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Mitr: My Friend

Really gives a wonderful insight into traditional women
Lakshmi, a traditional Indian woman, marries an American-Indian and lives in America with him and their daughter. Both husband and daughter are "American" (i.e., very independent, living for own self) while Lakshmi lives only to please them. Their lack of concern for her leads her to pursue her own life and the other two feel left out and abandoned, instead. I really enjoyed the story, music, and acting. We had the privilege of having the director herself come to present this movie to our university and were permitted to ask questions. She told us that at first, the all-women technical crew was a fluke, until the final member was chosen, when she decided to stick with all females (though would have compromised had an adequate female not been found). To me, the acting was a bit rough at times, and characters and actions seemed misplaced, silly, or over-Americanized. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it as a good cultural pick.

Happily Ever After

Fairly decent
Although it was a little disturbing to see Snow White back in action, I thought the movie was cute and the music somewhat enjoyable. Decent movie for kids, definitely not a complete bomb. The dwarfettes are cute and are funny little characters, and Snow White is just as pure as ever.

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