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Night of Brass

nice work
film is well produced, acting, camera, editing, etc are excellent. The isolation of the couple from each other is visualized with ellegance. Each character is unique and grabs our attention. The communication gap between the couple is due to many things..their only son has left them...they are cought in a situation where they even do not know what they really feel...


There will be singing about the dark times...
Got an opportunity to evaluate the film during JIFF 2017 as a jury member, where it received best short film award. With very few characters, the film was able to present the darker realities of the contemporary world. A nurse who was able to survive in a camp after the militants had took over it, tries to help a girl to escape. But in this process she was captured and her life hang at a gun point.

It seems, the film is produced by a first time film maker Mehrdad Hasani from Iran. The film is technically sound in terms of cinematography, editing, acting, sound, etc., The female actor who has played the role of the protagonist, did a very good job and the kid too....In the last scene when the kid was able to get in a vehicle and look back at the protagonist, the facial expression of the kid is really haunting. One of the best short films of 2016...

Veni, Vidi, Fugi: I came, I saw, I fled

Magical Realism
The plot of the film is very interesting. A student under communist regime wants to escape from Romania...same time he meet an exiled poet Ovid from Roman empire who wants to return to Rome (during the dictatorship of Augustus . They comes to an agreement to help each other....This satire has multiple dimensions to explore. Socially, politically, historically the film is multi-layered and intriguing. It presents the repeating forms of dictatorships in different ages of history. It is about power, domination, social engineering and individual's struggle against totalitarianism of the state.

The film maker has done a good job. The historical reality is interwoven with fictional fantasy. The humor rules the all....

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