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  • Brock Lesnar shows his domination in this classic match with the Rock. 2 Natl. Champs rumble. Also Angle and Mysterio was a great contest. RVD and Benoit kicked some butt. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and HBK both won and lost at the same time. If they would have had Austin or Bret Hart, this would be the PPV of the Year, but is runner up to Wrestlemania.
  • 8 September 2002
    Described as a cock fight, but with people, bloodsport fills bloodlust. Some of Van Dam's Splits are incredible and shows how a skinny guy and fat biker can be competitve in the Kumite. Ultimatly, it is Dux(Van Dam) and ruthless champion Chong Li. It shows how to come back and to work for your dreams. Great inspirational movie. Also who can't laugh at the bumbling U.S. agents who try to bring Dux home, or Ray Jackson.
  • Okay, the movie would have been funny if the dog bit the bad guy in the testicals, but instead this dog plays a third sport. Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders didn't play three sports and yet this mutt can. My advise is to save your $15 and go buy the HHH dvd.
  • Some fraud girl tries to compete in the big leagues of motorcross by swiching places with her brother. She gets to the top by lying and manipulation. She should have been disqualified. The movie promotes lying and cheating to win. also the idea of a 9 yr old mechanic is absurd. it takes many many years to get good. Go back to the tonka toys.