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Seref Meselesi

Flipping brilliant!! Why has this not got more ratings-it's fantastic!! Brilliant cast superb storyline, suspense, revenge, betrayal, love, jealousy, wealth,poverty....its all in this show! A real find & Ive recommended it to all my lover of Turkish Drana friends! It's simply brilliant. Watch it!!!

Sevgili Geçmis

Great great great!!
What a fab little find this was!! Little in that its only 8 episodes which in Turkish Drama is short!! Great cast (some from Yasak Elma, Siyah Inci & Sec Cal kapimi) The storyline had me gripped from the 1st episode. Tale of love, loyalty, family with a bit of murder & revenge thrown in for good measure! I really enjoyed this series & I'm delighted that I found it as it hasnt really been hyped up. Watch this & enjoy! Great series!


Beautifully done
This series blew me away. It was such a change from the usual Turkish Dramas I've seen. The storyline takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you are pulled into a mysterious story of love,revenge,greed,thought provoking journey with such an amazing lineup of characters. I was emotionally exhausted at the end! It's not a light watch in comparison to others, but so worth every moment. Aziz, Feride, Kerem, Salih & Abdullah, just wonderful. I thoroughly recommend watching Vuslat.

Siyah Inci

Why is this not getting great reviews!! Its so good! Great story & plot! Thrilling, romance, twists, family, hope, loyalty, all mashed together. Great main cast & fabulous background love story. Totally recommend watching Siyah Inci....great little find 💗

Siyah Beyaz Ask

Wow! What a ride that was! A must watch! The back story to this drama was fabulous! All the characters played such a relevant role to the storyline. The continual love story & emotional conflict between Ferhat & Asli is just beautiful. It really portrays the strength behind family bonds throughout trauma & deceit. I absolutely loved this series & I'm gutted I've finished it. But I will watch it again. Just fabulous.


Omg...get get ready to have every emotion in your body turned upside down. Absolutely brilliant Turkish drama. Great concept, outstanding cast all round, never a dull moment. Loved every episode & by the final 2 I was an emotional wreck. Watch this series, you will not be disappointed. Yet again, Turkish drama pulls out all the stops. Just brilliant.

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