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Mujeres infieles

3 out of 10
Mexican movie about women cheating on their husbands. Three segments, I liked the first one, but not the other two. The first had a very good ending, the second was 'weird' in lack of a better word, and the third was a little violent, I didn't expect it from a movie talking about 'cheating on'. This is of course, my humble personal opinion.

Es geht nicht immer nur um Sex

It was ok.
The name means something like "Not always it is about sex". I'd give it a 5, because the end was ok and because I like the actress. It's about a woman who finds his boyfriend (fiancé) with another woman. She cries and stuff, her girl friend tells her to enjoy life and stop crying, and then gets a work in a library while dating two men. A little bit funny, in my opinion.

Wie angelt man sich seinen Chef?

Light german comedy
I'd say it has a touch of Ally McBeal, she's a secretary and a few times she day-dreams like Ally. It is the story of a woman in love with her boss, he barely knows that she is alive, until she leaves for another job, and then he has to iron his own shirts ... I liked it, it was light, and probably I'm a little biased, because I liked the pretty actress, Sophie Schütt.

And when I say it is a german comedy, I mean that the characters don't burst showing emotions ... for me, a guy from the Tropic, that is a little unusual. It is not full of jokes or comic situations, though.

Challenge of a Lifetime

A competition against yourself
The story of a woman who decides to enter the Ironman, probably the hardest triathlon in the world.

I liked it. It is not about being number one, in a competition with more than 1,000 contestants, it's about you facing yourself, about not stopping. Falling, and standing up to continue, to finish what you began. In the story, Nora is going nowhere, her son arrives home for the summer, and she begins the training with him, who helps and encourages her. Since I saw it, I've wanted to test myself ... but not that hard.

Aldri mer 13!

I liked it
I've always thought that probably the environment influences if you like a movie or not. I just saw this movie at 10PM. Night is perfect for quiet movies. I liked it. It's about a red haired girl in it's teens, she has a new girl friend, her sister is dating a grown up. It's a little light, I mean, you don't see corpses or violence, it's a nice movie about a girl trying to fit in, though that's not what the movie is all about, it's about friendship and what you do to please others ... again, I liked it.

Un chapeau de paille d'Italie

A funny silent movie.
I enjoyed this silent movie with a very good incidental live music in the theater. A man is going on his way home to prepare himself for his wedding, and his horse eats a hat, that belonged to a married woman. Her lover demands a new hat - she can't go home without her rare and uncommon "hat made of hay from Italy" - so our hero must find a new one, but remember, today he's going to get married, and the woman's lover threatens to destroy his house if he doesn't arrive on time ... will he find the hat?

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