Reviews (4)

  • 1- The actress thinks she can act. How arrogant. She cannot. Her family needs to level with her and stop enabling her. She is embarrassing herself.

    2- Modern directors thinking they can do better than Shakespeare by changing the story. You cannot improve on Shakespeare.
  • No originality and riding the coattails of someone else by straight rip offs or just remaking and rebooting.

    No logic to film or script. Just a series of unrelated events with no explanation.

    Never ever even for a second include a pretty girl or skin. Everyone should be covered head to toe and be ugly because #bodyshaming

    Vomit fest.
  • Then we put a stop to republicans?

    Is that the story.

    The story is brutal. The scenery is fantastic and the boy's banjo playing is enthralling.
  • And I love feminism.

    She is attractive and gets noticed.

    She is a professional and doing even better than her man.

    She is given a choice and makes a choice.

    She is given money for shopping and decides where to go, with whom to go and what to buy.

    She has the power to make the tattooed thug happy and she does.