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This could have been so good!
It had some really good ideas.

The opening could have been really scary But they ruined it by adding that action music to the scene.

I didn't find anything of this movie creepy or scary.

I just could not get into this at all, I was a little bored at times

I found the movie a tad predictabl!


Sadako vs Kayako

A Huge let down
I was really looking forward to this! And it was Huge disappointment.

The both side and a lot of build up,

I was really disappointing, we had wait over 1 hour for them to coilled.

That fight scene was very anit-climax. Should have been sooner then it was.

However I did the like the idea that them both merging together



What a great movie
I though this was really good, I loved it

Just don't expect Cujo, this totally different!

As Baxter (the dog) is telling us the story, how he sees and feels about his different owners.

I didn't like the last five minutes, I found that little hard to watch

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

Not the best or the worst in the series
Finally saw this last night , after Avoiding it for so long.

I thought it was a lot better then I thought it was going to be.

I didn't find it boring at all, the movie had a decent flow, I liked how they connected to the frist movie.

I enjoyed all the Puppet scence, some nice kills.

5 out of 10 I think this one better sequel since the curse!

The Pit

Worth watching
I was really looking forward to this, a lot decent comments about on sites

This boy who is kinda off a outcast, he talks to his bear, who tell him what to do.

It wasn't to clearer if Bear was actually talking or they Boy was just thinking bear talking.

Anyone who upset the boy, the boy takes them in the wood, to see a Pit and pushes them in there.

We don't find until near the end, what is actually in the Pit as they escape the Pit.

We do get to see these creatures, they look okay for the time.

Acting was just Okay, some acting was really poor.

I found ending a little funny, I'm clad it ended it like that

4 out of 10, as I was expected more, it felt more like kids movie


Mixed Bag
I didn't know what expect from this.

I thought it was decent movie, I liked some of the sub plots of it.

And they all come together.

I liked the start of, when a young couple Drive and there twist and turns in those scenes, which really surprised me at the time.

Liked scene with Clown , thought it was so-what creepy but very predicable.

The rest of it, I can't remember much, only watched last night, Some parts of the movie are very forgettable.

The acting was decent, compare to the last movie I saw.

5 our of 10

Dark Ride

Only one good scene and the rest was a waste of time.
I have just Re-Watched this, I have only seen it once before, about 11 years ago, when it first came out.

I could not remember much, so I gave it another go.

I really liked the opening scene, thought it was very good, had the 80s vibe to it.

Sadly that was the only decent part of it, as the rest of it was Very hard to watch

The acting in this, was some of the worst I ever seen.

It made it harder to care about anyone, I thought some parts of the movie dragged.

I thought the kills were disappointing and the twist at end was so predicable.

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

One think for sure, this is original.idea! )
" I am not really sure, what to say about this!

With title like that, I thought it would be funny horror, it wasn't at all, it had serious tone

It was very strange, most of movie was very silent. There were just handful of scenes, Peolpe spoke, they were very short.

Which I thought was good idea as when they dd speak, it felt forced and makes the bad acting more noticeable.

This movie also had flashback of black and white.

I think they were just to waste time, to fill the short run time.

One think for sure, this is original. "

Very strange movie!

Wish Upon

A Few good parts but the rest is really poor
The plot sounded really good, there were some good ideas here and there.

I enjoy some of the death Scene, ,as they were bit like Final Destination but not on the same level as those deaths.

The acting was a mixed bag , some scenes felt good and others felt forced.

Also some of the script was very bad in places, didn't help either.

Felt like half stuff was missing, seem a lot must of been cut.

The ending was very predicable, I knew from the start, that was going to happen.

The last scenes was hilarious bad! , it was meant to be shocking but it was shocking, as it was so badly done, even made me laugh out loud.

It Happened at Lakewood Manor

I actually really enjoyed it , it one of those movies .
I'm huge fan of killer creature Featurs , This as be on my watch list for some time.

Finally had time to watch it, I enjoyed it , actually I really enjoyed it for what it was.

I found it very entertaining from start to end I didn't find it boring at all.

The Ants attacks scenes was decent for a TV movie, I didn't expect any blood or anything ,

I did laugh a number of times, silly stuff in th8s movie, that is meant to be taken seriously but it very funny.

(Small Spoiler ) Chef I kicked had 2₩ ants on his foot, he didn't one of them for a least 5 mins) it was so bad , it was funny, Which the movie so bad it good.

