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SAF3: In Remembrance
Episode 2, Season 1

In Remembrance, did it for me.
After viewing the 1st episode I knew it was going on my DVR to be recorded because I did not want to miss episode 2. I was not disappointed at all. Episode 2 drew me in even deeper as I was starting to understand each actors roll and who they were as a person. The team acts like and is a family who really care and have feelings for each other. The memorial set in the water with the entire team circled around John Eriksson (Dolph Lundgren)with a flair held high above his head while the coast guard boat circled around the team. John, then diving into the water with the flair still lit was awesome as you can see it glowing underwater. What can I say, I'm hooked and cannot wait until Saturday to watch episode 3.


SAF3 is on it's way
Having a cast staring Dolph Lundgren, Texas Battle and next week Danielle Caley Anderson & JR Martinez is bound to create great chemistry between these actors. I for one cannot wait to see next weeks episode. I believe each episode is going to get better and better and draw you in as each week passes.

The season premiere gave you a chance to meet the actors and get a little knowledge of their backgrounds and set the stage for a real nail-biter series.

J.R. Martinez has made a habit out of triumphing over obstacles. The former solider was disfigured during an IED explosion in 2003 while serving in Iraq but he didn't let that stop his dream to be an actor. He's starring in "Saf3″ with Dolph Lundgren, among the elite emergency forces in Los Angeles, including Fire, Lifeguard and Coast Guard.


Gun; a must see
I thought the chemistry between Val Kilmer and Curtis "50 cent" Jackson was dynamic. The action and acting was spot on. I believe this film was filmed in Grand Rapids Michigan. The actors in this film are Val Kilmer, John Larroquette, Hassan Johnson, Anna Lynne McCord, LaLa Vazquez, 50 Cent, Elise Neal, Paul Calderon, Mark Famiglietti, James Remar, Christa Campbell. This film pretty much documents the real world in gun trading on the today's streets showing the relationship between street thugs and police officers. Anna Lynn McCord looked fantastic in this film staring next to 50 Cent. Val Kilmer and 50 Cent really pulls this one off.

Streets of Blood

Sharon Stone does it again
Another excellent film from an independent production company. With stellar actors such as Val Kilmer, Curtis :50 Cent" Jackson, Michael Biehn and Sharon Stone staring in this thriller film.

A police officer's partner has died during Hurricane Katrina, but he later discovers that his partner may have been murdered. An investigation follows, taking the officer and his new partner into the depths of the criminal underworld.

Actor Sharon Stone really pulls off her part working with Val Kilmer.

Directed by Charles Winkler and written by Eugene Hess and Eugene Hess set in the Big Easy New Orleans.

Once Fallen

Director Ash Adms pulls it off...
This film with a budget of only $650,000 Writer/Director/Actor Ash Adams should be applauded for putting together such a stellar cast and really pulled it off. If you're a fan of independent film do yourself a favor and see Once Fallen. The acting is superb and the plot develops very well. This film is about a family and their close knit friends having to live with the hard choices they make, and the price they pay for those choices. I've seen countless low budget films and this is one of the best I've ever seen. His performance playing a dirty cop is both captivating and terrifying. Once Fallen is a crime drama with a very touching relationship between fathers and sons. The strong performances of the cast adds to the raw emotion of the film. Watch the Blu-ray version so you can appreciate how good this film looks. This film deserves more attention!

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