that exhaust rather than entertain. Carter also has a runtime of over two hours, and I couldn't finish the last twenty minutes because the movie is a farce at that point. Carter is basically an ultra-violent poorly executed gimmick. A for effort but F for execution. I think if you go for something like the one-shot gimmick you should really nail it. Carter could have been a great time had it been filmed similarly to The Night Comes For Us, instead of nobody telling the director his one-shot idea was bad without adequate resources. Props to the stuntmen and women though. Three stars for their hard work.


A Great Prequel
After scrolling through a few reviews, it is completely obvious a discord group of proud boys were incredibly upset that a women could stand a chance at fighting a predator. These elusive-wild doughboys do not realize how insecure they really are.

Now that's out of the way if you hated 2018's The Predator (As I did) you are more likely to enjoy Prey. Is Prey perfect, no. However, the atmosphere, pacing and a few gruesome kills make it a solid predator movie full of tension. Watch it for yourself and give your own opinion.

The Gray Man

And so over the top that you will be rolling your eyes most of the movie. The action, while entertaining, is absurdly chaotic and over the top. Sequences like the plane falling out of the sky are unnecessary and nearly impossible to follow. I have seen movies with 10% of The Gray Man's budget (The Raid 2), deliver better action sequences. Some of the action is solid, especially a few of the fight sequences but I was disappointed with the PG-13 rating. There is little impact in a lot of the gunfights because of the neutered rating. Nameless henchman will get shot with very little SFX feedback registering with a satisfying effect. The plot is also all over the place with some mediocre acting outside of the three leads. The movie ends with sequel aspirations in mind, and it takes away from a completely satisfying ending.

Despite all my gripes with The Gray Man I was entertained throughout. After a long week it's nice to sit back, relax and watch something as over the top and ridiculous as The Gray Man. Movies are meant to entertain by the end of the day, and if you can turn you brain off there is certainly entertainment to be found. However, if you turn your brain on you will find The Gray Man to be another massively budgeted action movie that fails to deliver a decent plot.


Not scary but definitely suspenseful during a few strong sequences. The characters and performances were all there but the last ten minutes didn't stick the landing for me. Overall, a really good time. Nope balances suspense, humor and characters really well but the story and ending leave a bit to be desired. Also, the cinematography was gorgeous.

Resident Evil

I Wanted To Like....
I really wanted this show to prove people wrong who were judging it before watching it. I came in with an open mind, watched the first 3 episodes and thought it was okay, nothing terrible but not great either. By episode 5 things really start to go downhill and FAST. The sister drama becomes increasingly annoying, performances are worse and so on. Then the Albert twist were the writers thinking. Bert as a dumb wesker clone. My goodness. The initial confrontation between Jade and Billie when they're adults is some of the worst writing and acting I have seen in some time. It's like the actors thought to themselves, how am I going to do a decent performance with this atrocious dialogue? How is this show worse than Halo...seriously? Andrew Dabb the fluffy marshmallow is to blame and I hope the show gets canceled.

The Lincoln Lawyer

I was sporadically entertained throughout the overlong season of Lincol Lawyer. A show that feels like it was produced for network t.v. And bought by Netflix. It doesn't help either that everything that happens in this show is about as believable as Lorna and Cisco sleeping together. A decent binge if you're desperate for entertainment, but besides the cast nothing stands out to make The Lincoln Lawyer a great show.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Boring Love and Little Thunder
Neat visuals and a few chuckles aside, love and thunder is burdened by a boring story. Gorr is underutilized despite Bales performance and the comedy is extremely cheesy at times. The screaming did that get old fast. Love and Thunder never takes itself seriously. Every scene is a setup for a punchline. A dramatic moment will play out and 5 seconds later que a joke. Because of this I couldn't take anything seriously and I found myself bored. Despite a visually striking fight scene in the shadow realm none of the action stood out. A disappointment.

The Man from Toronto

Not Funny or Thrilling
I laughed once during The Man From Torontos running time. TMFT is a boring buddy comedy with your typical Kevin Hart performance and Woody Harrelson doing a discount version of Talahasee from Zombie Land. In the last act there is one zany action sequence in a gym that is briefly entertaining. Unfortunately, that action scene is short lived and TMFT quickly has nothing to offer anyone looking for a good time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Good Fun
Played through the story mode with my brother and we loved every minute of it. Nothing in shredders revenge is revolutionary in terms of gameplay/design, but it is a great throwback to why Turtles in Time was such a beloved game. Even the the story can be beat in a little over an hour. There are multiple modes and characters to play as/level for replay ability. On top of that you can play the game with six players coop online. A great game that any TMNT fan will enjoy.


I enjoyed the first thirty minutes or so of Lightyear. The pacing was decent and the humor/heart was in the right place. Once the twist in the trailer happens the story becomes a beautifully predictable entry for Pixar, and my five year old became incredibly antsy to leave the theater. Socks steals the show but that isn't enough to enliven a boring plot. Wait for Lightyear to stream on Disney+.

