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Coupe de Ville

What a Great Film!
I caught this film on one of the premium channels and boy what a treat! Alan Arkin is perfect in the role of Fred. As the patriarch of the family, he has given over a responsibility to his sons. The brothers rapport made it just so funny and poignant to watch. Patrick Dempsey is perfect in the role of the rebellious youngest son Bobby. I gained a new respect for Daniel Stern in his role as the eldest son, Marvin. Arye Gross was excellent as middle brother Buddy. What results when these three come together is the stuff the best comedies and heartfelt life lessons are truly made of.

I thoroughly enjoyed the acting, the dialog, every part of it. If you have siblings and even if you don't, you need to watch this film.

Old School

An irreverent , fun comedy
This is a pretty good flick. You're not going to come away from seeing this movie with a message, that was not the intent. One should not go to see this movie if they are looking for something meaningful from watching it. Having said that, the movie is an excellent comedy. I enjoyed the plot and thought it finished nicely. The story moved along very quickly as well. It was great fun to watch. Will Ferrell is very funny, and so is Luke Wilson. I'm also a big fan of Vince Vaughn . The cast was well chosen for this movie. I'm a fan of all the guys in the movie and I was not disappointed at all. All in all, a great flick. I quite enjoyed it.

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