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Vores mand i Amerika

I have seen many WWI-II movies with more action, excitement, suspense, drama, etc. This movie is bland. I know that there is a book on Henrik Kauffmann called "Defiant Diplomacy." I hope that the book is better than this movie.

Dead Poets Society

Dynamite work
I love Robin Williams and this is probably his most meaningful role. He brings life to the teaching profession. I think it's fair to say that Robin Williams touched those kids as both an actor and in his role as a teacher.

The boys were all excellent in their roles. Very memorable and often times funny.

The ending is tragic and definitely breaks your heart. But it is worth the watch.

Main Street

Main Bore
Great cast selection, but the plot isn't keeping my attention at all. I'm very disappointed. Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom, Amber Tamblyn, etc. All these names I know and like, yet this movie does not allow them to show us their best work.

84 Charing Cross Road

Read the book first.
I've read the book and then hunted around for the movie. Anthony Hopkins, Judi Dench, Anne Bancroft--very notable figures in the acting industry. You know they will bring their best to the roles.

They did perform their roles well, but I just wasn't in love with the book OR the movie. I was hoping to be more enamored with the movie.

I feel that you should read the book, watch the movie, and then make your own personal judgements. Just because I'm not a huge fan of it does not mean that you will feel the same way.


I love Colin Firth's work in so many of his films, but this didn't pass the muster for me. Stanley Tucci is an actor that I know little about, so I can't really say too much about him.

What I can say: dementia is a sad, horrible disease. Like Alzheimer's, it's a journey that no one wants to take. It's sad and depressing. It also highlights the quiet strength that we see in caregivers who are part of the journey.

But honestly, this isn't a film I would add to my collection.

The Hollars

Not my kind of film.
I love a good comedy, but this just didn't make the cut for me. John Krasinksi is a good actor and the #1 reason why I wanted to watch this film. Moving on to other films!

People Like Us

Good cast!
I have to say that the cast was well-selected. I'm a little bit familiar with Chris Pines and he's good as an actor.

As far as the plot/storyline goes, it's very dramatic and yet it's touching. His father is dead and his mother isn't doing well. He's in hot water at work. He hasn't been completely honest about things with his girlfriend and she finally has the sense to leave him. His new-found half-sister and nephew a sense. No more lost than he is, really. Finding his half-sister and nephew sparks a change in him that propels him in an entirely different direction.

Life is full of choices. We don't always get to pick the people in our lives, but we do get to decide whether or not we walk together.

Sydney White

The cast was well-chosen for their roles. Danny Strong is awesome in this movie, but I also like Amanda Bynes too. Making this a college sorority type of movie was cleverly done. I mean, a vain self-centered girl as the "wicked queen" of the school? So much better than a stereotyped "wicked stepmother."

The Courier

Not so great.
The beginning looked intriguing, but it quickly lost steam for me. I was ready for the movie to be over. No plans to re-watch this one! If you haven't seen it, you're not missing anything.

My So-Called Life

I loved it!
I really like watching shows that were filmed in my lifetime because I can tell if it's realistic or too fake. This show felt more realistic. Kids are navigating the years between childhood and adulthood. It's not an easy time for anyone, even the parents. You experience crushes, love, infatuation, rejection, betrayal, etc. You make mistakes, some more costly than others.

I wish there were more seasons. I felt that it ended too soon.

Leave No Trace

Not my thing.
I'll admit that the idea of living off the grid is interesting. However, I wasn't in love with the movie. Ben Foster isw a good actor, but I prefer his teen role in "Flash Forward" over this movie.

It's not a documentary, nor a drama. Nothing really to get excited about. I felt that it was lacking quite a lot.

The Quiet Man

Not so great.
.I've always loved Maureen O'Hara, but John Wayne is just not who I would pick opposite her. He's dull and not very exciting. She needs someone more like Brian Keith (who played opposite her in "Parent Trap").