Jurassic World Dominion

Go Back To The Drawing Board
Jurassic World Dominion provides nothing of what made the original a thrilling time at the movies. There is a short supply of suspense, uninteresting characters, lazy performances, flat story and a bloated running time. The only highlight was a decently shot chase sequence half way through the movie. Nothing else to recommend here.

Barry: starting now
Episode 8, Season 3

Do You Love Barry Berkman?
Yes I do. Barry never disappoints with finales. The whole cast(and crew) did a phenomenal job, especially Sarah Goldberg. I can't even think of a coherent sentence to write because my mind is still blown from what happened this episode. Bring on season four!

Love, Death & Robots: Bad Travelling
Episode 2, Season 3

Best of S3.
Dark, bloody, atmospheric, brilliantly animated, awesome voice acting. I could go on forever. Bad Traveling is another love death and robots short that deserves it own movie. I loved every second of this short.

Love, Death & Robots: Kill Team Kill
Episode 5, Season 3

Not Terrible and Not Great
I really enjoyed the animation, action and bloody violence. The dialogue was pretty awful. Reminded me of the latest Predator movie where all the mercenaries make 13 year old dick jokes that are not funny. The giant bear terminator was pretty awesome as well. I can't say I hated Kill Team Kill. If only it wasn't written by a ten year old.


This Bull Has Horns
Not bad for a movie that only cost $100,000 and was filmed in three weeks. Bull does not feature epic shootouts or fight scenes, but it does have a magnetic-intimidating lead performance from Neil Maskell and moments of sheer brutality. In my opinion, this is enough to recommend Bull to anyone interested in darker revenge movies. The film is over in less than ninety minutes and depending on your taste you will either love or loathe the ending.

Barry: all the sauces
Episode 4, Season 3

Customer Support
Probably the funniest bits of season 3 so far have to be Barry and the detonator app on his phone. From Noho installing the app on Barry's phone and accepting all Barry's preferences, and to Barry having to call customer support to blow somebody up. Hilarious bit. It was refreshing to get some great comedy in All The Sauces amidst the last few episodes heavy drama.

Sarah Goldberg nailed her performance this episode. I've mentioned that her particular subplot is not that interesting, but Sarah's performance is consistently engaging. Her acceptance speech was HARD to watch. After the episode aired, I thought to myself everything she has been through to get to where she is now. From her abusive relationships to constant self-doubt in the beginning of her career. I'm worried this bit of happiness may be short lived because Barry is always defying expectations.

Fuches...Fuches is such a slimy rat. It's interesting and depressing to see the repercussions Barry's violent occupation has on the average person. Then to see Fuches take advantage over their grief reaffirms how much I hate him.

Then you have Gene's life turning upside down in the blink of an eye again. Barry oddly enough actually helped Gene get his career back on track, and despite everything, incentivized him to stay in LA.

On top of all of this you have Sally breaking up with Barry. It only makes the wait for next weekend all the more harder. With all of these ingredients mixed together I can't wait to see what happens next.

The Outfit

Fantastic Thriller
The Outfit proves that a decent script and great performances will always be better than most overproduced blockbusters. Twists and turns abound in the Outfits claustrophobic setting. Add Mark Rylance's excellent performance with a great supporting cast, and you have a recipe for a good time at the movies. I could listen to Rylance nararrate for days with his distinctively calm voice. The Outfit may not doing anything you haven't seen before, but it's limited scope is a novelty. I personally believe anyone interested in slow-burn thrillers with great performances will find something enjoyable in The Outfit.

The Survivor

Excellent Story and Performances
Conveyed in the most boring way possible. The first 45 minutes or so is pretty engaging due to Ben Foster's performance. Around one hour in The Survivor starts to do significant jumps in time that are off putting. The pacing becomes glacially slow after the first hour and I stopped being engaged in the story. Scenes of lengthy conversations are drawn out with uninteresting cinematography (with the exception of the holocaust scenes) and static camera placements. The dialogue never pops out enough to make many of these conversations engaging. The performances really save this movie with Ben Foster showing off his chops and Danny Devito putting some much-needed energy in the few scenes he is in. Some scenes do stand out and are very profound, but others struggle under the weight of the stilted dialogue and a runtime that feels like three hours. Worth a watch if your expectations are in the right place, because there are parts of this story that are tragically beautiful. Unfortunately, The Survivor is a great story told in the most boring way possible.

Halo: Allegiance
Episode 8, Season 1

Solid Penultimate Episode
Allegiance covered a lot of ground to recover from last week's blunder. We have Master Cheeks and Makee finding comfort in one another, Jacob and Halsey butting heads, betrayals and a fun fight scene at the end. Overall, Allegiance was a solid setup for the finale. A few characters at this point deserve more screen time. Miranda, Kai, Vanek and Riz need some love from the screenwriters. Curious to see if Makee touching the artifact is going to unleash the full force of the covenant on Reach? I don't really have much else to say other than I was reasonably entertained throughout Allegiance, and I can only hope the finale sticks the landing.

