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Lovely show
I like almost anything Julia child related. I really enjoyed this show. I found it to be very entertaining. It was an interesting angle into Julia I hadn't seen before. I can't wait for more.

Better Things

Love this show so much
This show is such a vibe. I love everything about this show and cannot get enough. Pamela Adlon is an absolute genius and trailblazer. I'm so sad this show is ending, because I selfishly want and feel like it could go on forever. The show has the same effect as a big warm hug and is such an lovely exploration into the relationship between mothers and daughters. I laugh, I cry, I feel all the things and am truly grateful to Pamela for all the blood sweat and tears she put into this important show. I'm sure I'll go back and watch this series several more times. I can't wait to see what's next for Pamela.

Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up for the First Time

Best Stand Up Special of ALL Time!
I have watched this 10, maybe 15 times and it's still insanely funny every dang time. I've had to pause and take a break because I'm uncontrollably laughing so hard that it's becomes a danger to my health. Rory is a goddamn genius and I everyone deserves to have this light in their life! Get into it!! This is my church and my therapy! Can't wait for the next one!


Love love love!!!
So brilliant! I love Rory! My favorite comic and this lovely show did not disappoint! I loved every moment and every detail! "Y'all talking about diarrhea?" Ugh! so so funny! I really hope the team is able to make more! C'mon- Beau efing Bridges?!? Get outta here!!!

The Big Bang Theory

How is this show so popular? Not funny. At all. I think this show is probably funny for people who generally don't enjoy good comedy.

Kroll Show

Great sketch show! So sad it ended. So many hilarious bits. Love Publizity!

Lady Dynamite

Maria is the best!
Love Maria! So so funny! So silly! It's so unique.

Joe Mande's Award-Winning Comedy Special

Pure Genius!
So so funny! Love the premise of the award winning special. So genius. I've watched a few times now and it's a blast every time. Love Joe's sense of humor.


Funny and brilliant
I have never seen a show so accurately represent my adolescence as this show! So many tears have been shed while watching this show from laughing and crying during those sweet touching moments. Maya and Anna are incredible in their performances. It's insane how you buy these lovely grown women as 7th graders! Wild! Absolutely love it!

A.P. Bio

Love the writing and the cast!
The kids on this show are so fantastic! Absolutely hilarious! Such a funny show! I hope they keep it going. Season 3 really broke out with some unique episodes and I can't wait to see more! The writing on this show is killer!

Ted Lasso

Funny and heartwarming
Love this show! Can't wait for more! So sweet. So funny. Hits you right in the heart in the best way. Ted Lasso is such a love able optimist, which is so refreshing. Highly recommend!


So Good!
Really funny. Highly recommend. Brilliant casting. Refreshing stories. Lots of laugh out loud moments in every episode. My only complaint is that there aren't more episodes.

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