Acting wasn't great but decent.

Empire of the Ants

I found annoying
I saw the other killer ant movie early that also made in the same as this, which a TV movie, Which I found better then this!

I found the movie very predicable from the start, it was very boring at time.

Mostly I found it really annoying, a lot stuff really annoyed me.

When the first Ant attack, I thought it decent, a bit bloody, I found the camera scenes was shaking a little to much.

Every time the ants attack, the camera was shake too much and too long.

If that was annoying enough, the Ants noise, was just really irritating, too many times, it came me headache.

I just found it really annoyed, which made me enjoy it less.

4 out o 10

All the Kind Strangers

Could have done so much more!
I just found about this movie in the pass week, it looked and sounded good.

As it was TV movie, I didn't expect much from it at all.

I thought was really good but they could dose so much more with it, it had bigger budget then it did!

I did the kids a little creepy at times, I don't know if was acting or not but some seem a Little robotic at times

There rest of the movie, had something really intense moments and I wasn't to sure we're the story was going end.

I not sure yet, if I liked the ending or not , I found it a bit odd.

That was the only odd thing in the movie, I felt the music was 9ut of place, It felt to upbeat and took the dark feel away,

Otherwise it was decent for 70s TV movie

A Cold Night's Death

Really good
Only found out about this in the past week,

It sounded it like something I would like, It was a lot different then I expected it to be.

I liked how they opening scene was really intruding

The rest of it, had a really good setting, th3 atmosphere was really good.

I enjoyed the pacing of it, I would like it bit more action in this movie, then there was!

This was predicable but still liked how it ended! The acting was really good 6 out of 10

Attack of the Killer Donuts

Do-Not miss ( I really enjoyed) if you like b-movies .
I saw this last night, I wanted too see something fun, silly, (after long week at work), this was perfect for me.

It was a lot better then I expected to be. ( unfortunately I have seen Rise of the Animals 2011, which was really horrendous bad, I seen my share of some really bad movies, with really low budget) and this is not one them, no were near.

However saying that, the budget is low, which dose show in places from the movie.

Like at the start, where the male lead, who I think looked a little to old too play his role, as for a time I thought his mum was is wife! ( that one of the down side).

I enjoyed the rest of it, there were some very funny moments, I laughed a number of times, some jokes did fall a little flat at times.

I enjoyed how the donuts attacked people, it was really well done, (it reminded me a lot of Attack of the killer tomatoes, Which I really liked)

Some of the death scenes were very creative and very funny, one of them will be very memorable.

The acting was okay, for this kind of movie, I have seen a lot worse (Backslasher (2012) which is UN-watchable) this is not!

I will definitely watch this movie again,( what the hell, I'm going to watch it again tomorrow)

I'm going to give this 7 out of 10

Please let there be a sequel

A Cure for Wellness

I did not think I would like this but I did
When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I wasn't to Keen on it ,

So I didn't think I would it like it , so last night I gave this a watch

This movie very slow moving in parts, which I did find a little boring, as the movie went, these were needed to process the flow of the story.

I liked the fact, we didn't know, if Lockhart was actually unwell or the strange place , was making it seem, like it was not well.

There were heading scathing moments, I really like the latter part of the movie.

There was intense so-what torture scenes, which I didn't not expect.

1 hour in I thought I figured out the ending, I was really surprised how it came to ended. I thought it was really well done.

I actually liked the last scenes in the movie, it felt very chilling.

A lot a better then I thought it be 7 out of 10

The Void

I really enjoyed it
Just seen it, I really enjoyed,

It sure started of with a bang,

There were a few scene near the start, that felt a bit forced, acting was very poor in those, The script didn't help it

but after that, the rest of the movie was very good,

The creature were decent, very similar to The Thing, no were near as good as it ( nothing will ever be) .

It also had a hint of Hell raiser feel to it, near the end ,

I didn't mind how ended,

They could have had a better ending!

7/10 very good

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

They saved the best for last
This was the fourth movie In the series , I did not expect much of this , no way did I think it was going to be better Then part 3.

I didn't like this movie , I loved this movie , I actually this is the best in the series.

Loved the action packed, frist forty minutes , loved the gory stuff , this next level and It was the funniest of them all.

