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The O.C.

two song questions
two song questions about the christmas episode...

1 - what was the song that was playing when summer, seth and

anna were sitting on the couch?

2 - who sings "santa baby"? (the song that was playing when

summer was giving seth his present)

if anyone knows anything about any of those that'd be great!!


am i the ONLY imdb user that likes this show?!?
contrary to popular opinion among imdb users, i happen to LIKE Skin. it puts a unique twist on the romeo & juliet forbidden-love story and the pacing of the show is just right. the four main actors are really good at portraying their parts - by the end of the pilot episode, i hated adam's dad and could identify with jewel's character and how people had pre concieved notions of her b/c of what her dad did. the show is good and it'll be interesting to see how the writers continue with the storyline. i'll continue to watch it, but even i am skeptical about how long it'll last (though it's gotten some good critical reviews but that doesn't really mean anything).


an Identity crisis

Identity was a film that I wanted to see when it came out in theaters but never got the chance. When it hit the dollar theater in my town, I still didn't get around to seeing it and I had to rent it for $4. I think I would've enjoyed it a bit more had I only paid a dollar to see it. In the end, the only saving graces of it were John Cusack and Amanda Peet. The movie started out well, but the last half was predictable (c'mon, the kid is the last one to go into the mother's bedroom? that was the point where the movie started going downhill) and the "twist" was not a twist at all if you had been paying any attention to the film. The movie was too short and should've been at least another 20 minutes. The whole cast did a really good job though - I thought it was kinda funny how three of the members were or are on shows on "Must See TV" on NBC (the guy from Good Morning, Miami, the Scrubs guy, and the friend from Mad About You) and I didn't really realize it was Rebecca DeMornay until the last few minutes of her performance but thought the irony of her role was pretty funny, too. This movie was more a pyschological thriller than a slasher thriller. It had the occasional "jumpy parts" but ultimatly, you were spending more time trying to figure the movie out in your head (for those of you who haven't seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about) than you were covering your eyes. If they had really wanted to, they could've easily made this movie PG-13 - the violence wasn't that gory, it was more just the "after" picture of it and the only other thing they would've had to change was the language - too much use of the 'f' word. But had they had done that, the movie wouldn't have been the movie that it was and I'm glad that they made it this way. I mean, if you were isolated with nine other strangers in a crummy motel in the middle of a thunderstorm and one by one people were gettting offed, would you really say "oh, dang it, I should've stayed home"? All in all, the movie had the right blend of violence/suspense and could've turned out to be something more, but really was just, well, Identity.


CHICAGO is one of my favorite movies and one of the best of 2002. This was a movie that I actually was glad to have forked over $7 to see this past year - one of only three movies of the past year that I was actually glad to have spent my money on (the other two were Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Sweet Home Alabama). This movie was sooo great and was awesome from the very first shot to the very last. The musical numbers were awesome - my favorites are The Cell Block Tango and Roxie. I was soo glad that none of the main cast (Jones, Zellweger, Gere, Riley) had other people do the singing for them and they all had great voices - I was particularly surprised at how good Jones and Zellweger's voices were. I loved the choreography and the costume and set design, everything was amazing. Having been in a high school musical production of "Chicago" (I was Roxie!!) I know the long hours and time and dedication the WHOLE cast and crew would've had to have had when filming this. There were nights when I wouldn't get home until 1 from practice and then I would have to get up at 4 to be at the school by 5!!

Overall the movie was really good - the acting was a bit iffy, but the singing and dancing more than made up for it. Also, Renee Zellweger looked a little scrawny and bony - much different from her healthy look in Jerry Maguire or even Empire Records. But, hey, thus the evolution of a actress who's moved up on the Hollywood social chain, I guess. I give Chicago 10 out of 10 stars.

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