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The Island with Bear Grylls

More 'fake' real TV
It is really disappointing that another fake real life show has been made. I wonder if Bear Grylls and the producers of this show take the general public for idiots.

The people on the show are under no real threat of their lives. There are professionals there with them to help in any given situation. The most annoying part of this show is the manufactured tension.

Just do a google search on 'The island Bear Grylls fake' and you will have answers on how the show is really done.

It gets 2 stars instead of 1 because some of the things I viewed were so stupid it made me laugh. 2 stars for the laugh.

Bear Grylls has a history of doing fake TV and this show has not helped him one bit.

Hang your head in shame Mr Grylls.

The Haunting of Whaley House

If you like B grade haunting movies this might be for you
I enjoyed the introduction to this movie, although it had me thinking it was going to be a horror, comedy at first.

Other reviews have complained about the acting. OK, some of it was bad but I have seen much worse on higher budget films.

While watching I had to remind myself that they only had a budget of a little over $100,000 to make this. I think they did a reasonable job considering this.

The most annoying part of this film was when the characters reacted in ways you surely would not under the circumstances they faced.

The ending made the movie worth the effort to watch in my opinion.

I like B horror movies and found this mildly entertaining. I had two friends watching it who don't like B horrors and they clearly did not enjoy themselves.

Fast Zombies with Guns

Worst Zombie movie I have ever seen
Some low budget movies can been good, this is not. There are some many things wrong with this 'movie' (for want of a better word to describe this steaming pile of dog turd) that it is difficult to know where to begin. Acting - terrible, wooden at best. Camera work - sometimes out of focus, poor shots. Editing - shocking, I could do better with Windows Movie Maker. Script - Appalling. Special Effect - child like. Audio - sound levels constantly changing.

I've seen low budget pornos that beat this 'movie' in every way. You won't even get a laugh out of this 'movie'. It looks like a bunch of friends made this as a joke that nobody gets.

Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

Scientology....need I say more
This is a Scientology 'documentary'. It is a completely one sided affair. If you attend the 'church' of Scientology you may enjoy this fear spreading story. Scientology is about making money, not telling the truth. It is difficult to believe anything they say in this movie because the followers of this 'church' have been proved time and time again to lie or completely distort facts. I have had personal experiences with Scientology and found that the South Park episode on it to be amazingly close to what I heard and saw there. I suggest doing your own research into Psychiatric drugs before watching this pile of evil filth. This film is just dead wrong.

#1 Cheerleader Camp

Starts good, then very predictable
If you are an 12-16 year old boy you will love this. The movie starts with a good stream of jokes but then focuses to much on the story line. When I say focuses on the story is not good, it is because the plot is extremely predictable to the point where you know the end about 10 minutes into the movie.

There is some very well done cheerleading, but I can't see any female cheerleaders wanting to watch this movie. You start thinking 'get over the cheerleading and get back to the tits and arse I came to watch'.

On the plus side, the actors are putting in a good effort. Seth Cassell is great as Andy. I enjoy low brow humor and this is full of it (plenty of gay and masturbation jokes). And there are hot chicks showing heaps of tits and arse and getting it on with each other.

This movie is not for the wife or girlfriend, it is for sitting and watching with your mates while drinking beer. This is not a thinking mans movie.

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