Small Spoiler , I can't not mention, the scence with thr unborn babies fighting in the womb Was so , I can't find a word for it.

So much much fun too watch.

7 out of 10

The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie

Better then the second movie
The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989)

I saw the other two about 2 years ago, so I thought it time to give the others sequels ago.

I enjoyed the first , I thought it so bad, that it good but the seconds one , It was just bad.

This one I found a bit more fun , it was so over the top , the whole movie was just silly. But it was a fun watch.

There were some decent gory or better word would be gooey

Not as good as the first but better then the second.

5 out of 10

Sinister 2

Same as original
I was not a fan of the first movie, so I did not expect much from it.

I thought the movie, had the same feel as the original, (well the first part of the movie) with a bit more action added to this movie.

The second half of the movie, it got really messy, it felt like they rushed it.

I found subplot of the crazy dad, so pointless.

I enjoy some of scarce scenes, which I thought worked but the last one, which I was actually waiting for, I did not expect it to be as funny as it was. Those scarce scenes DON'T work!

5 out of 10 , Same as the first

Howling VI: The Freaks

Not sure
I really don't what to make of this movie.

We do get to see a lot more of werewolf, which I think looked really silly and when do werewolf think?

That whole vampire thing , what heck what blues things , it looked so bad and body Burming in the sun, was one of the worst scenes in the who, e series

The acting in this movie as really bad again , also ad bad the fourth movie They had a good idea but they did not do what should have done. 3 out of 10

Won't be watching seven

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

Worth watching
I actually think this sequel is a improvement from the last two Movies in the series .

This movie is actually a lot different compared to the others and it's again a stand alone movie that its own story

There was not much werewolf acation until about hour into the movie , the last half hour of the movie.

The most of the movie is about this girl who writer , who seeing ghost and things now and again thought the movie ,, she either seeing things that have happened in the past in cabin., which makes thinks she going crazy , seeing thing that not really there.

so the movie still had odd things happen until so- what action packed last 30 mins of the movie, ,

when we do see the first werewolf scene , I was torn as I thought , that was a bit out of the blue but I was gutted that we did not get to see the transformation part .

I loved that melting scene , I thought that was amazing, those effect we're perfect for that scene

The acting from cast was really good , much better then the wooden actor in the last sequel

Im going to give this 4,8 , I just rounded of to 5 out of 10 ,

The Houses October Built

Really odd but not in good way
The house October built 2015

Not sure want to make of this , I thought it had a decent plot at first

There some good haunted house scenes but when the really scary stuff happens to them

Well it was not scary or it was just really odd and not in a good way .

Most of time I was thinking it all a big hoax but it's wax not , I wish it Was.

I don't understand why those peolpe were doing what they were doing

I felt like I missed a part of a movie.

Acting was just annoying

3 out of 10

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

One of worst ending to a series ever
Was a big fan of first movie and I loved third movie Which is my fav of the series.

When I saw the trailer for this movie , I actually thought it looked really good and it reminded me bit of the third

I thought it would be like third movie better then the 4th one I don't count mark one as a part of the series.

I thought it started of really well , there was funny moments added into the movie

I did like it when we saw Toby as a black mass at first but the more We saw of Toby , the less scary he was and the movie turned Into a comedy

I Cound not stop laughing near the end , the trapping sheet wax so baldly done

I am huge fan of 3D, there saw OK 3d scenes, I think it was the first 3d movie that I never liked.

Should not shown Toby at all, it not what series is about at all.


average horror movie
Howl 2015 (thought I posted this today)

I have been really looking forward to this movie , As it a long over due good werewolf movie ,

And after seeing this , I am still waiting for a good one

I thought the m9vie started of really well and I liked that we saw parts of the creature at first At this point this may be a good m9vie after all.

But as the movies goes and the more you see the creatures , I didn't really like the way they looked

I didn't find the acting that good from most of cast were very wooden.

There were gory moments But nothing that Really stood out

5 out 10

Goal of the Dead

Much better
Much better then I thought it would be.

I had this on my zombie watch list for while, as it was on netfilx

I gave it go, I was going watch a few week ago but the movie had a long running time

It started of a lot then I thought It would have.

I actually thought movie was very gory and I really liked the dark Humour added to the movie

Not saying it a comedy but there are some very funny gags

Fun , gory and zombie movie

I going to give this movie 7 out of 10

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