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Nemesis Game

What hangs but never leaves anything for interpretation.........
(This commentary entails revealing parts about the film or Spoilers)

I though that this movie was a very unassuming and well-done suspense and drama rolled into one. (Pun intended) It had great acting the characters didn't try to oversell their persona like perhaps would be done on a more financially equipped film but on the same note they did just open with the plot like one would assume a B rated movie would.

you definitely wanted to keep watching and find out how the loose melange of subplots would unite, and find out what precisely was the meaning of The 'Design'. Unfortunately you don't the end seems to be more complicated than when you began watching. It wasn't as if the end were open to interpretation. It just simply ended at an arbitrary point. Your left thinking I did all that work for nothing. Don't misinterpret me, you did work solving puzzles and jumping over plot holes but it wasn't laborious.

It was a good movie but I don't think I could be prevailed upon to watch it again one time is enough. You are not going to understand it any more if you watched it twice.

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