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State of Siege: Temple Attack

Actions with dumb moves
There are few actions but boy, didn't they made some dumb moves by not watching out their backs. I had to laugh sometimes......

The Protégé

Almost like Mr and Mrs Smith
The action is good and well acted by Maggie Q, Samuel Jackson and Michael Keaton. It gave me a couple of surprises. Hope they will make a sequel.


Only indians gives high rating........
Very typical of Bollywood where cameras spending too much time on their faces. Guess all the high ratings are from indian fans....


Cheap effects with amateur actors
It is like watching their home video for the family. The effects were poorly made and half the actors didn't have the true facial expression with emotion for their parts.


Slow melodrama
I consider is a slow melodrama with a couple of OH and WOW. I think their custom clothes and appearance are great with good acting. It just drag on at some stages. I would like to see Season 3 if it ever comes up.

Big Cat Trail

Home video quality
Very unprofessional with poor acting and poor direction. I cannot see why there are so many amateurish movies around lately. Not much fun to watch to be honestly.


Terrible acting
It has good potential but with their poor acting have spoilt the movie. Almost like the actors were making a home video.


Only for actors' families & friends
Almost like a home made video where actors' families & friends can enjoy watching with a laugh. They need a trained FX expert to do the Adobe After Effects properly.....

Wrong Turn

Wrong turn lead to right turn
I actually enjoyed this movie. Ignore those bad critic because they're not the same as the original one. Who cares, for as long as it keep you on the edge. Charlotte Vega have played well.


Pretty dumb movie
A dumb blonde with dumb moves in a dumb movie......

A World of Worlds

Home made video using Adobe AfterEffects....
The acting and direction are poor. Even kids can do this at home with their computer skills.

The Serpent

Poor acting in low budget action movie
This remind me of an American Bollywood where cameras concentrated too much on her expressionless face.

Ji jie hao

A touchy story with plenty of actions
A touchy story of a simple soldier who stopped at nothing. There are plenty of lifelike actions in the movie.

A Werewolf in England

Almost like home made video
I think it's a waste of money to create a movie with amateur actors. Even their special effects are no near as good as the old movie back in 1981 with An American Werewolf in London. If you enjoy the blood and glory stuffs no matter how bad they can act, it may be for you.

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