I've read books that used "The Taming of the Shrew" as a guide, but this movie just doesn't cut it for me.


Not in love with it.
I typically like Gerard Butler, but this movie just didn't mean anything to me. Most people like Paul Walker. Me...meh. Not really. I did recognize Frances O' Connor and she was fine. I wouldn't say it was her best role though. Just fine.

Fired Up!

Yes, a lot of us will watch this just for a glimpse of Eric Christian Olsen. He's funny. He's charming. He's memorable. I felt like I was watching a younger Deeks (NCIS:LA) because he had so many comedic moments.

This isn't a movie I would buy for my library. The language isn't my thing and neither is cheerleading camp.

Kid 90

Good trip down memory lane.
The 90's I remember was, for the most part, a pretty good period of my life. But I realize that it wasn't always great for everyone. The kids who grew up in the acting business had it tough because they wanted to be normal kids, but when you're in the spotlight, it's hard to be yourself. The diaries, the filming, the photos, the voicemails, etc were all great ways to get up close and personal with how things really were back then. I'm sorry for the kids who lost their friends to suicide and other issues. That is truly heartbreaking.

The Mountain Between Us

Good chemistry!
The two leads have a good chemistry together. I can see why they were chosen for the roles. I love the dog.

If you watch this movie, read the book by Charles Martin first. It is...SO good!!!

How Green Was My Valley

It's okay.
While this movie is better than "The Grapes of Wrath," it is also a setting and time that I don't understand very well. The Welsh are culturally different than the Americans. The plot is a little slow at times, but it's okay.

I was hoping to see Maureen O'Hara is more romantic role than what she's given. She's okay in this role for someone who was nineteen at the time. Her later works are much better than this, so I'm going to assume that she really did get better with age!


It's not entirely bad, but it could use some improvement. Alexis Bledel is good in her role, but I wish I saw more of her and little less of Beau Knapp. As the lead, I would expect Beau to be unforgettable, but he's too dry. Bone dry. I'm not impressed with him. He does a half-decent job in his role, but I can think of better people who could elevate it.

The Secret Garden

Not my favorite version.
This film starts off pretty dry and slow. It was hard to get into this film. Toward the last third of the movie, it got better, but it's not something I would recommend purchasing.

The Assistant

Oh please...
If I am watching a drama, I want to see drama. I want to sense excitement. I want to feel the thrill. I did not see drama. I did not sense excitement, nor did I feel any thrill. All I saw and felt was boredom. Washing my hair is far more interesting than this film. I stopped half-way through because it wasn't getting any better.

Never again...

Vanity Fair

This was disappointing. When I saw the title, I thought that Reese Witherspoon would be utterly stunning. While she is beautiful, I felt that this role did not match her talents.

I am glad that I watched the movie. I can erase this from my list and move on to something else. I have no desire to watch this one again.

The Grapes of Wrath

This is not a comedy. It is a sad tale written by John Steinbeck. But the thing about it is that it rings true with a lot of folks who migrated to California in search of a better life. It has been suggested that Steinbeck didn't show everything about the harsh realities people faced in this era. If that's true, I can understand why because we generally don't like depressiing stories.

As a classic, this is a good movie because it shows that people can be resilient. During bad times, you can still find good people.

I'm glad I did not live during this era because I don't think I have the mentality to overcome such extreme circumstances.


Overall, it's interesting, but I do wonder what is real and what falls under "embellishments."

Hyde Park on Hudson

I don't think Bill Murray is the right actor for an FDR role. It's boring. I like the King and Queen of England, but aside from that, this movie just doesn't cut it for me.

Not adding this to my library.

Grace of Monaco

Good film
I've never read up on any biographies of Grace Kelly, so I can't say whether or not the movie is true to the life of this former starlet. However, I do admire the grace and poise Grace exudes.

Side note: I really wish I had seen just a tad more of Milo Ventimiglia in this film.

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