Barry: ben mendelsohn
Episode 3, Season 3

Slow and Steady Wins The Race
Anything to do with Gene and Barry are my favorite bits this episode. For Barry, Mr. Cousineau is a constant reminder of his angst, guilt and depression concerning the ill-fated Janice. Barry's mental deterioration is still difficult to watch, but Hader and Winkler's performances make their dangerous interactions all the more intriguing. I wonder how Barry is going to handle their odd dynamic after Mr. Cousineau had the coohanas to hit him in the face?

At this point I feel really bad for Sally. Eventually all the pressure she is feeling from work and Barry seems like it will eventually cause her to explode. Even with everything going on in her life I still find this particular subplot the least interesting bit of Barry in Season 3.

Fuches finding a slice of heaven compared to Barry living in his own guilt-ridden hell is an interesting dynamic. Even with Fuches undeservingly living a slice of heaven, it doesn't seem like it will be enough to keep him from yearning for what he feels owed from Barry.

Noho Hank and Christobal's love for one another is the chain that is eventually going to link everyone together and cause abrupt chaos and I can't wait to see what the outcome is.

Overall, Ben Mendelsohn is slower in pacing and does a solid job setting up future conflicts to come.

Tokyo Vice: Yoshino
Episode 8, Season 1

After watching this episode, I didn't think it was the finale because it never tied back to the events of the first episode. Why would the writers have that scene in the first episode and then not return to it by the last? Who knows how long it will be until Season 2 arrives and nobody knows if it will be greenlit? Yoshino did not feel like a finale and there should be at least two more episodes in season one to end things properly. Tokyo Vice is a decent show but if this is all we're left with I can't recommend it.

Halo: Inheritance
Episode 7, Season 1

Madrigal Will Be Your Tomb
The Madrigal subplot is a cautionary tale to would be screenwriters on how to not add new characters to existing lore.

I'll start with some of the dialogue. Hearing Kwan say things like "Also dad hated you!" Oh Burn!

How about "If we're going to fight, we fight on my terms", Barf!

Another example is Vinsher laying eyes on the covenant for presumably the first time and his only reaction is "So these are the aliens...ugly bast****". Burn Gorman's performance reminds me of a villain I would see on some CW show. Who signed off on this script?

The inconsistent visual effects were very distracting. Examples like Vinsher being driven in the desert, the flames turning into water and about every backdrop make Halo appear as a low-grade sci-fi channel production. Not the ten million per episode budget that has been advertised to the public.

Nothing works in inheritance. The costume design, the subplot involving Soren's "partner", the lack of tension and the least intimidating villain I've seen since the premiere of Batwoman.

The plasma grenade being used on one of Vinsher's goons made me chuckle, the final explosion and watching Soren dispatch a few low IQ baddies is an okay time in my book. Unfortunately, a lot of time was wasted before reaching any entertainment Inheritance provides. Hopefully Halo's showrunners and screenwriting team learn from the haphazardly placed filler episode that is Inheritance.

Ozark: A Hard Way to Go
Episode 14, Season 4

Not For Me
I've enjoyed my time watching Ozark throughout the years. In my opinion Ozark peaked in Season 2 and a some of 3. Season 4 felt prolonged and pretentious. Fourteen episodes in one season is too many for a show like Ozark. Several episodes felt meaningless and repetitive with either too much going on or taking way too long for anything to actually happen. Navarro's death was not satisfying for all the buildup leading to it. Ruth deserved better and her death was as anti-climactic as Navarro's. Instead of being devastated I was left frustrated with Ruth's demise. The ending feels rushed with so many unanswered questions, and with a fourteen-episode season all I feel is disappointment. The more I sit and think about it the more I ask myself "Did all the writers collectivity agree this was the best way to end the show after a 14-episode season?" I personally don't believe Ozark did anything in season 4 to justify the last twenty or so minutes of A Hard Way to Go.

Overall, Ozark is a solid thriller that unfortunately became too inconsistent and scattershot in the final season for me to wholly recommend.

Barry: limonada
Episode 2, Season 3

Going Dark
Barry has done a good job of balancing darker themes with comedy and pathos throughout the series. Limonada went dark fast with Barry erupting on Sally. Barry's mental state is deteriorating faster than I imagine would happen this season. The final moments of demanding Mr. Cousineau to tell Barry that he loves him was hard to watch. The performances of Barry continue to be excellent. Bill Hader was amazing to watch in flipping from being psychotic to desperately trying to earn someone's love. This is a dark progression for Barry, and while I am not sure I am completely on board with the direction the character is going. I would rather have my expectations be subverted than being able to predict everything that will happen.


It's a Roland Emmerich Movie
Roland Emmerich is a terrible director that somehow manages to have studios continue to fork out millions to produce utter garbage. Suspension of disbelief is impossible in Moonfall. A few brief moments of CGI destruction look good and that's about all Moonfall offers. There really is no point in describing the plot, characters or anything in Moonfall. A terrible movie by all accounts.

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